Contemporary Costa Rica House With Ocean Views

This Amazing Costa Rica Home Is Built With Two Horizontal Floor Planes Plus A Vertical Volume And Overlooks The Ocean

This amazing Costa Rica home is built with two horizontal floor planes plus a vertical volume and overlooks the ocean

Situated on the hilltops of the Nosara town in Costa Rica, this beautiful family house captures a set of gorgeous views towards both the Pacific Ocean and the mountain in this region. It was designed by Studio Saxe who looked for inspiration in nature and selected a set of materials that allow the house to blend in and to establish a harmonious dialogue with the landscape and the space around it.

The house features a lightweight steel structure that was pre-cut and then transported and assembled on-site, minimizing the waste and time and effort needed to complete the project. There are two generous floors, each with oversized roof planes which form large terraces and offer protection from the elements. The extended horizontal roofs also give the house a simple and modern geometry. The two floors have distinct functions: the one below houses the public and social areas like the living room, kitchen and dining area while the one above contains the private bedroom areas. The social area with a kitchen, dining zone and dining area is flooded with light through glass walls and can be opened to the terrace.

The connection is made through a double-height vertical core which frames the staircase. Both floors enjoy a strong connection to the outdoors thanks to the glazed facade sections, access to open terraces and uninterrupted views. The bedroom and bathroom on the next floor have access to the terrace, too, and are filled with natural light through glass walls like the social area.


The Two Floors Are Staggered And Enjoy A Beautiful Connection To The Outdoors And The Magnificent Views

The two floors are staggered and enjoy a beautiful connection to the outdoors and the magnificent views

The Kitchen And Dining Space Are On The Ground Floor And Can Be Opened To A Large Terrace, If Not, They Still Get Much Natural Light Through Glass Walls

The kitchen and dining space are on the ground floor and can be opened to a large terrace, if not, they still get much natural light through glass walls

The Social Area Is Also Here, Done With Elegant Mid-Century Modern Furniture And Woven Chairs

The social area is also here, done with elegant mid-century modern furniture and woven chairs

The Upstairs Section Of The House Contains The Private Bedrooms Which Are Encased In Glass And Enjoy Beautiful Views

The upstairs section of the house contains the private bedrooms which are encased in glass and enjoy beautiful views

The Bedrooms Have Access To Their Own Spacious Terraces And Get To Frame Views Of The Ocean And The Mountains

The bedrooms have access to their own spacious terraces and get to frame views of the ocean and the mountains

Concrete Tub In A Bedroom Is A Quite Stylish Solution

concrete tub in a bedroom is a quite stylish solution

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