The Jeans We Own, Love, And Will Buy Forever From 7 Ladies With 7 Different Bodies

In my experience, jeans shopping was never/still isn’t a “stress-free” endeavor. It wasn’t necessarily always a self-conscious issue about my size. Sometimes it was say, that the shape of my hip bones were too rounded for the jeans to also look good around the waist, or that my inability to reach my 5’6″ height potential (which was promised but my pediatrician) created an annoying puddle of denim at my feet. It was always SOMETHING. But to be fair, can anyone really try on any ole pair of jeans and they just fit like some Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants sorcery? Side note: Was anyone else devasted when they decided to WRITE and DRAW on that magical garment????????? Like, ladies, LADIES! I will happily take them off of your hands if you are done with them. No need to deface them with your beautiful memories.

Now to answer my own question, I don’t think there’s anyone on this earth that has never had at least one jean shopping issue. Why do I think that? Well, we’ve had A LOT of requests asking what our favorite jeans were. Of course, we were happy to oblige to hopefully make the process a little easier for you. Well some of us did this more willing than others (I “forced” Albie to break a long jeans free streak:)) but we all took “real life” photos for you to get a “real” idea of how our go-tos might look on you. So yes, today we have both Albie and Ajai joining in:) Thanks, ladies!


Jeans | Snakeskin Boots (similar) | Suede Boots (no longer available) | Tops

Height: 5’5″

Average Pant Size: 4

Why I Love Them: I really love how they look and I feel VERY hip as soon as I slip them on! Speaking of being able to “slip them on,” SIZE UP. My normal size made me feel like food couldn’t enter my mouth without serious consequences. But once I sized up, they were awesome. I’ve had them for three years (?) and I get compliments every time I wear them, not because they are super flattering but because they are “cool”. They are the jeans that 28 year-olds wear.


Why I Love Them: I love the Dre cut of these jeans (I’ve had two pairs for over two years that I still wear often)). They fit low and slouchy in the crotch, but then more fitted in legs – not full drop crotch, but just a really good cut. 


Jeans | Top | Shoes

Height: 5’7″

Average Pant Size: 26-27

Why I Love Them: These are my blue jean babies. A classic Levi 501, guys. It never goes out of style (literally). These have been in my life for about 2 years now and I wear them ALL THE TIME. They take a second to break in but once they do boy oh boy it’s magic. Plus I love this wash. OH and by the way I cut the bottoms of these because I thought it would fit better with a boot (I highly recommend doing this)

Jeans | Top (similar) | Shoes

Why I Love Them: These black jeans have been with me for even longer than the blue jeans. Probably 4 years now? We really do go way back. Madewell does black jeans SO WELL YOU GUYS. These go with everything and I love the way they fit (they’re stretchy AND high-waisted…what more could a gal want??) If you’re interested here’s the link.


Jeans | Top | Shoes

Height: 5’8″

Average Pant Size: 30

Why I Love Them: These were a best-seller in September, so I think it’s safe to say that we all agree that it’s time for the return of the flare!!! As you can see, I’ve got some hips, so I was very excited to add a more balanced bottom to my closet. Plus, the rise is so high (above my belly button!) which makes me feel super supported AND I also feel like they don’t give me the stereotypical “mom jean flat butt” thing. Tops look so cute tucked in, they’re the perfect length with my mules, and they’ll be so good with boots headed into fall. HOW ARE THEY ONLY $63 DOLLARS?

Jeans | Top | Shoes

Why I Love Them: EHD is responsible for getting me into the demi-boot cut pant! (I am now a loyalist for demi-boot jeans AND corduroys.) Again, I find that this style that flares out a bit at the ankle is way more flattering on my hips and legs than a standard skinny jean. It’s still pretty warm out here so I’m still pairing these with slides, but the model on the site wears them with boots and they look super cute — I’m excited for it to cool down! These are also SO COMFY (high praise from someone who only wears leggings), they have an awesome high-ish rise, and they’re a dream for slipping into on the weekend when you feel like wearing sweats but want to look like you have it at least a little

Jeans (similar) | Top

Height: 5’5″

Average Pant Size: 12 

Why I Love Them: I’ve had these jeans for about 5 years & through every season, body change, move…they’ve been here. For me, it’s the high-waist button fly that makes em my fav. So unfortunately these exact ones aren’t available. The closest I could find in terms of cut but without the button fly were these Super Skinny High Jeans.


Jeans | Top (similar) | Sweater (similar)

Height: 5’8

Average pant size: 29-30

Why I love them: These are it. These are THE pants for my body type and I don’t know how or why but I just know they are so so flattering. I love the wash, the length, and the cut. I wear a size 30 because they are non-stretch jeans and they feel best after a few days of wear after a wash. They are the most expensive jeans I own (but I did get them second hand for half off) but they really are worth it because I wear them almost every day and they go with everything.

Jeans | Top | Shoes (no longer available)

Height: 5’7″

Average Pant Size: I’m 33 weeks pregnant. I normally wear a size 4 in pants (when I’m not pregnant) and my maternity pant size (in these jeans) is also 4. 

Why I Love Them: These jeans are my favorite because they still provide a “skinny” jean fit while compensating for my baby bump. Which allows for me to still feel fashionable throughout my pregnancy. I also love how the crossover Panel provides back support for my belly (even as it grows in size). I’ve been wearing these jeans for about three months and they still fit well. The rear of the jeans have a low back design, which helps to keep me cool while I’m in motion. They are hands down my favorite maternity jeans, and only $30! 


Jeans | Top | Shoes (Here they are in Black and 60% off!)

Height: 5’3 3/4″

Average Pant Size: 30

Why I Love Them: Madewell has been my go-to jean for at least five years now and these have top billing in my closet. While I am VERY tempted to buy Caitlin’s cute new flares, skinny jeans and I have been in a solid 12-year relationship and of those 12, this pair is probably my favorite ever. First off, for me personally, a 10-inch rise is the max for my body (otherwise I’m pretty uncomfortable). They are also the perfect amount of “skinny”. You know, tight but not jegging wannabes. I like some breathing room around my calves:) And lastly, I love that classic Madewell tummy support and the light stretch in this pair. Oh and it’s SO nice that at almost 5’4″ I don’t have to get theses hemmed (and they aren’t even the petite size). Although I want to try that sizing next to just see what the difference is;) But in conclusion, these are the most comfortable and confidence-inducing jeans I own.

P.S. Ignore the strange tiny art placement! There was a hook there from my Christmas “wreath” and I just hung that little beauty temporarily there:) Also, I finally got my hair done for the first time since March. For those that haven’t but have a safe way to do it, DO IT. It was almost annoying how much it helped my overall personal moral… well after it stopped feeling like a wig since it had been so long:)

So did you find a pair that might work for you?? Maybe lessen the chances of the mail-in return saga? Well, we hope so. Putting on the right pair of jeans really does something good for your mood (even when sweatpants are begging you to put them on). Happy Saturday and see you all tomorrow.

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credit: Photo by Veronica Crawford | From: My Favorite Current Clogs – A Review ( + Are Clogs My New Mule?)

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