2020 Gift Guide: 82 Of Our TOP Picks From Etsy (Everything From Fashion To Furniture)

Welcome to gift guide season folks! It is absolutely wild how fast this year went by and I scarcely remember the before times (i.e. living in a world pre-pandemic), but we’ve just about made it through a very challenging year so it feels good to be thinking about gift giving, holiday cheer, and warm fuzzy feelings. For our first gift guide installment, I am so thrilled to share our picks from my personal favorite place to shop. Etsy has long been my go-to for almost all things. I’ve purchased everything from vintage furniture, to art, to pet supplies, to jewelry, to clothing from this site and perusing new items with a glass a wine in hand is a beloved past time of mine.

What I love most about shopping on Etsy is that it’s a worldwide, easy to access marketplace where I can find new artisans and makers, vintage retailers, and small businesses to support. I also love that when you buy something on Etsy, you are usually buying something original, vintage, or made in small batches so you can avoid buying something thats ~everyone~ has. It’s truly a magical place to shop, so let’s get straight to it, shall we?

2020 Gift Guide: 82 Of Our Top Picks From Etsy (Everything From Fashion To Furniture)
2020 Gift Guide: 82 Of Our TOP Picks From Etsy (Everything From Fashion To Furniture) 6

1. Priti Light Fixture: I love this light shop, studioPGRB, and if I had the need for a pendant in my home, I’d go for this one. The designs are very modern yet minimal and per their customer reviews, they are absolutely stunning in person.
2. Tan France x Etsy Chunky Knit Blanket: It would be hard to find someone who doesn’t want a cozy blanket as a gift, and this chunky knitted one will provide comfort for you and style for your sofa.
3. Wave Concrete Vase x Tan France: If you have someone on your list that is hard to shop for, I can tell you that a unique vase is a fantastic gift. It’s one of those items that everyone enjoys receiving and this one from Tan France’s collection is selling FAST, and for good reason.
4. Neela Single Bulb Pendant: One more pendant from studioPGRB because their products are that good. If you are looking for a more subtle pendant for your giftee, this exposed bulb one would be a great choice.
5. Limited Batch Marbled Glass Coaster: Coasters are one of those unexpected gifts that no one really thinks to ask for, but special ones are an exciting gift to recieve. These are handmade marbled kiln fused glass coasters that will look good on anyone’s coffee table.
6. Seed Starting Container Gardening Kit: Are we all still trying to start our own gardens?? I think yes so this Eco-friendly Seed Starting Container Gardening Kit is a great start for those a little late to the game.
7. Concrete Hands Catchall Card: We love a hand-shaped jewelry catchall. I am so impressed with the attention to detail on this one and because it is handmade, you can bet that each one is special and one of a kind.
8. Ceramic Bowl, Cup, Vase Gift Set: Ceramics are always an appreciated gift for any designer/design enthusiast. It can take a long time to curate a good collection of ceramics to style with, so why not help someone out with this unique set that comes with a bowl, cup, and a vase?
9. Large Ceramic Vase: Again, a vase on its own is a great gift, but if you want to make it even more special, we suggest filling it up with compliments. This is an EHD birthday tradition and it is so sweet and personal.
10. Vintage Beige Gooseneck Desk Lamp: Any vintage decor lover would be psyched to receive this vintage mid-century style desk lamp. It would add some charm to any desk, home office, or bedroom.
11. Scandinavian End Table: Anyone decorating their apartment knows how exhausting finding the right furniture can be. This side table would be perfect for any minimal Scandinavian styled home (like the mountain house).
12. Plague Doctor Art Print: You may recognize this print from Julie’s recent bathroom reveal. It is such an intriguing piece and perfect for someone who wants to liven up thier walls with some interesting art.
13. Tia Mowry x Etsy Striped Storage Basket: Who doesn’t love a handwoven basket?? This one is from a limited edition collection designed by Tia Mowry (star of the Disney channel show Sister, Sister, duh) and the minimal but sophisticated design would work seamlessly with a range of styles.
14. 10 Pcs Set of Vintage Kantha Cushion Pillow Covers: Remember this home tour that I was head over heels for?? Well, many of the pillows and textiles are from this very shop. I even bought a quilt from them a month ago and it is one of my favorite pieces in my home.
15. Black Coil Basket: These handmade baskets are made with a Native American coil weaving technique that is very special and it would be another great vessel for compliments :).
16. Modern Original ContemporaryArtwork Commission Art: This piece by artist Dina Dee Art is such a cool, modern abstract painting that would be a special and unexpected gift.
17. Square End Table: Again, furnishing a home can be tricky/exhausting/expensive. Any help is welcomed and this sleek, modern end table can fit seamlessly with a wide range of styles.
18. Vintage Moroccan Floor Rug: Etsy is my favorite resource for vintage rugs so you are going to see a few options here. This one is a splurge for sure but it is too special not to share, plus if you check out the shop, you can find even more options that would add the perfect amount of charm and color to any space.
19. Hanging Terracotta Ceramic Lamps Set of Three: HOLD THE PHONE. This incredible ceramic pendant comes in a set of three so you can hang them in clusters for a mobile-type feel. I am obsessed.
20. Macrame Wall Hanging: Per Emily’s styling rules, it is said that every room needs a good mixture of varying sizes, shapes, and textures of art. Wall hangings like this one are one of the key elements that make a room and act as unique conversational pieces.
21. Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug: I LOVE VINTAGE RUGS AND I DON’T CARE WHO KNOWS IT! This guy is on the smaller side (3′ 1″ × 4′ 10″) but could easily act as an interesting bathroom, kitchen, or entryway mat.

