Modern Apartment Renovation In A Lively Color Palette

This Bold Apartment Is A Renovation Of A Historic Dwelling In Portugal, And It Impresses With Its Lively And Bold Color Palette

This bold apartment is a renovation of a historic dwelling in Portugal, and it impresses with its lively and bold color palette

ESQVTA has completed yet another residential renovation of an apartment within a historic building in Lisbon, Portugal. The project is part of a larger housing complex of luxurious flats, which are available to the public for short-term rental.

The apartment is part of a 19th century building with large rooms and generous ceiling heights. ESQVTA‘s signature is apparent in the refurbished interior, while most furniture, lighting fixtures and other objects are handmade by local craftsmen. The decoration includes works of art by Alexandre Conefrey, Hugo Amorim, Thierry Simões or Elisa Pône. Lead architect has invited architecture firm Yamagata Arquitetura to work in partnership in the renovation, in order to achieve a unique, distinct interior design. The character of the living environment integrates Japanese references, along with a variety of striking color tones, within a minimalist, functional space that also features elements of classic design, like the ‘akari’ lamps by Isamu Noguchi.

The color scheme used in decor was mostly neutral, with touches of pastel green and gold to make it bolder and catchier. The kitchen is perhaps the heart of the apartment and is the boldest space here: it’s done with pink walls, white cabients and a white marble backsplash and red touches here and there make it cooler and brighter. The only neutral space is the bedroom that is meant to be very relaxing, so here you won’t see anything colorful. Take a look at this unusual dwelling and get inspired!

The Entryway Is Done With Green Walls, A Geometric Floor, A Bench And A Neon Sign And It Looks Bold And Whimsy

The entryway is done with green walls, a geometric floor, a bench and a neon sign and it looks bold and whimsy

The Space Divider Here Is Done With White Panels That Are Lit Up, There's An Open Bookshelf And Artworks

The space divider here is done with white panels that are lit up, there’s an open bookshelf and artworks

The Bedroom Is Neutral, With White Furniture, A Large Sleek Wardrobe And Some Lamps And Artworks

The bedroom is neutral, with white furniture, a large sleek wardrobe and some lamps and artworks

There's A Small Balcony That Leads To A Cozy And Green Inner Courtyard And Provides Views

There’s a small balcony that leads to a cozy and green inner courtyard and provides views

The Dining Room Is Very Refined, With A Round Table With A Marbel Tabletop, Chic Chairs And A Gorgeous Polished Gold Cabinet On The Wall

The dining room is very refined, with a round table with a marbel tabletop, chic chairs and a gorgeous polished gold cabinet on the wall

The Kitchen Shows Off White Cabinets, A White Marble Backsplash, Peachy Walls And Greenery And Pedant Lamps

The kitchen shows off white cabinets, a white marble backsplash, peachy walls and greenery and pedant lamps

Red Appliances And Other Touches Add Color To The Kitchen, And A Balcony Entrance Fills It With Natural Light

Red appliances and other touches add color to the kitchen, and a balcony entrance fills it with natural light

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