Timeless Dazzle in Contemporary Home Design

Every element you decide to incorporate in your home’s decor matters. From the outlining lines of the furniture, down to the texture of the tapestry, it should all fall into place. One of the main elements in creating a particular atmosphere is the light. And there is a wide array of possibilities, from warm bedside lamps to cooler recessed lights.

Display your meticulously-chosen furnishing in the best light, using a proper ceiling lamp. Accent pieces or the general vibe that you want to imprint, all will influence your light choice. And you know what we are about to say, right? A ceiling lamp is far more than a simple source of light. It is a way of expressing your taste, an element of surprise or a piece that can steal everyone’s attention. Far more accessible than you think, the black chandelier is up next under our spotlight.

Today’s article comes packed with tips, so you know how to blend a black chandelier into your home’s design. There’s more to retro or vintage home styles that can accommodate such a piece of decoration. We’ll bring our favorites into your attention, counting on how their outstanding structure will turn into love at first… light. You’ll also learn a few things about upkeeping, so your black chandelier shines bright for a long time.

Blending A Black Chandelier in Your Home Decor

From the oldest times, chandeliers have been mostly associated with luxurious homes. Yet times have changed, making this dazzling lighting source more and more accessible. Used in the right combination, a shiny crystal chandelier looks truly breathtaking. You may be afraid of risks, thinking a dramatic cascade of shining lights is a bit too much. What if we tell you that a black chandelier is precisely what you need? It is the perfect balance between sophisticated looks and sparkly finish. Such a piece will define your room and draw focus in an effortless, elegant way.

Introducing a black chandelier in a colorful interior seems like a daring move. But it is a pleasant surprise to see how enchanting vivid lighting looks, when paired with color. A black ceiling fixture will be more of an anchor in such a space, rather than the striking centerpiece. Above a dining table surrounded by vibrant chairs or a solid wood corner, it can amplify the elegant vibe. Sophisticated or minimalist designs blend in with ease in tropical-inspired color schemes. Next to an eye-catching colored wall, a black chandelier creates a well-balanced effect. For a visually-comforting impact, ensure you have a neutral background. Create layers in your room using the bright colors, as organized mixtures feel better to look at. Your lighting source should not stick out like a sore thumb, but rather be noticeable, in a pleasant way.

In a black-and-white decor, matching the color scheme is far from complicated. The black chandelier will contribute to the modern vibes in a monochrome room. Blending in smoothly or striking with its glare, such a piece will simply look fabulous. For large spaces, like open kitchen and dining rooms, such a chandelier adds a refined touch. Place it near a mirror, for a depth effect, in a simple, contemporary decor. Or add it in the center of a patterned area, to cast the limelight on your favorite lines or shapes. Such a light fixture can look great even in the bathroom, above an imposing bathtub. In any room with generous space, a black chandelier can also revive the Victorian style.

If you are wondering what is better than a black chandelier, let us tell you. It is, of course, two of them. You can use twin pieces, to create a consistent design in open spaces. For example, to unify an open kitchen with the dining area. To portray a feeling of calm and stability in your bedroom, use them as bedside lights.

Adapt the style of your ceiling fixture to your room’s height. You can opt for a cascade of crystal lights in spaces where the ceiling is very high. For smaller rooms, a sleek model will look elegant and provide the precious light needed.

Designed To Dazzle – Our 10 Favorite Black Chandeliers

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yet we’re sure that our selection of black chandeliers will spark your interest. Carefully curated, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Take a look and let these precious pieces dazzle you with their unique shine.

1. Destrie 6 – Light Unique Tiered Chandelier

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Bring the fairytale world into your home with the Destrie 6 – Light Unique Tiered Chandelier. Steel-sculpted, organic branches create a magical forest effect, merging with glowing crystal elements. Six bulbs create a uniform distribution of light. Miming raindrops lingering on the branches, the glass details amplify its mystical shine. Dim the lights as you please and create that welcoming vibe in your dining room or preferred space. A true statement-maker, this black chandelier will not go unnoticed, that’s for sure.

2. Eitzen 5 – Light Unique / Statement Drum Chandelier

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Inspired by the 60s glam, the Eitzen 5 – Light Unique / Statement Drum Chandelier will leave you in awe with its glare. A classy, wrought iron frame merges with two-tier clear crystal prisms. Lush light floods your space thanks to the five bulbs. Use it at full intensity or adjust, depending on your purpose. Dim the gleam and create a more cosmopolitan atmosphere. Rely on this black chandelier to shed plenty of light and impress your guests.

3. Zellner 4 – Light Unique / Statement Globe Chandelier

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Transform even your kitchen or bathroom into a sophisticated spot. The Zellner 4 – Light Unique / Statement Globe Chandelier is ideal to use in damp spaces. Suitable for more than just the dining room, this black chandelier turns it all around with its looks. Intertwined metal circles surround the crystal-adorned center. Four dimmable lights spread their gleam at your preferred intensity. Playful, modern, yet refined, this globe chandelier can lighten up your time in the kitchen.

4. Eitzen 7 – Light Unique Tiered Chandelier

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A splendid masterpiece, the Eitzen 7 – Light Tiered Chandelier will keep you blinded by its lights. Relish in a glowing atmosphere, thanks to a three-tiered crystal prisms. Sparkling elements drip off the minimalist metallic mount, for your eye’s delight. The chain hanging adds an intriguing touch to this glowing jewel. Using seven dimmable bulbs, this modern black chandelier is also versatile. Use it to set the mood for a romantic dinner or set it at full intensity for a family gathering.

