Create a Focal Point With Track Lighting Fixtures

If you’re looking for some ceiling light fixtures, why not take a look at rack lighting? Track lighting is a specialized lighting fixture that’s perfect for lighting up areas, and even highlighting both artwork and architectural elements in your home.

If you’re new to track lighting however, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start. To help, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on track lighting to get you started. We’ve also curated a list of 10 of the best track lighting fixtures to get you started.

Benefits of Track Lighting Fixtures 

There are multiple benefits of track lighting. The first benefit is aesthetics as track lighting can come in any material and style. Since it’s pretty utilitarian in design, track lighting goes best with home decor that’s both simplistic and minimalistic.

The next benefit of track lighting fixtures is the fact that it’s a space saver. Since track lighting hangs from your ceiling, it’ll eliminate the need for you to have multiple lamps or other lights that may take up space in your home – crucial if you’re living in a smaller space. They’re also relatively versatile since you can move them around to suit your tastes and that’s something you wouldn’t be able to do with standard light fixtures.

Track lighting fixtures are also quite powerful. Depending on the number of lights you choose to install, you can end up flooding your entire home with light. You can also use it with LED light bulbs which will help with saving money on electricity and also lasts longer than traditional light bulbs. Lastly, track lighting fixtures are perfect for smaller spaces as they’re relatively thin so you’re able to mount it wherever.

Pros and Cons of Track Lighting Fixtures 


  • Easy to install. While they may require more attention to placement, you won’t have to cut into the ceiling to run a wire or add electrical boxes.
  • Helps with highlighting features. Track lighting is great if there’s something that you’d want to highlight specifically. For example, if you wanted to spotlight artwork or a piece of furniture, track lighting is perfect.
  • Various different styles. There are many different types of track and fixture styles so you’re sure to find something that can fit into your decor.


  • They may be more expensive. Compared to other fixtures, track lighting fixtures can be a little more expensive. The type of fixtures and length of the track can also influence the cost.
  • It can look clunky. In some settings, the track and additional hardware can make the ceiling look a little too busy.

Tips To Consider When You Buy Track Lighting Fixtures

There are a couple of things you should consider when buying track lighting fixtures. First off, you need to figure out what type of lights you’re looking for. There are four different types – fixed track, swing arm track, standard track, and monorail track. Fixed track lighting can’t be moved along the track, but you can angle them to direct light where you want. Swingarm track fixtures on the other hand also can’t be moved along the track but they have arms that swing and angling capabilities that allow them to have a full range of motion.

The next type of lighting is standard tracks that are also known as linear tracks. With these, you can slide your lights along the track as per your preference. They’re also one of the easiest track lighting fixtures to install. Lastly, is the monorail track. A huge benefit of this track is the flexibility as not only can light bulb heads slide along the track, but you can also shape the track to whatever look you want.

After you’ve decided on what track lighting fixture you’d like, you’ll then have to think about the track light size such as the length of the rail and the number of lights it can hold. You’ll also want to think about the aesthetics of your track lighting such as what type of material and glass shades you’d like to have. Some examples include frosted glass, colored glass, and brushed nickel. Another thing to consider is the finishing, some popular track light finishes include polished chrome and oil-rubbed bronze.

Finally, light bulbs are key when it comes to your track lighting fixtures. The light bulbs you pick will significantly affect the quality of light in your room. Halogen and LED bulbs are the most common and LED bulbs are great as they help with saving on energy costs and are cool to the touch. In general, you’d want to look for bulbs that emit a warm white color temperature for your living rooms and a bright white color temperature for areas like kitchens and work spaces.

10 Best Track Lighting Fixtures To Create A Focal Point

1. Lonny 4-Light Track Kit

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These track light fixtures are the perfect addition to your home. It comes with a chic black chrome finish that’ll seamlessly fit into any home aesthetic. It comes with four lights, and it’s rated for damp locations which means that it can install it in areas that have moisture such as bathrooms and covered patios.

In terms of installation, you can choose to mount these lights either on the wall or on the ceiling. It comes with adjustable heads, is dimmable, and also comes fitted with LED integrated light bulbs that’ll help save on your electricity bill and are also long-lasting. Those that have purchased these lights are happy with the overall look and mentioned that it provides more than enough bright light.

2. Berkley 4-Light Track Lighting

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These gorgeous track lighting fixtures have a distinct look that’ll turn heads at any home. It has an angular design from the opal glass along with a rectangular framework. It comes with a total of four lights and has a simple sturdy frame that supports the fine tapered white glass. Its smooth design makes it a great fit for many transitional environments, and it comes with hinged joints that allow it to shine light in multiple directions.

These lights have to be ceiling mounted, and those who have purchased it have mentioned that these lights are easy to install, bright, and they like how you can adjust them to shine on a specific area. Perhaps the only downfall of these lights is that inserting the bulb and attaching the globes can be a little difficult.