2020 Gift Guide: 82 Of Our Top Picks From Etsy (Everything From Fashion To Furniture)
2020 Gift Guide: 82 Of Our TOP Picks From Etsy (Everything From Fashion To Furniture) 7

1. Vintage Textured Cream Ceramic Table Lamp: It might be important to point out that I have recently fostered a deep love for vintage lamps. There is something very exciting about finding a rare lamp that no one else has and picturing the lamp shade options to play around with.
2. Minimalist White Vases: We have linked iterations of these vases many times this year so it only felt right to include it in our Etsy Gift Guide. We are all big fans of this postmodernist minimal style happening right now, and these are the perfect accents to show off that style.
3. Ivory and Black Beni Ourain Long Lumbar Pillow Cover: You are going to see a few pillows in this roundup because guys, Etsy has soooo many great options. I love this lumbar pillow cover and am secretly deciding if I should buy one for my sofa.
4. White Ceramic Vase: Here are some more unique vases because as I mentioned before, vases are a fantastic gift for someone who is a little hard to shop for.
5. Vintage Mid Century Danish Modern  Rocking Chair: I truly did not know how much I need a rocking chair until now. This is would be an incredible gift for someone who douses their home with vintage mid-century furniture.
6. White Oak Coffee Table: In case you weren’t aware, Etsy is home to SO MANY handmade furniture shops like this one. Most of the shops are small businesses that do incredible work and make quality, made to order products designed to last like this coffee table.
7. Body Outline Print: A female form print is a great addition to any minimalist room, and this one is from an awesome black-owned shop that handmakes each print.
8. Burnt Orange Round Circle Pom Pom Pillow Cover: Again, everyone interior design enthusiast needs a collection of throw pillows. Our sofas and beds are not complete without them!
9. Authentic Beniourain Rug: This is the shop I purchased my living room rug from and I am beyond happy with my purchase. They have the best prices on vintage rugs I have ever seen and they offer free shipping to the U.S.!
10. Antique Wood Basket: As we all know, every home needs vintage accents, so why not have it be an antique wood basket from the 1900s??
11. Black Girl Art Print: Prints like this one are very special and I love the soft neutral colors that are very calming.
12. Vintage Anatolian Distressed Turkish Handmade Oushak Rug: This is the last vintage rug, I promise. Clearly, I have a love affair with them and I hope my passion for them extends to you and your potential giftee :).
13. Mid Century Chair: These chairs are drool-worthy and you may remember this style of chair featured in Emily’s Dining Room.
14. Mid Century Magazine Rack: We are pretty much convinced that print-media is making a comeback, so magazine racks are finally relevant again. Praise be.
15. Dash Mudcloth Pillow Covers: Here is another throw pillow because you can never have too many pillow options, right?
16. Bud Vase: These vases are so fun and would be loved by anyone who is into the post-modernism trend happening right now.
17. Artist Print: How cool is this abstract face print? I’ll answer. Very cool. I am deeply into the colors and can see it being an awesome piece on someone’s gallery wall.
18. Antique Eyes Print: This print is from my favorite print shop on Etsy. I have had this particular one in my cart for a while, but am waiting to see if I have a good place for it in my home.
19. Vintage Art Printable: One of EHD’s best tips on saving money is buying printable art. I recently bought one from this shop and had it printed by Artifact Uprising and I am SO happy with the result.
20. Vintage Art Printable: Here is another printable piece from the same shop that I just adore. I love the blurred image of this mysterious woman and you just might see it in my home very soon :).
21. Acrylic Art: Last but certainly not least, is this original painting by the talented Dina Dee. Again, art is a FANTASTIC gift if you can swing it.

