‘Minimal Fantasy’ Apartment In All Shades Of Pink

This Apartment Is Called 'Minimal Fantasy' And It Was Done In All Shades Of Pink

This apartment is called ‘Minimal Fantasy’ and it was done in all shades of pink

Designer Patricia Bustos has conceived a ‘minimal fantasy’ in the heart of Madrid as an all-pink color expanse that immerses guests and residents in a surreal and saturated space. The renovation of this vacation rental is both practically distributed and an aesthetic madness, ‘a manifesto of the three Ss’ — surprise, singularity and sense. satin curtains, iridescent sheets and recycled, eco-friendly furniture make this apartment a vivid and vibrant place to stay when visiting the Spanish capital.

In designing the apartment, Patricia Bustos was inspired by the work of Ricardo Bofill, particularly ‘La Muralla Roja’ (the red wall), where a seemingly infinite space creates the illusion of 2- and 3-dimensions. Minimal Fantasy plays with interior space to dislocate the inhabitant and have them enter a kind of wonderland, where they can discover, little by little, what is hidden behind each door. Thanks to the continuous floors, furniture and strategically placed arched steps, the space is multiplied.

The few furniture pieces chosen are almost all designed by the studio itself, which aimed to induce a sense of fantasy, and an aesthetic minimalism. The color palette comprises up to 12 shades of pink, forming an immersive color environment. Take a look at this unique candy-colored place and get inspired to steal some unique ideas!

The Apartment Looks Beautiful, With Many Soft And Candy Shades Of Blush And Pink, With Neon Lamps And Signs

The apartment looks beautiful, with many soft and candy shades of blush and pink, with neon lamps and signs

The Living Room Is Done With Pink Furniture Put On Pink Stone, Iridescent Chairs, A Neon Sign, Pendant Lamps And An Acrylic Table, Lights On The Ceiling

The living room is done with pink furniture put on pink stone, iridescent chairs, a neon sign, pendant lamps and an acrylic table, lights on the ceiling

The Dining Room Is Done With A Pink Oval Table, Iridescent Chairs And Pendant Lamps Plus An Oddly Shaped Mirror

The dining room is done with a pink oval table, iridescent chairs and pendant lamps plus an oddly shaped mirror

The Kitchen Is Done With White, Blue And Pink, With Pink Tiles, Catchy Geometric Prints And Some Stone Furniture That Rocks

The kitchen is done with white, blue and pink, with pink tiles, catchy geometric prints and some stone furniture that rocks

The Bedroom Is Done In Pink, With A Pink Bed On A Tiled Platform, Pink And Shiny Pillows, A Pink Curtain And Lights

The bedroom is done in pink, with a pink bed on a tiled platform, pink and shiny pillows, a pink curtain and lights

The Storage Is Delicately Hidden In The Walls And The Wardrobe Features Sleek And Simple Pink Doors

The storage is delicately hidden in the walls and the wardrobe features sleek and simple pink doors

The Bathroom Is Clad With Pink Tiles, And You May See A Small Round Mirror And A Sink On A Stand

The bathroom is clad with pink tiles, and you may see a small round mirror and a sink on a stand

There's Also Another Bathroom Clad With Pink Tiles, A Round Sink And An Arched Mirror Plus A Shower Space

There’s also another bathroom clad with pink tiles, a round sink and an arched mirror plus a shower space

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