My Favorite Comfort EVERYTHING – From Recipes To Shows To Slippers Because All of Us Could Use A Hug On Our Insides Right Now

The election isn’t over yet, and i’m riddled with anxiety and yet we can’t do anything about it. We need a lazy boy for the soul. A collective “blankie” or stuffed animal to squeeze. I know that I personally feel like retreating, and embracing the old-fashioned comforts and mostly hugging my children. So this is my list of tried and true things that make me feel hugged on the inside. My comfort… everything.

Food & Drink

My Favorite Comfort Everything - From Recipes To Shows To Slippers Because All Of Us Could Use A Hug On Our Insides Right Now
photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: #janstewary: how soup changed my life (& body)…really

Soup: Maybe it’s a ‘feeling in control’ thing but chopping vegetables and putting them in my body brings me a lot of comfort, not to mention how it tastes. Remember, these soups aren’t weak thin diet food, they are delicious thick stews full of so much nutrition and warmth. I make this soup all the time, often adding rice instead of quinoa. I also still make this soup (we add sriracha for some heat) and this soup (I usually do ground turkey instead) or this recipe. People always ask me if I’m still on ‘that soup diet’ where I respond ‘it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle’. More than that, it’s my comfort food today, tomorrow, and year-round. What is yours?

Roasted Chicken (and my subsequent homemade broth): It’s not just the taste, it’s the smell – truly nothing will fill your house with a more comforting smell than Ina Garten’s roast chicken. This recipe is super easy, too.

Brian’s cookies (via The New York Times): These are too unbelievably good (the sea salt on top, omg).

Alamos Malbec: My cousin told me about this wine 5 – 6 years ago and it’s been my go-to (for something affordable and more every day) since then. At this point, it’s not just that it’s a full red wine for so cheap, but it’s become nostalgic and just so comforting.

Chamomile Tea: Sounds so basic, but it’s just so comforting and simple.

Clothes & Shoes

My Favorite Comfort Everything - From Recipes To Shows To Slippers Because All Of Us Could Use A Hug On Our Insides Right Now
photo by veronica crawford | from: 8 pajama sets that i will be wearing all winter: a review

Classic Uggs: I spent so many years secretly making fun of the uggs with skirt look that dominated the early aughts, thinking I was too cool. HOW WRONG WAS I. The second I borrowed a pair from my friend I knew that I converted and while they are expensive, THEY LAST. They don’t get disgusting no matter how often I wear them (almost every day, all day). This same friend told me that the only ones to get are the classic (not the short ones and the tall ones are too hot for most seasons).

Matching Sweatsuits: Another thing I used to snicker at was the matching Juicy velour sweatsuits. Well, look at me now, opting for matching sweatsuits and even wearing them proudly in public. I feel pulled together, on-trend but VERY comfortable. My go to’s are the following:

  • Lou and Grey (signature soft blend is SO SOFT).
  • Sundry. These are stretchier than just a terry sweat, and I find that they drape really GREAT. They are also splurgy (but made in LA if you are into buying local and have more of a budget). I love THIS set and this set.
  • The Great, true they are splurgy (but however they make them look extra cool and flattering and made in LA), and Target has great affordable versions that I love like this and this.

These Yoga Pants: Soft, flattering strangely thin (but not see-through) yoga pants.

My pajamas from the Gap: These are SO SOFT and thin, loose, drape well, etc. I can sleep in them year-round (and have two pairs). They are indeed my preferred long sleeve/pant pajama set. (see my pajama review from last year for some others I really like). I’m wearing them right now.

Robe: I have many robes (remember when I did this review?) but for fall/winter I bought this robe last year that I float around in on the weekends (over those pj’s and in my uggs).

Fictional Friends – TV/Movie/Books

My Favorite Comfort Everything - From Recipes To Shows To Slippers Because All Of Us Could Use A Hug On Our Insides Right Now
photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: how we designed our super kid-friendly family room

Time to hang out with our comfort friends in the form of TV, movies, and books. And that’s ok. My go-to’s are: Felicity, Veronica Mars, and Parenthood. And for movies: The Notebook, Devil Wears Prada, and Dirty Dancing. For books, I love a series (Twilight, 50 Shades, Hunger Games, etc). l just finished the first two of The Wedding Date series (flew through them and it’s NOT PG if you know what I mean). Yay for the kindle so no one really knows what you are reading. Also, I just started the latest Nicholas Sparks book and it’s making me happy.

I haven’t read any Phillipa Gregory in 15 years so I MIGHT get back into those (only read a few and don’t worry – it’s HISTORY, so you are learning, right? :)) and if I weren’t so freshly into Outlander the TV series I would start the book series (so sad I didn’t read it before I watched it) so if you have ANY addictive book series that aren’t creepy/messed up (aka give some comfort) please leave in the comments.

Blankets/Pillows and Other “Comfort Decor”

My Favorite Comfort Everything - From Recipes To Shows To Slippers Because All Of Us Could Use A Hug On Our Insides Right Now
photo by brian:) | from: all the bedding combos ehd is coveting (and some products we have and love)

We need our collective “blankie”. We’ve done lots of reviews on comfortable sofas and bedding so if you are lacking check those out, but please make sure you have a snuggly blanky right now. We have three of these blankets in our house because the kids would fight over the first one I bought (so they each have their own plus one for us). Dig into some faux fur right now, guys.

Need something more intense? Me, too. I’d love to try this weighted blanket, and Caitlin swears by her weighted comfortable and is thinking about trecking all 20 lbs of it cross country to stay with her mom for the holidays because she can’t imagine sleeping without it.

What is the grown-up version of a stuffie? I just realized there is a hole in the market. My mom got Birdie a Warmy for her birthday which you put in a microwave and it stays warm for a few hours which is WONDERFUL. Maybe there is a life-size version of that?

So what are your comfort go-to’s? More books, series, and clothes suggestions are welcome. xx

Opening Photo Credit: Photo by Veronica Crawford

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