2020 Gift Guide: 82 Of Our Top Picks From Etsy (Everything From Fashion To Furniture)
2020 Gift Guide: 82 Of Our TOP Picks From Etsy (Everything From Fashion To Furniture) 8

1. Micropleat Wrap Blouse: This blouse is so similar to many shirts I’ve seen on Free People and & Other Stories, but it’s half the price AND vintage! That’s what I call a double win, folks.
2. 70s Pendleton Wool Plaid Button Shirt: My fiance has been wanting a Pendleton jacket for some time now, and the price for this one is very reasonable. THIS IS WHY I LOVE ETSY GUYS. You can find such great deals on vintage items that would otherwise be very expensive.
3. Levi’s 501 Jeans: I just discovered this vintage shop and I love everything they sell. Just great prices and really cool vintage finds. I am a huge fan and have many of their items favorited.
4. Vintage Butter Cream Ribbed Thermal: I have been following this shop (Rawson Studio) for a while now and I love all the designs they come out with. They create such timeless silhouettes that are perfect basics for almost any style. I love the oversized fit of this shirt and can see it being a huge staple in my wardrobe.
5. Vintage Hickory Brown Overdye Chore Jacket: This is a very good looking, classic utility jacket and I am very into the chocolate brown color. I love the shape and it can easily be unisex (aka you can buy it for your partner and totally share it :)).
6. Satin Lined Knit Beanie: This is not just any chunky knit beanie. Nope. This one is satin lined which seems very ~luxurious~ making it the perfect gift for a fancy friend.
7. Green 80s Army Shirt: I love an army green button-up (haven’t you heard that men look better in uniform??) and if the dude in your life needs to spice up his shirt game, this is a nice option that is not too “out there” for the only-wears-work-wear type of guy.
8. Crop Knit Sweater: I am admittedly deeply into anything knitted lately (hello winter) but this handmade crop turtleneck sweater seems like a real treat. It has wide sleeves and a very cute ribbed detail on the neck and sleeves.
9. Levi’s 501 Jeans: Etsy is my all-time favorite resource for vintage jeans. Instead of paying $200+ for good heritage weight denim, I will search for vintage Levi’s and have found my absolute favorite jeans this way.
10. The Siena Tank: This is another basic staple from Rawson Studio. It is a simple ribbed tank top (made from deadstock material) and I have multiple pairs that I seriously can’t live without. They are perfect for layering or pairing with denim shorts and gold jewelry on a hot day.
11. Mickey Tee: This shop has tons of really great vintage tees like this Mickey Mouse tee that your friend who LOVES Disneyland would absolutely die over.
12. 80s Taupe Single Button Blazer: I love wearing blazers in the fall/winter. I work from home now so I am rarely wearing business attire but a blazer paired with jeans, a turtleneck, and chunky gold jewelry is a great look for going out to dinner (or in our case–getting dressed up to have diner at home).
13. Plain White Tee: I hope y’all love basics as much as I do (ha) because clearly, this is a theme here. I love a plain white tee and whenever I can find a solid vintage one, I have a hard time keeping myself from hitting purchase–which might explain why I have 23287683141 white tees.
14. Vintage Checked Unisex Boyfriend Blazer: SURPRISE, Another vintage blazer! I couldn’t help but include this one as well because I love the plaid pattern (plus it’s from another really great vintage shop that always has unique finds).
15. Vintage Suede Jacket: This style and color jacket is timeless and is an especially great gift for the person in your life who has that “effortless cool” style that we all strive for.
16. Upcycled Minimal Denim Overalls: Who doesn’t love the ease of an overall? I can tell you with confidence that team EHD does because it’s basically a designer’s uniform on set when moving furniture and shlepping props is involved.
17. Claire Dress: I found this dress when I was helping a friend try and find a dress for a wedding (see, I told you I use Etsy for everything!). This dress is very cool and I think it could be worn to a wedding, on a date, or even to work if you are fancy like that :).
18. Fire & Wine Cowl Hood: This is for people who live in places that have four seasons and/or snow. It’s a handmade cowl hood that is just so fun with the happiest colors. If I ever went anywhere that was cold, I’d need this because I am a huge baby when it comes to weather under 60 degrees.
19. Levis Vintage Trucker Jacket: We truly love a classic denim jacket. You can find vintage Levi’s jackets allll over Etsy which means there is no need to buy a newly made one (thus being more sustainable! Woo!).
20. Sylvie Loose Boyfriend Pants: Although I love wearing jeans, they are not as applicable nowadays as I am at home 90% of the time. I’ve been leaning towards comfortable pants that could possibly double as pajamas and I assume I am not the only one. These pants have an elastic waistband but still look sleek and professional.
21. Cora Puff Sleeves Blouse: In my never-ending quest to find cute, comfortable, versatile blouses, I came across this one and fell hard.

