Minimalist Taiwan Apartment In A Soft Color Palette

This Minimalist Apartment Isn't Plain And Boring, It's Creative And Is Filled With Natural Light

This minimalist apartment isn’t plain and boring, it’s creative and is filled with natural light

Taiwanese interior design practice KC design studio have a talent for transforming quirky, compact urban dwellings into comfortable living spaces. This renovated apartment in New Taipei City, Taiwan, made the Studio face an awkward, wedge-shape floorplan, lack of views and low ceiling heights. By embracing free-flowing spaces, sculpted ceilings, and a fluid material with soothing textures, the design team have made the most of the property’s limitations, while demonstrating that a minimalist aesthetic need not be bland or conventional.

The designers completely reconfigured the apartment in order to establish a sense of spaciousness, optimize comfort and convenience, and enhance daylight penetration. The new layout divides the apartment into two complementary open-plan zones, a public section comprising living, dining and kitchen areas, and the private quarters that bring together the master bedroom and the study, with the dressing room and master bathroom wedged between them. The two zones face the property’s two narrow balconies which have been fitted with fully glazed sliding doors, one of which functions as the apartment’s entrance. Partially glazed double doors separating the two zones allow natural light to circulate throughout the apartment, and, once opened, unite them into a single L-shaped space.

Espousing a minimalist aesthetic, the Studio’s interior design is underpinned by a muted colour palette of greys and whites. Smooth concrete flooring and washed plaster walls in both the public and private zones establish a subdued grey-hued backdrop for an eclectic selection of furniture and art, while the combination of materials like wood, terrazzo and textured glass with clean-cut lines, minimalist trimmings, and impeccably designed, contemporary furnishings imbue the apartment with a sense of low-key sophistication. Add in the black accents, bronze details and sculptural pieces of furniture and the renovated residence is an example of how simple, discrete gestures can have a huge impact in a small space.

The Dining Space Is Done With A Geometric Table And Mismatching Chairs

The dining space is done with a geometric table and mismatching chairs

The Living Room Is Done With A Large Sectional, A Tv, A Floor Lamp And Tree Stumps

The living room is done with a large sectional, a TV, a floor lamp and tree stumps

Creative Artworks And Quirky Furniture Pieces Make The Interior Cooler

Creative artworks and quirky furniture pieces make the interior cooler

The Bedroom Is Done With A Comfy Bed, A Floating Makeup Nook

The bedroom is done with a comfy bed, a floating makeup nook

The Home Office Is Also Here, With A Large Dark Stained Storage Unit, A Dark Desk With Terrazzo

The home office is also here, with a large dark stained storage unit, a dark desk with terrazzo

A Small Closet Is Also Here, And Every Small Detail Is Done To Make The Owners Feel Comfortable

A small closet is also here, and every small detail is done to make the owners feel comfortable

The Bathroom Is Done In Grey, With White Appliances And Black Touches

The bathroom is done in grey, with white appliances and black touches

There's A Floating Vanity With A Black Countertop And Some Greenery

There’s a floating vanity with a black countertop and some greenery

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