Buyer Protection

Buyer protection allows you to get a refund within the protection period if your item doesn’t arrive, arrives damaged, or arrives not as described.

How long does buyer protection last and how can I initiate a return/refund?

It lasts 15 days from the moment you confirm receipt of your item.

Any item with the label “Buyer protection” on its detail page is covered, with the exception of:

  • Items that you have damaged yourself
  • Personalised and custom-made items
  • Perishable items (such as flowers)
  • Items unsuitable for return due to hygiene or health reasons.

Learn more on the exceptions here.

If there’s a problem with your item, follow these steps:

  1. Contact Buyshop24 Let us know what the problem is and upload any supporting info if needed (images, screenshots etc) to help us reach a satisfactory solution with you.
  2. Make a return/refund request If you can’t come to an agreement or get no answer, go to Account > Orders, find the relevant order and make a refund only or a return & refund application.
  3. Get refunded Choose the reason for return/refund from the list provided, upload any supporting info needed (pictures, videos, etc), and submit your application. You can check back regularly under the returns/refunds tab on Orders to see the progress of your application.

If an item needs to be returned, who pays the return cost?

  • If you decide to return an item due to a change of mind, then it will be up to you to cover the return cost.
  • If an item is defective, arrives not as described, or it’s the incorrect item, then it will be up to Buyshop24 to cover the return cost.

When will I receive my refund?

  • Refunds can take 1-10 working days to arrive depending on your original payment method.
  • Any due refund will be sent to your original payment method.
  • Alternatively, you can get a much faster refund to your Buyshop24 Bonus account.

For full details refer to the Buyer protection Terms & Conditions.

What other scenarios fall under Buyer protection?

There are two other situations in which you can use and benefit from the Buyer protection service:

1 – When we fail to meet our promises, either related to:

  • transaction or after-sales services, such as a failure to follow up with the warranty on your order as promised or as required by any relevant laws and regulations.
  • or logistics and delivery services, such as asking you to pay additional shipping costs after your order’s been placed, or not sending your order using the agreed shipping method and/or route, logistics services, express delivery companies, etc.

2 – When there is a case of unacceptable behavior from our team that could affect your rights as a shopper, and/or the use of abusive language during any communication with you.

  • If you experience any of the above while shopping with Buyshop24, please contact our Help center.

Final considerations to note

In certain countries, we must comply with other relevant legal requirements (warranty, return, etc.) that may be applicable depending on your location as a shopper.

For instance, in most EU countries you will generally have a 2-year legal conformity warranty and a 14-day right to return. Learn more here: Statutory Rights For EU Consumers.

In Brazil, you will generally have a 30-day (non-durable goods) or 90-day (durable goods) legal conformity warranty. Additionally, you will have a 7-day right of regret as outlined in the Brazilian consumer legislation.

For requirements specific to South Korea, details can be found here.