2020 Gift Guide: 82 Of Our Top Picks From Etsy (Everything From Fashion To Furniture)
2020 Gift Guide: 82 Of Our TOP Picks From Etsy (Everything From Fashion To Furniture) 9

1. Thank You Phone Case: I was recently reminded how essential phone cases are when my poor fiance dropped his phone and his entire screen shattered :/ Anyway, this phone case is awesome because it’s made with biodegradable materials and the “Thank You” grocery bag design is very cool and millennial in the best way.
2. Leather Watch: This extremely attractive watch would be a welcomed addition to any person’s wardrobe. It is simple enough that it can be worn everyday but elegant enough that it could be worn for formal occasions as well. That’s what I call versatility my friends.
3. Vintage Calvin Klein Belt: For anyone who loves vintage designer clothes, this Calvin Klein belt would be a wonderful gift (just make sure it’s the right size). TBH, If I actually needed a belt at the moment, I would have been selfish and purchase this one for myself.
4. Watercolor Flowers Phone Case: Here is another phone case (that is also made with biodegradable materials) because I think phone cases are an underrated accessory and they are an easy but personal gift to give to anyone in your life.
5. Leather Tote: A quality tote bag is an EHD staple and anyone who is on the go and is usually lugging around a laptop would greatly appreciate this gift.
6. Personalized Toiletry Bag: Everyone deserves a quality toiletry bag IMO. This paired with a few skincare items would be a wonderful gift for anyone in your life.
7. Minimal Gold Pendant: Oh I am soooo into these pendant necklaces. My obsession with gold jewelry is a little out of hand at the moment, but it’s only because I believe one can never have too many gold accessories :).
8. Rose Necklace: Okay, full disclosure: you are going to see a lot of gold jewelry here and I’ll tell you why. Etsy has, I kid you not, THOUSANDS of jewelry shops that sell chic, reasonably priced jewelry. My entire jewelry collection is thanks to Etsy and I know that I’d be psyched to receive this gold rose pendant necklace for Christmas. Just saying.
9. Vintage Silver and Gold Watch: I think giving someone a watch is such a romantic, thoughtful gift. In fact, I bought my fiance a watch for his birthday and he still raves about it and says it is the best gift I have ever given him.
10. Handmade Canvas Leather Backpack: A backpack like this one would be a great gift for someone who travels a lot and is adventurous, but never sacrifices style.
11. Leather Belt: Similar to a nice leather watch, a leather belt is a very thoughtful gift, plus this one is hand-stitched and can be customized to be the perfect fit.
12. Toggle Clasp Necklace: I really like the clasp on this chain necklace and would gladly add it to my jewelry collection (wink wink @ my fiance).
13. Dome Croissant Ring: I am a tiny bit obsessed with these chunky rings. I had to physically restrain myself from buying the Dome Croissant ring but will definitely be adding this to my own Christmas list.
14. Quartz Earrings: These earrings are the much more elegant version of the simple gold hoop that we all love. The quartz charm adds a special touch making this a lovely gift for someone who is into the finer things in life.
15. Custom Letter Necklace: Everyone loves a custom piece of jewelry. You can personalize this one however you chose but I have to say the “Mama” sentiment is so darling. Emily has a similar one and it goes without saying that it would be a lovely gift for any mom or mom to be.
16. Gold Coin Drop Earrings: Earrings are never a bad gift. No one has ever complained about having too many earrings and these coin drop ones are simple yet very elegant so they can be worn casually or formally.
17. Double-Up Coin Necklace: I will reiterate that necklaces are a great gift for almost anyone. Receiving jewelry as a gift feels thoughtful and personal, plus every time they wear it they will think of you.
18. Zodiac Necklace: This is my favorite zodiac necklace that I have had for years. It is perfect for layering with a simple chain necklace or pendant and I NEVER take mine off but the gold has not faded one bit.
19. Sage Lucite Earrings: I could not end this gift guide without including a statement earring. That would be criminal, and this pair is handmade and is lightweight enough that they can be worn daily plus just look at that color! It’s stunning.

Well folks, we made it to the end of the first gift guide of 2020. This is the first of many, but please do let us know what kind of recs you’d like to see from us. Happy Saturday and happy shopping! xx

Opener Image Credit: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: Arlyn’s Warm (& Sort of Last-Minute DIYed) Holiday Reveal

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