Modern Rustic Vacation Home With Spectacular Views

This Modern Rustic House Is A Large Vacation Home That Features Amazing Lake Views

This modern rustic house is a large vacation home that features amazing lake views

This spacious home has all the lakeside luxury you would ever want from a vacation home. Created by Phinney Design Group, the home is done in an updated version of the arts and crafts style, also strongly informed by the landscape and surrounding lake and forests. The natural terrain was full of inspiration for the design team, which drew their ideas from the colors and features of the grey tree bark, deep azure of the lake and frosty coating of snow and ice that the area gets in the winter.

Clad in wooden shingles on the exterior, the design features grey stained windows that call to mind natural bark and driftwood, adding a lighter, ethereal quality to the house. This is one of the aspects that was updated for a fresher take on the typical darker woodwork found in historic arts and crafts interiors. In contrast to the usual darker woods found in traditional arts and crafts homes, custom designed and locally fabricated white oak millwork was used throughout the home, including for this marvelous barrel-vaulted foyer, along with the three staircases, built-in bookcases, bar and kitchen cabinetry.

The living areas are unified in a contemporary, open floor plan that extensively uses careful changes in levels to create distinct living zones within the space. Naturally, the walls are mostly windows, opening up to the magnificent view of the lake. It was designed with modifiable windows and partitions so that many rooms of the home can offer up the view lake view.

Inside The House Is Clad With White Oak A Lot And You May See Other Types Of Wood And Stone, Too

Inside the house is clad with white oak a lot and you may see other types of wood and stone, too

The Living Room Is Done With White Walls, A Wooden Wall, A Stone Clad Fireplace, Elegant Furniture And Potted Plants

The living room is done with white walls, a wooden wall, a stone clad fireplace, elegant furniture and potted plants

There's Extensive Glazing All Around And It Brings Much Natural Light Inside The Space

There’s extensive glazing all around and it brings much natural light inside the space

The Dining Space Features A Long Table And Elegant Velvet Chairs With A Touch Of Shabby Chic

The dining space features a long table and elegant velvet chairs with a touch of shabby chic

The Kitchen Is Neutral, With Farmhouse Decor, Whitewashed Cabinetry And A Pendant Lamp

The kitchen is neutral, with farmhouse decor, whitewashed cabinetry and a pendant lamp

The Bedroom Is Done With Blue Chairs, A Bright Boho Rug And A Comfy Bed, The Views Are Stunning

The bedroom is done with blue chairs, a bright boho rug and a comfy bed, the views are stunning

The Bathroom Is Done In White Oak And Looks Very Stylish And Elegant

The bathroom is done in white oak and looks very stylish and elegant

This Is A Very Cozy Space For Reading And Conversations, With A Stone Clad Fireplace

This is a very cozy space for reading and conversations, with a stone clad fireplace

Outside You May Also See Some Stone In Decor And Wood, Too, Which Makes The Inner And Outdoor Spaces Look More Cohesive

Outside you may also see some stone in decor and wood, too, which makes the inner and outdoor spaces look more cohesive

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