75 Ideas To Use Jingle Bells In Christmas Décor

Ideas To Use Jingle Bells For Christmas Decor Cover

Jingle bells are the most wide-spread symbol of Christmas, but how can you use them in décor in a cool way? We’ve gathered some ideas for you to get inspired.

Christmas bells come in all kinds of colors and sizes and you may also choose between a classic shape and a vintage bell one, depends on the effect you want. Bells can be used throughout home and outside for all kind sof ddecor – they match anything!

A Bold Christmas Decoration Of A White Frame, Red Christmas Bells And Mini White Ones, A Red Bow

a bold Christmas decoration of a white frame, red Christmas bells and mini white ones, a red bow

A Bright Christmas Door Hanging Of Red And White Bells, Yarn, A Red Bow, Fir Twigs And Berries Is A Cool Decoration

a bright Christmas door hanging of red and white bells, yarn, a red bow, fir twigs and berries is a cool decoration

A Catchy Christmas Wreath Of Vine And Flocked And Usual Evergreens And Large Black Bells Is A Lovely And Bold Decoration

a catchy Christmas wreath of vine and flocked and usual evergreens and large black bells is a lovely and bold decoration

A Chic Christmas Wreath Of Fir Branches With Vintage Bells, Pinecones And Rope Is A Pretty Vintage Holiday Decor Idea

a chic Christmas wreath of fir branches with vintage bells, pinecones and rope is a pretty vintage holiday decor idea

A Christmas Ornament Of Silver Glitter Bells, White Ribbon Bows Is An Easy Decoration That You Can Diy

a Christmas ornament of silver glitter bells, white ribbon bows is an easy decoration that you can DIY

A Christmas Tree Decorated With White And Silver Bell Ornaments, They Bring A Shiny And Cool Touch To The Tree

a Christmas tree decorated with white and silver bell ornaments, they bring a shiny and cool touch to the tree

A Fir Wreath With Large Vintage Bells Is A Lovely And Bold Christmas Decor Idea With A Wild Touch

a fir wreath with large vintage bells is a lovely and bold Christmas decor idea with a wild touch

A Flocked Greenery Garland With White Stockings And A Vintage Bell Hanging For Lovely And Chic Christmassy Decor

a flocked greenery garland with white stockings and a vintage bell hanging for lovely and chic Christmassy decor

A Gorgeous Garland Of Pastel Pompoms, Vintage And Usual Bells And Tassels For A Christmas Tree Or Some Space

a gorgeous garland of pastel pompoms, vintage and usual bells and tassels for a Christmas tree or some space

A Greenery And Foliage Christmas Wreath With A Striped Bow And Large Vintage Bells Is A Lovely And Chic Decoration

a greenery and foliage Christmas wreath with a striped bow and large vintage bells is a lovely and chic decoration

A Lovely Garland Of Plywood Stars And Gold Bells Is Ideal For Christmas, Add A Shiny Touch With Them

a lovely garland of plywood stars and gold bells is ideal for Christmas, add a shiny touch with them

A Natural Christmas Centerpiece Of Greenery, Berries, Pomegranates, Candles And A Glass Jar With Mini Bells And Candles

a natural Christmas centerpiece of greenery, berries, pomegranates, candles and a glass jar with mini bells and candles

A Pretty Christmas Mantel With White Stockings, Vintage Bells, Striped Ribbons And A Fir Garland

a pretty Christmas mantel with white stockings, vintage bells, striped ribbons and a fir garland

A great idea is making ornaments of these bells – you can paint them or not, add a ribbon, and here you are! Wreaths and garlands of jingle bells not only look great, they also sound fantastic – you can rock a vine wreath, add fir branches, bells and other stuff and you have a lovely decoration. Centerpieces, napkin rings, fir trees, gift toppers and many other things – there are so many pieces that you can make using bells! Look for more cool ideas to use jingle bells in your home interior and feel the spirit of Christmas!

A Red Twine And Mini Copper Bells Can Be Used To Decorate A Christmas Tree Or Something Else

a red twine and mini copper bells can be used to decorate a Christmas tree or something else

A Rustic Christmas Place Setting With A Striped Napkin, Twigs, A Bell That Holds A Card Is Amazing For Holidays

a rustic Christmas place setting with a striped napkin, twigs, a bell that holds a card is amazing for holidays

A Simple Garland Of Gold Christmas Bells Is A Lovely And Chic Idea That Will Easily Bring Festive Spirit To The Space

a simple garland of gold Christmas bells is a lovely and chic idea that will easily bring festive spirit to the space

A Vintage Christmas Ornament Of A Star Cookie Cutter, Bells And A Plaid Bow Is Amazing For Tree Decor

a vintage Christmas ornament of a star cookie cutter, bells and a plaid bow is amazing for tree decor

