Bring Earth Tones Indoor With Wooden Table Lamps

Every choice you make when seeking out elements for your home and décor impacts the overall complete design, and while that can be exciting to think about, it can also be daunting. Consider that each piece of furniture, the drapes, each wall hanging, and especially lighting options all weigh in heavily on the impression you get when you enter a space, and that’s why you work so hard to create the perfect atmosphere with your choices.

While overhead lighting is often essential, other types of lighting help add mood and style to the area, which is why lamps are so very popular. Aside from additional lighting in the right location at the right time, table lamps help speak to the overall intention of the design. There are thousands of types of lamps available, in hundreds of styles, but one unique way to incorporate this type of lighting into your home is by choosing a wooden table lamp.

While glass, fabric, and industrial metals are common in this type of décor, wooden table lamps can be incredibly eye catching and have very unique and aesthetically elevating design choices that make them one of your favorite pieces in a room and can lead to their being a conversation piece with guests.

What to Look for in a Wooden Table Lamp

While wooden table lamps are widely varied in design to appeal to multiple homeowners with varying tastes in style, there are a few details you should always consider before making your purchase. First, you’ll want to assure the construction is solid. You don’t want the wood table lamp falling apart on you. Also crucial is knowing the ease of powering and operation.

You probably don’t want to worry about having to hardwire a table lamp into your electrical system, so you want to make sure the cord is of ample length for where you intend to locate the lamp, and you want to know what type of control or switch is used to assure that it’s not going to be difficult. You’ll also want to consider your need for lighting.

What is the intended use of the lamp? Will it provide ample lighting for that purpose? Also, consider the size of the lamp. You don’t want it to be disproportionate to your space. Finally, settle on a budget. The prices of the best wooden table lamp options vary widely, and you’ll want to make sure you stick to shopping within your price range.

Top 11 Best Wooden Table Lamps

To take some of the hassle out of shopping for a wooden table lamp, we’ve included some of the best options available below so that you can get a better idea of both your design preferences and what sort of quality is available.

1. Taliesin 30” Table Lamp

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Based on historical innovations and perhaps one of the most unique and detailed designs on the market, the Alamoderna Taliesin 30 Inch Table Lamp is so much more than its name suggests. The design uses wooden light boxes in a seemingly random arrangement to provide soft lighting where you need it most. It mimics the innovative design used by Frank Lloyd Wright when converting a gymnasium into a theater, using this style of lighting as pendants hanging from the ceiling. It provided just the right aesthetic and mood and was so well received that, when the theater burned down and was rebuilt, he also incorporated the same lighting features in the dining room. In fact, he created standing lamps of this nature for his own home.

This proven lighting element offers indirect lighting that is soothing but bright enough for reading and other tasks. This wooden table lamp, made of solid wood, requires five bulbs and is compatible with LED bulbs of up to 7 watts of power consumption, making it quite energy efficient as well as functional. It includes a dimmer switch for adjustable lighting brightness, as well as a ten-foot cord for standard outlet operation. Assembly is required, and the wooden table lamp comes with a one-year limited warranty. The lamp weights a mere 7 pounds and measures 9 inches wide, 9 inches deep, and 30 inches high for the perfect table setting.

2. Buckmaster 25″ Table Lamp

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The George Oliver Buckmaster 25 Inch Table Lamp takes a traditional lamp design and updates it to something unique, using wood to elevate the overall style and charm. The natural solid wood base is crafted into essentially a hexagonal pyramid, giving it a unique appearance that draws attention to the table lamp, regardless of location. It’s perfect for bedside tables, end tables, and entryways, with simple but elegant appeal. The fabric drum shade blends well with the natural wood element for a continuous design that is flawless in appeal.

The lamp requires a single bulb, which can use up to 150 watts of power consumption, though you can save on electricity because the wooden table lamp is compatible with LED bulbs. In addition, the lamp comes with a three-way switch, so you’re able to choose your lighting level from three distinct low-medium-high options. The lamp is ideal for reading, ambient lighting, and other task completion. The six-foot-long power cord is clear so it doesn’t stand out as an eyesore. This wooden table lamp only weighs 6 pounds and measures 10.5 inches in diameter (for the base, 13 inches for the shade) and 25 inches tall, keeping it low profile while also being just large enough to stand out.

3. Lebel Accent 23″ Table Lamp

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If you’re looking to change the design in your home, improve lighting, and enjoy ambiance without breaking the bank, the Ophelia Lebel Accent 23 Inch Table Lamp is a perfect solution. The decorative base of this lamp is made of wood resin and coated with a weathered wood finish. The shape of the base is also intriguing, mirroring a wooden chalice or urn, with grooved details and fluted fountain like elements. The oatmeal color of the shade, which is fabric crafted from a blend of 30% cotton and 70% terylene, blends well with the overall piece and keeps the lamp suitable for any space without worrying that hues will clash.