5. Nelly 12 – Light Sputnik Sphere Chandelier

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From the late 1950s, inspiration comes as the Nelly 12 – Light Sputnik Sphere Chandelier. Its out-of-this-world design is, of course, meant to catch the attention of everyone in the room. Suitable for dining rooms, living rooms or hallways, this outstanding chandelier shouts uniqueness. Twelve lights shine among black metal rays, distributed evenly in a sputnik-inspired structure. This black chandelier can be your guiding light through the stars in your own home. Dim its mesmerizing gleam and enjoy a warm, relaxing atmosphere.

6. Seale 8-Light Unique / Statement Tiered Chandelier

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Elegant, impressive, ideal for large space, this is the Seale 8-Light Tiered Chandelier. Two layers of opulent glass crystals come assembled on a matte metal frame. This unique ceiling fixture matches tall rooms best, adding a sophisticated touch. The eight lights feature a dimming option, so you can adjust the gleaming rays. Clear crystal layers spread glam shine all across the room. Cast the limelight on your favorite spot in the house. This stunning black chandelier is a statement-maker, no doubt. And it also comes with a one-year warranty.

7. Layla 18 – Light Unique / Statement Wagon Wheel Chandelier

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If you fancy some rustic notes in your home, consider the Layla Wagon-Wheel Chandelier. This 18-light ceiling fixture is a modern version of the medieval candelabrum. Reminiscent of long gone times, its metal silhouette blends just right in a large space. Industrial areas, ranches or contemporary residences find their pair in this unique piece. Your dining experience will not be the same, when you are all gathered under these lights. This black chandelier comes with a one-year warranty. No dimmable light feature is available.

8. Desaree 8 – Light Shaded Wagon Wheel Chandelier

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Wagon wheel is more than a rustic inspired design. And the Desaree 8 – Light Shaded Wagon Wheel Chandelier offers a twist on that. Contemporary style meets classic candle holders. The result is a gorgeous one-tier fixture with eight lights. Rely on this clear shaded-style piece to contribute with a sense of jazz, nuance and appeal to your space. The dimmable lights and shades allow you to create a softer, more romantic atmosphere. The slender brass arms merge with the black mount, for a state-of-the-art vibe. Dare to ask for more and enjoy the adjustable hanging rod. You can adapt the height of this black chandelier to fit your home existing decor.

9. Gribble 18-Light Sputnik Modern Linear Chandelier

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Twists and turns are a delight for the eye with the Gribble Sputnik Modern Linear Chandelier. This head-turning piece looks stunning in almost any room of the house. Place it in your entryway or living room, to make a statement. Rely on it to illuminate your bedroom and create a romantic set, with its dimmable lights. A true piece of art, this chandelier combines stylish black metal rods with brass sockets. Vintage and contemporary blend in a mesmerizing, versatile form. Eighteen glass globes spread their warm glow around the room. Adjust their position up-down, as you want it. Get your share of artful inspiration and gleaming style with this black chandelier.

10. Adorian 18 – Light Candle Style Wagon Wheel Chandelier

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Large rooms or vaulted ceiling find their match in the Adorian Candle-Style Chandelier. This wagon-wheel ceiling fixture brings a stylish update to classical candle holders. Spreading a warm light all around, this sturdy steel piece is for sure, designed to pass the test of time. You know your contemporary interior is complete once you add it to your space. Eighteen exposed bulbs contrast with the smooth, black finish of the frame. Chain hanging, dimmable lights and a matte finish crown your home’s distinguished ambiance.

How To Care For Your Black Chandelier

Great shine comes with great responsibility. Having a chandelier in your home asks for special care. After all, you don’t want your guests to notice the cobwebs or dust piling on the crystals. Proper cleaning and care are the secret for your chandelier’s shine. Rainbow gleams spread around the room better when they are not blocked by a layer of dirt. But how can you clean a lighting fixture rich in crystals, without breaking them? Keep reading to find out the secrets for keeping your chandelier as sparkling (clean) for a long time.

Determine how to handle your chandelier. Depending on its age, shape, size, extra-care can be necessary. A collection piece or an antique crystal chandelier may be rather sensitive. A new piece usually comes with instructions from the manufacturer. For vintage items, you can consider consulting an expert or doing research online.

Dust your chandelier every week. This will save you time and effort when the thorough cleaning comes. And it will also be beneficial for your health, as you won’t face breathing problems because of the dust. Your light fixture will shine brighter when you pass a duster over it. Not to mention that a black frame is one of the places where grime becomes visible the fastest. Do this at least once a week and this will ease your job when you get to the meticulous cleanse stage.

Clean regularly. According to most manufacturers, a crystal chandelier requires thorough cleaning yearly. For that, you will have to remove with care the strands, crystal prisms and other components. Of course, make sure to turn the chandelier off beforehand. Wipe the dust on the frame, arms and light bulbs gently. Use lukewarm water and a mild soap for the crystal pieces and rinse well. Dry them very well with a delicate towel prior to putting them back. Once you cleaned the pieces, you want to avoid finger marks on your crystal chandelier. Use white cotton gloves for dismantling and reassembling.

Consider professional cleaning and maintenance. If you’re on a tight schedule, you can rely on the cleaning services of a professional company. Their experience means your chandelier is safe and sound throughout the entire process. Plus, they have the best tools and materials for a proper cleaning. Besides cleaning, annual maintenance is also very important. Your piece of elegance needs to look, but also function well. An expert can check the stability of your chandelier’s mounting and fix any issues. Having someone certified to look at your fixture helps you know it is safe to use.

Black Chandeliers – Love At First Light?

Having a black chandelier in your home can be a daring choice, but totally worth it, we say. A symbol of elegance, these stunning ceiling fixtures come under many shapes and sizes. We hope our article sparked your interest for these sophisticated lighting sources. We’re curious to know what style do you feel it’s best for your home. A genuine statement-maker, a black chandelier can lighten up any dull decor. Have you found your favorite yet?

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