A Vintage White Bowl With Silver And Gold Glitter Christmas Ornaments And Bells Plus Crystals And Ribbons As A Refined Holiday Centerpiece

a vintage white bowl with silver and gold glitter Christmas ornaments and bells plus crystals and ribbons as a refined holiday centerpiece

A Vintage White Stand With Vintage Silver Bells Is A Chic Last-Minute Christmas Centerpiece Or Just Decoration To Rock

a vintage white stand with vintage silver bells is a chic last-minute Christmas centerpiece or just decoration to rock

A White Bowl With Grass, Berries, Pinecones And Silver Bells Is A Chic And Cozy Natural Christmas Decoration To Rock

a white bowl with grass, berries, pinecones and silver bells is a chic and cozy natural Christmas decoration to rock

Black Plates, A Neutral Napkin, A Gold Bell With Leather Cords And Fir Twigs For A Modern Christmas Place Setting

black plates, a neutral napkin, a gold bell with leather cords and fir twigs for a modern Christmas place setting

Christmas Ornaments Of Wooden Beads And Gold Bells Can Be Easily Diyed And They Look Cool

Christmas ornaments of wooden beads and gold bells can be easily DIYed and they look cool

Cute Christmas Ornaments With Knit, Burlap And Plaid Bows And Large Bells Can Be Diyed By You Yourself

cute Christmas ornaments with knit, burlap and plaid bows and large bells can be DIYed by you yourself

Decorate The Railing With Foliage, Fir Branches, Lights And Vintage Bells To Make Your Space Look Very Holiday-Like

decorate the railing with foliage, fir branches, lights and vintage bells to make your space look very holiday-like

Decorate Your Christmas Tree With Pinecones, Cotton, Bells And White Ornaments To Give It A Cozy Rustic Look

decorate your Christmas tree with pinecones, cotton, bells and white ornaments to give it a cozy rustic look

Natural Christmas Mantel Decor With Fir Branches, Dried Citrus Slices, Large Vintage Bells And Pompoms Is Gorgeous

natural Christmas mantel decor with fir branches, dried citrus slices, large vintage bells and pompoms is gorgeous

Refined Vintage Mantel Decor With Greenery, Plaid Ribbons, Oversized Metal Bells, Vintage Candleholders For Christmas

refined vintage mantel decor with greenery, plaid ribbons, oversized metal bells, vintage candleholders for Christmas

Vintage Christmas Bells With Bright Bows And Pieces Of Fabric Can Accent Many Spaces Of Your Home

vintage Christmas bells with bright bows and pieces of fabric can accent many spaces of your home

A Glass With Pinecones, Oversized Bells And Acorns Is An Easy And Cool Christmas Centerpiece Or Just Decoration To Rock

a glass with pinecones, oversized bells and acorns is an easy and cool Christmas centerpiece or just decoration to rock

A White Star Cut Bell With A Snowflake, Fir Branches, Berries And Snowy Pinecones Is A Very Chic Ornament Or Just A Decoration For Your Door

a white star cut bell with a snowflake, fir branches, berries and snowy pinecones is a very chic ornament or just a decoration for your door

Red Bells Stacked To Create Candleholders Are Cool And Bright, They Feel And Look Very Christmassy

red bells stacked to create candleholders are cool and bright, they feel and look very Christmassy

Printed Red And White Bells On Plaid Ribbons Can Compose A Lovely Christmas Hanging Or Decoration Or You May Use Them As Ornaments

printed red and white bells on plaid ribbons can compose a lovely Christmas hanging or decoration or you may use them as ornaments

A Clear Tray With Silver Bells And Green Candles In Glasses Is A Cool Christmassy Decoration To Rock

a clear tray with silver bells and green candles in glasses is a cool Christmassy decoration to rock

A Lovely Christmas Hanging Of Silver Bells, Leather Belts, Fir Branches And Pinecones Is A Lovely Decoration To Rock

a lovely Christmas hanging of silver bells, leather belts, fir branches and pinecones is a lovely decoration to rock

A Wreath Of Silver Bells And A Silver Bow Is A Lovely Accent For Your Doorm, Inner Or Outer

a wreath of silver bells and a silver bow is a lovely accent for your doorm, inner or outer

Silver Bells Shaped Into Heart Christmas Wreaths Are Amazing To Accent Your Space For Winter Holidays, Rock Them Wherever You Want

silver bells shaped into heart Christmas wreaths are amazing to accent your space for winter holidays, rock them wherever you want

A Glass Jar With A Lid Filled With Large Silver Bells Is A Cute Christmas Decoration To Rock And It Can Be Made Last Minute

a glass jar with a lid filled with large silver bells is a cute Christmas decoration to rock and it can be made last minute