The empire shape of the shade lends itself to traditional, contemporary, and transitional décor with a timeless element to the design. The ambient lighting is ideal for any room in your home for added lighting or a lower level lighting when you don’t want to run overhead fixtures. This wooden table lamp is compatible with bulbs up to 60 watts but also works with LED bulbs to help save on the cost of electricity.

The six-foot cord is clear so it’s not distracting in an otherwise aesthetically pleasant environment, and the included rocker switch provides simple, local control of the lamp. This lamp is extremely lightweight at just 3.74 pounds. The base has a 5.38-inch diameter, with the shade measuring 12 inches in diameter. The overall height of this wooden table lamp is 22.75 inches, for a smaller but ample lighting option.

4. Bovell 9.15″ Table Lamp

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If you’re looking for a compact, miniature solution that packs a lot of punch in style for its minuscule size, you’ll want to make a statement with the Winston Porter Bovell 9.15 Inch Table Lamp. This petite lighting choice loses none of its charm with the small stature, making it notable even though it’s not big. The smooth, circular base is crafted from manufactured wood and has a flawless appearance, while the empire shade is elegant in white fabric.

This adorable little lamp actually provides a good amount of lighting that works well for reading, embroidering, and other projects requiring good visibility. No assembly is required on this quaint little wooden table lamp, making it a plug and play option for quick installation. The cord is 52 inches long, so you have multiple options for where to locate the lamp and still reach an outlet, and you can opt for a standard bulb of up to 25 watts or make use of LED lights for less power consumption and brighter ambient light. The tiny table lamp only weighs one pound, which makes it easily portable from one location to another, and it measures just 9.15 inches tall with a small 7-inch diameter at the shade.

5. Cabrera 30″ Table Lamp

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To showcase better the wooden element of the table lamp and bring a little traditional farmhouse style to your space, consider the Millwood Pines Cabrera 30 Inch Table Lamp. The rectangular body, crafted from resin, has the appearance of real wood, complete with a natural grain finish that brings out the feel of old-world Americana design. Above the perfectly designed base, you have a white fabric rectangle shade (comprised of 50% cotton and 50% terylene) that, coupled with the wooden appearance of the base, is reminiscent of a covered wagon used to drive west into new territory two centuries ago.

This rustic design with its neutral tones can blend into any design theme in your home, making it a perfect addition to your home décor. The wooden table lamp can handle a bulb with a power consumption of up to 150 watts but is compatible with LED bulbs so you don’t have to draw so much energy into lighting your space. It comes with a three way control switch so you can determine what level of lighting you need at any given time to help with visibility or mood, and the six foot long cord is long enough to make installation simple while also being clear so it doesn’t distract from your overall design. This wooden table lamp weighs 10.3 pounds, and it measures 30.5 inches high, with the base 6.5 inches wide and 5.31 inches deep and the shade 16 inches wide and 11 inches deep.

6. Mccalla 29.5″ Table Lamp

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The Rosecliff Heights McCalla 29.5 Inch Table Lamp offers a unique and innovative design that incorporates a great deal of creativity and imagination into a contemporary piece that is also function and sturdy for longevity. Add an element of style that will elevate your overall design without breaking the bank while also showing off your taste and sense of aesthetics. The base is incredibly unique, looking like a bell-shaped vase.

The manufactured wood creates the framework of the base, with netting between the wooden strips for increased intrigue in the overall design. Topped with a simple white fabric drum shade, the overall appearance is both detailed and simplistic so that it can blend into any theme you have going in your home and remain useful for lighting when reading, completing projects, or just to add ambient lighting to a particular area. This wooden table lamp is equipped for bulbs consuming up to 100 watts, but because it is compatible with LED bulbs, you can get greater output while saving money on utility costs.

The 60-inch cord lets you easily locate the lamp where desired and still reach a power outlet, and the included rocker switch offers easy local control. This particular wooden table lamp comes with a one-year limited warranty applicable for residential use. The lamp is lightweight at just over 5 pounds and measures 29.5 inches high with the shade measuring 17 inches in diameter.

7. Buckmaster 25″ Table Lamp

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If you’re a fan of geometric design and want a standout piece to afford you additional functional lighting in your space, you’ll like the George Oliver Buckmaster 25 Inch Table Lamp, which is crafted from solid wood. This beautiful addition to your home features a base that has a unique geometric style, with an elevated hexagonal pyramid atop a smaller footprint that makes it look like it’s floating just about the table surface. The walnut wood finish is sleek and offers a realistic wood grain design that is intriguing as well as soothing.

On top of this, a white textured and patterned fabric drum shade is crafted from a blend of polyester and cotton and gives a slightly distressed look, keeping the overall image of the wooden table lamp from seeming too contemporary. The ambient light provided is well diffused by the shade, creating a great atmosphere. The six-foot clear cord offers versatility in location and a profile that’s under the radar to avoid notice. The three-way switch allows easy control and choice of low, medium, and high lighting levels to meet your needs for your particular circumstances. An incandescent light bulb is included with the lamp, which can support a bulb consuming up to 150 watts. The wooden table lamp weighs 6 pounds and measures 25 inches high, with the base diameter 10.5 inches and the shade diameter measuring 13 inches.