3. Wood Spotlight 3-Light Track Kit

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This track lighting fixture comes with three lights and has a rustic look due to its distressed wood canopy. Mounted on an industrial steel track fixture, you’re able to adjust these light heads to focus on areas of the home that need it most.

Most customers that have purchased these lights have given it rave reviews. They absolutely love the beautiful fixture and mentioned that it’s the perfect design to highlight accent walls. Perhaps the only issue with these lights is that you might need some help with mounting it as the installation isn’t as straightforward.

4. Fixture 4-Light Track Kit

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Refresh your space with these track lighting fixtures. They come with a matte black finish along with brushed brass accents. With its modern and industrial look, you can easily fit it in any space in your room. Add a touch of brilliance in your living room or place it over a corridor for some fantastic illumination.

A great combination of simplicity and strength, these lights are also dimmable and come with an adjustable head so you can shine them wherever you wish. It also comes with LED integrated lights that are both energy-efficient and long-lasting. These lights are fitted with glass shades and perforated metal diffusers. Those that have purchased it love the simplicity and color of the light.

5. Era 4-Light Track Kit

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Add a touch of modernity to your home with these track lighting fixtures. They come with black chrome accents along with two lighting rails to freshen up your room – especially in the open areas of your home. Especially suited above a kitchen island, these are great accent lights for the entire home.

These minimalist lights are also dimmable, can be adapted to a sloped ceiling, and have adjustable heads. Best of all, they also come integrated with LED lights for energy-efficiency and durability. Customers that have installed these track lighting fixtures have really loved it and mentioned that they really light up a room and are easy to install.

6. Raftery 4-Light Track Kit

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These unique American-style track lighting fixtures will add a lovely touch to your home. They can be attached to your wall by a circular metal plate and are great for highlighting art pieces. It features a curved rod that’ll give your space an instant contemporary appeal, and the frosted glass shades are compatible with a wide array of bulbs.

Since these light heads are on a track lighting fixture, they’re stationary and you won’t be able to move them. Assembly is easy, and those that have purchased these fixtures mentioned that the globes are smaller than what is portrayed in the image, but it looks great and provides a touch of understated elegance.

7. LED Track Light Fixture Ceiling Lighting with Rotating Head

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These track fixtures will not only illuminate any room, they’ll also help with saving money. Made from aluminum and iron, it has a sturdy structure and is also eye-catching. There is a total of five spotlight heads that hang from the fixture’s fixed arm, and each of them has a black exterior with a gold interior. They’re fitted with LED lights that run on at least 50,000 hours while helping to save energy.

While the lights themselves are fitted on a fixed track, you can adjust them individually in any direction. Specifically, these lights can be individually adjusted 270 degrees in a horizontal direction and 90 degrees vertically. Your purchase also comes with a 3.5-year limited warranty in case anything happens.

8. Integrated LED Track Fixture Head

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If you’re looking for something simple and minimalist, this track lighting fixture is perfect for you. It comes with a durable metal construction and is fitted with a floodlight. It’s compatible with dimmers and is fitted with an integrated LED light.

Not only are these lights energy-efficient and can last for up to 50,000 hours, but they can also seamlessly fit into any space within your home – especially a remodeled kitchen.

9. Rocheleau 4-Light Track Kit

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For something that stands out, you’d want to purchase these track lighting fixtures. They’re best installed over a living room area and come with a brushed steel finish. You can also choose to use these lights as either a pendant or semi-flush mount. Since they’re fitted with LED lights, you can also expect fantastic illumination that is both energy-efficient and long-lasting.

These lights also come with a three-year warranty, so you’re able to get them switched out if anything happens. Those that have purchased these lights mentioned that they’re great for the deep ceiling in a stairwell. As a bonus, they also come at a great price, so you won’t be breaking the bank for these gorgeous lights.

10. Dimmable Integrated LED Track Fixture Head

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Sometimes one light is all you need and that’s exactly what you’ll get with this particular track lighting fixture. It comes with durable metal construction and has a 25-degree beam spread. It’s also fitted with an LED light that emits up to 650 lumens of brightness, is energy-efficient, and can last for up to 50,000 hours.

There’s a one-year warranty in case anything happens to the light, and customers have mentioned that it’s a beautiful fixture that works great. It’s also compatible with multiple dimmers and has an adjustable head that can be rotated 180-degrees.

The Bottom Line 

There you have it, some of the best track lighting fixtures that we’ve found. There are plenty of options to choose from, and you’re sure to find a track lighting fixture that meets your needs. The great thing about these options is that they come in various styles depending on what you require for your home. With numerous styles, you’re sure to find something suitable from the list above.

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