Modern Remodel Of A Historic Apartment In Brazil

This Modern Apartment Is A Renovation Of A Historic One, Done With Elegance And Style

This modern apartment is a renovation of a historic one, done with elegance and style

This is the newly designed interior of an apartment situated within the Trussardi building in Brazil. The historical importance of the building which was built back in 1943 made the remodel of this apartment particularly challenging. It was not in the sense that it posed limitations but rather in the sense that a lot of the original architectural details and features had been covered up and altered by previous renovation.

The idea was to bring back these elements and to at the same time put a modern spin on the new interior design. In addition to the historical component, there was another challenge in the form of the apartment’s odd and unconventional layout. It has a curved balcony which was previously enclosed in glass and rooms with unusual orientations and diagonal placements. During the remodel the majority of the interior walls in the apartment were taken down. The balcony was once again opened and connected to the living area and one of the bedrooms was also integrated into this space. By doing that the architects created better cross ventilation throughout the apartment and managed to bring more natural light inside as well. To make up for the lack of interior walls they designed a custom sliding bookcase which can be easily moved around and which can either connect or divide the areas.

The kitchen layout and design also help to bring the spaces closer together and make the transitions seamless. Another big change in terms of layout was the addition of a second small bathroom to be used by guests.

The Laundry Features Sleek Green Cabinets And Concrete Countertops Just Like The Kitchen

The laundry features sleek green cabinets and concrete countertops just like the kitchen

One Of The Bedrooms Was Integrated Into The Living Room, Leaving Two Separate Ones

One of the bedrooms was integrated into the living room, leaving two separate ones

By Removing The Glass Enclosure Around The Balcony The Designers Expanded The Living Area And Filled It With Light

By removing the glass enclosure around the balcony the designers expanded the living area and filled it with light

The Kitchen Has An Asymmetrical Layout, With One Of The Wall Placed At An Angle

The kitchen has an asymmetrical layout, with one of the wall placed at an angle

The Custom Bookcase Slides On Metal Tracks And Functions As A Flexible Room Divider

The custom bookcase slides on metal tracks and functions as a flexible room divider

The Apartment's Curved Facade Inspired Some Curved Elements In The Inner Decor

The apartment’s curved facade inspired some curved elements in the inner decor

The Lounge Zone Features A Purple Sofa And An Ottoman And Lots Of Potted Plants

The lounge zone features a purple sofa and an ottoman and lots of potted plants

The Master Bedroom Shows Off Darker Wooden Furniture And Parquet Floors, Sliding Doors Lead To A Grey And Blue Bathroom

The master bedroom shows off darker wooden furniture and parquet floors, sliding doors lead to a grey and blue bathroom

The Bathroom Is Small, Done In Grey, White And Blue With Concrete Countertops And A Comfy Shower

The bathroom is small, done in grey, white and blue with concrete countertops and a comfy shower

White Penny Tiles Paired With Concrete And Sleek Blue Surfaces Make The Space Bold

White penny tiles paired with concrete and sleek blue surfaces make the space bold

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