8. Eva Wood Sticks Cylinder 21″ Table Lamp

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If you like elements of a lodge or chalet, reminiscent of a luxury cabin high in the mountains, you’ll fall in love with the Loon Peak Eva Wood Sticks Cylinder 21 Inch Table Lamp. Stacked like a log cabin, the individual miniature pieces of timber are intriguing in their configuration. They’re rounded out into a cylindrical shape that takes this rugged rustic design and gives it contemporary appeal. Made from solid and manufactured wood, these pieces are sealed against damage so you can feel certain you’ll get long lasting satisfaction and appeal.

The beige tinted drum shaped shade on top is crafted from luxurious linen for a smooth appearance and soft texture that elevates the entire design. The rotary socket switch allows for easy local control of the lighting, which is diffused perfectly for ambiance, as well as for use with reading and projects. The 60-inch clear cord is both convenient for locating the wooden table lamp wherever you like as well as inconspicuous.

Despite the wood construction, this lamp only weighs 4.4 pounds and measures 20.5 inches tall, with the shade measuring 14 inches in diameter and totaling 10 inches of the overall height. Some assembly is required, and the wooden table lamp has a manufacturer warranty when used for residential purposes.

9. Rook 19.5″ Table Lamp

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The Blu Dot Rook 19.5 Inch Table Lamp is both simple and unique in design, with traditional aspects and geometric elements that make it ideal in both transitional and modern settings. With an X pattern base formed of solid walnut wood that looks very much like a Christmas tree stand, it offers a unique appeal and atmosphere not afforded by most standard glass or metal lamp bases. This wooden table lamp also incorporates a soft white linen shade that has smooth texture and a high-end appearance that elevates your space.

The drum shade sets off the base, making it stand out as a conversation piece. The three-way switch included gives you the ability to easily set the right level of brightness for the mood or the project you have at hand. The 80-inch power cord is extra-long so you can place the lamp wherever you desire and still manage to reach an outlet without needing to use an unsightly extension cord.

This wooden table lamp is capable of supporting up to a 100-watt standard incandescent bulb, allowing for great illumination of the area in question. This petite wooden table lamp measures just 14.5 inches wide and deep, with an overall height of only 19.6 inches, so it fits on small end tables and bedside tables or make great accent lamps in any room in your home.

10. Lytle 26″ Table Lamp Base

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Any lamp can brighten a space with extra ambient lighting, but few create a lighter, brighter room with the colorful design you get from the Loon Peak Lytle 26 Inch Table Lamp. This wooden table lamp gives you the impression of having a miniature illuminated tree right there on your bedside or end table, or wherever you feel the need to have a cheerful lighting element. Start with a base that looks like a majestic tree trunk, crafted from solid Northern White Cedar that has been hand peeled.

This tactic maintains the natural character and beauty of the wood while allowing for a smoother surface and treatment that keeps the wood sturdy and reliable without diminished appearance for years to come. Top this with a bell-shaped shade that has a beautiful painted design on the fabric, depicted a variety of tree leaves, and you’ll feel like you’re in the arms of nature all the time. The lamp is dimmable so you can create a mood, with the illumination of bright daylight or a recreation of dawn or dusk.

This wooden table lamp comes with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. You can choose a traditional or vintage finish to further customize your design. This wooden table lamp stands 26 inches tall and is a wonderful solution for reading and projects, as well as ambiance and comfort.

11. Stilt 28″ Tripod Table Lamp

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With the increasing popularity of stilt and ladder design in home furnishings, the Blu Dot Stilt 28 Inch Table Lamp is a great option for completing a design that flourishes on this theme. With an extremely modern and someone abstract geometric take on the stilt design, this table lamp stacks its three legs into a tripod, with each leg connecting at a different height to create a unique design that will pique your interest and imagination.

It almost looks like it could simply walk away! The natural grain of the wood is a traditional element that helps incorporate a rustic design element into your home. This is topped with an elegant empire shade that is smooth and crafted from linen for an upscale feel and appearance. The lamp is equipped with a long 80-inch cord for ease of location without the need for an extension cord to reach an outlet, and it’s covered in red fabric for a nicer and less distracting appearance.

The wooden table lamp is equipped to handle bulbs requiring up to 100 watts so you can assure you get plenty of lumens of ambient lighting. This beautiful accent piece measures 28 inches tall, with the shade having a 13.5-inch diameter and the base just a slightly smaller footprint.


It might be that you never considered the possibility of utilizing wood to create a unique design in your lighting application, but having glanced through these wooden table lamps, you’ll probably see the benefit of such innovation in lamp design. Consider the various aspects that will affect your needs and choose a wooden table lamp that meets those needs without busting your budget. You’ll be thrilled with performance and appearance, as well as versatility for various design themes.

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