Contemporary Apartment In A Subdued Color Palette

This Contemporary Apartment In Minsk Is Done In A Subdued Color Palette

This contemporary apartment in Minsk is done in a subdued color palette

Belarusian interior and furniture designer Sasha Hamolin renovated a family apartment in Minsk. Embracing a muted color palette and a no-fills aesthetic, the property is nevertheless imbued with a soulful spirit thanks to an eclectic mix of complementing textures and subtly contrasting accents, while the designer’s keen eye for detail makes sophisticated solutions seem simple and effortless.

The 108-square-metre apartment is divided into an open-plan communal area comprising a living, dining and kitchen area, and private quarters with four separate bedrooms for the parents and their three children. Hamolin made the most of the apartment’s modest size in order to accommodate such a large family: a free-standing partition creates a discrete entrance hallway without sacrificing the living room’s openness, floor to ceiling in-built closets provide ample storage, and folding shutters blend in with the bedroom’s wall paneling.

A subdued color palette of white and grey hues in combination with natural wood finishes imbues the apartment with a soothing ambience, with selective furniture and décor pieces adding a few chromatic accents. What the apartment lacks in color it more than makes up in textures: exposed concrete ceilings, cinder block walls, unvarnished parquet flooring, terrazzo surfaces made from untreated marble fragments, and visible brass piping that has already started to patinate imbue the rooms with a raw, unfinished sensibility that is juxtaposed with the minimalist finesse of the interior design. Hamolin has applied the same aesthetic for the bespoke furniture pieces he designed for the project such as the slim dining table whose painted veneered top rests on two corrugated metallic supports.

You May See A Very Interesting Combo Of Materials Used In The Decor

You may see a very interesting combo of materials used in the decor

The Kitchen Is Minimal, With White And Grey Cabinets, A Black Kitchen Island And A Catchy Backsplash

The kitchen is minimal, with white and grey cabinets, a black kitchen island and a catchy backsplash

The Living Room Is Done With A Navy Sofa, A Red Cabinet And Some Sheer Ones Over It

The living room is done with a navy sofa, a red cabinet and some sheer ones over it

The Sleeping Zone Is Clad With Light-Colored Plywood, There's Built-In Storage And A Comfy Bed

The sleeping zone is clad with light-colored plywood, there’s built-in storage and a comfy bed

Sleek And Tall Wardrobes Cover A Whole Wall Here

Sleek and tall wardrobes cover a whole wall here

There's Also A Trestle Desk And A Chair For Working, Makeup And Other Stuff In The Bedroom

There’s also a trestle desk and a chair for working, makeup and other stuff in the bedroom

The Home Office Shows Off Two Storage Units And A Niche For Workin In Between

The home office shows off two storage units and a niche for workin in between

The Bathroom Is Done With Rust-Colored Tiles, A Round Mirror And A Vessel Sink

The bathroom is done with rust-colored tiles, a round mirror and a vessel sink

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