A Red Bowl With Oversized Green Bells, With Apples And Fir Branches Is A Very Cool And Chic Idea To Rock

a red bowl with oversized green bells, with apples and fir branches is a very cool and chic idea to rock

Hang Oversized Christmas Bells In Red On Holders To Infuse Your Outdoor Spaces With A Christmas Feel

hang oversized Christmas bells in red on holders to infuse your outdoor spaces with a Christmas feel

A Porcelain Tray With Lights And Christmas Bells With Plaid Ribbons Is A Very Cool And Cozy Modern Christmas Decor Idea

a porcelain tray with lights and Christmas bells with plaid ribbons is a very cool and cozy modern Christmas decor idea

Candy Canes, Mini White Bells On Branches For A Creative Christmas Arrangement Or Even A Centerpiece

candy canes, mini white bells on branches for a creative Christmas arrangement or even a centerpiece

A Heart Ornament Of Silver Bells Is A Very Cool And Cute Decor Idea To Rock And You Can Make As Many As You Want

a heart ornament of silver bells is a very cool and cute decor idea to rock and you can make as many as you want

A Burlap And Lace Stocking Accented With Rusty Bells On Twine Is A Very Cozy Rustic Decor Idea For Christmas

a burlap and lace stocking accented with rusty bells on twine is a very cozy rustic decor idea for Christmas

Silver And Silver Glitter Bells Can Be Used Throughout Your Home For Christmas Decor - They Brilliantly Bring The Spirit In

silver and silver glitter bells can be used throughout your home for Christmas decor – they brilliantly bring the spirit in

A Garland Of Silver Bells And White Pompoms Can Be Used On Your Christmas Tree Or Someewhere In Your Home For A Chic Holiday Feel

a garland of silver bells and white pompoms can be used on your Christmas tree or someewhere in your home for a chic holiday feel

A Glass Jar With Silver Bells Is A Lovely And Very Easy Christmas Decoration You May Rock, Make It Very Fast Yourself

a glass jar with silver bells is a lovely and very easy Christmas decoration you may rock, make it very fast yourself

A Silver Bell Snowflake Is A Lovely Christmas Decoration Or Ornament That You Can Make Yourself

a silver bell snowflake is a lovely Christmas decoration or ornament that you can make yourself

A Trio Of Bells - Silver, Red, Gold Is A Lovely Holiday Decor Idea That Can Be Used Anywhere For A Festive Eel

a trio of bells – silver, red, gold is a lovely holiday decor idea that can be used anywhere for a festive eel

A White Bell Christmas Tree With Blue Glitter Snowflakes Is A Gorgeous Tabletop Tree Or Decoration For Any Room

a white bell Christmas tree with blue glitter snowflakes is a gorgeous tabletop tree or decoration for any room

A White Tray With Silver And Gold Bells, Tealights And Silver And Gold Ornaments Is A Simple Last-Minute Centerpiece Or Just Decoration To Rock

a white tray with silver and gold bells, tealights and silver and gold ornaments is a simple last-minute centerpiece or just decoration to rock

A Metallic Stand With Rusty Gold Bells And Fir Branches Is A Pretty Christmas Decoration To Make, Can Be Used As A Centerpiece, Too

a metallic stand with rusty gold bells and fir branches is a pretty Christmas decoration to make, can be used as a centerpiece, too

Pretty Silver Bells With Stars And Little Red Bows Can Be Used Throughout The House To Bring Holiday Spirit To It

pretty silver bells with stars and little red bows can be used throughout the house to bring holiday spirit to it

Silver Bells With Striped Ribbons Can Be Hung Not Only A Christmas Tree But Also On Doors

silver bells with striped ribbons can be hung not only a Christmas tree but also on doors

A Place Setting With A Gold Charger, A White Plate, A Neutral Napkin With A Pinecone And A Bell Is Very Chic And Christmassy

a place setting with a gold charger, a white plate, a neutral napkin with a pinecone and a bell is very chic and Christmassy

A Greenery Tabletop Christmas Tree In A Mercury Glass And With Lots Of Silver Bells Is A Refined Winter Holiday Decoration

a greenery tabletop Christmas tree in a mercury glass and with lots of silver bells is a refined winter holiday decoration

A White Tie With Green Bells And Mini Ornaments Plus A Bow Can Be Hung On Doors Of All Kinds To Bring A Holiday Feel To Them

a white tie with green bells and mini ornaments plus a bow can be hung on doors of all kinds to bring a holiday feel to them

A Gift Tag With Red And Silver Ribbons And Red Bells Is A Very Lovely And Chic Idea For Christmas, Add Them To The Gifts You Are Giving

a gift tag with red and silver ribbons and red bells is a very lovely and chic idea for Christmas, add them to the gifts you are giving

A Glass Stand With Faux Snow, Silver And Green Ornaments And Bells Is A Pretty And Chic Decoration In Vintage Style, Make One Easily

a glass stand with faux snow, silver and green ornaments and bells is a pretty and chic decoration in vintage style, make one easily

A Tall Glass Vase With Vintage Rusty Bells Is An Easy Outdoor Or Indoor Christmas Decoration And Can Be Used To Compose A Centerpiece

a tall glass vase with vintage rusty bells is an easy outdoor or indoor Christmas decoration and can be used to compose a centerpiece

A Gold Bell And Gold Glitter Bell Christmas Wreath Is A Gorgeous And Very Glam Holiday Decoration To Rock

a gold bell and gold glitter bell Christmas wreath is a gorgeous and very glam holiday decoration to rock

A Bowl With Silver Bells Or Various Sizes, Sheer Ornaments And Candles Of Various Shapes And Sizes Is A Bold And Glam Christmas Centerpiece

a bowl with silver bells or various sizes, sheer ornaments and candles of various shapes and sizes is a bold and glam Christmas centerpiece

An Outdoor Christmas Decoration Of Pink, Green And Brown Bells, Snowy Pinecones, Foliage Is Pretty, Bold And Very Modern

an outdoor Christmas decoration of pink, green and brown bells, snowy pinecones, foliage is pretty, bold and very modern

Garlands Of Tiny Silver Bells Are Amazing To Decorate Your Christmas Tree And You Can Also Hang Them Somewhere Else, Too

garlands of tiny silver bells are amazing to decorate your Christmas tree and you can also hang them somewhere else, too

Mark Glasses With Bells And Ornaments And Your Guests Won't Mix Them Up

mark glasses with bells and ornaments and your guests won’t mix them up

Railing Decorated With Fir Branches And Silver Bells For Christmas - Natural And Traditional At The Same Time

railing decorated with fir branches and silver bells for Christmas – natural and traditional at the same time

Accent Your Christmas Gifts With Fir And Mini Bells And They Will Look Just Amazing And Very Chic

accent your Christmas gifts with fir and mini bells and they will look just amazing and very chic

A Vintage Wooden Sledge With A Plaid Scarf, A Porcelain Bell Ornament And Some Large Brown Bells For Outdoor Decor

a vintage wooden sledge with a plaid scarf, a porcelain bell ornament and some large brown bells for outdoor decor

Christmas Bells Styled As Acorns Are A Lovely Mix Of Fall And Winter With A Natural Feel, You Can Easily Diy Some

Christmas bells styled as acorns are a lovely mix of fall and winter with a natural feel, you can easily DIY some

A Door Accent With Bells On Striped Ribbons, Fir Branches, A Pinecone And A Striped Bow Is Bold, Glam And Colorful

a door accent with bells on striped ribbons, fir branches, a pinecone and a striped bow is bold, glam and colorful

A Chic Fir Wreath With Bells, Silver Ornaments, White Snowflakes And Oversized Brown Bells And Brown Ribbon Is A Lovely And Chic Idea For The Holidays

a chic fir wreath with bells, silver ornaments, white snowflakes and oversized brown bells and brown ribbon is a lovely and chic idea for the holidays

A Natural Christmas Place Setting With A Black Napkin Accented With Sticks, Greenery And An Oversized Bell For A Rustic Christmas Tablescape

a natural Christmas place setting with a black napkin accented with sticks, greenery and an oversized bell for a rustic Christmas tablescape

Christmas Gifts Wrapped In Plaid Paper, With Yellow And White Ribbon And Silver Bells On Top Are Amazing For Christmas

Christmas gifts wrapped in plaid paper, with yellow and white ribbon and silver bells on top are amazing for Christmas

Gold And Burgundy Christmas Ornaments And Bells Are Amazing For Holiday Decor - Use Them As Ornaments Or Just Hangings

gold and burgundy Christmas ornaments and bells are amazing for holiday decor – use them as ornaments or just hangings

A Sheer Glass Vase With Gold Bells And Faux Poinsettia And Berries Is A Lovely And Bold Christmas Centerpiece

a sheer glass vase with gold bells and faux poinsettia and berries is a lovely and bold Christmas centerpiece

A Vintage Rustic Christmas Centerpiece Of A Silver Tray With Fir Twigs And Silver Ornaments, Bottles With Snowflakes And Silver Bells And Fir Twigs In Them

a vintage rustic Christmas centerpiece of a silver tray with fir twigs and silver ornaments, bottles with snowflakes and silver bells and fir twigs in them

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