55 Awesome Kids House Bed Frames to Buy

House beds are such a fun way to dress up your child’s room. We want to share with you all of our favorite kids house bed frames to buy and a couple to build.

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Adorable Castle And Playhouse Style Loft Bed To Build Featured On Remodelaholic.com

We love a good house bed, if you have been looking for the perfect one, check out this list of our favorites from tree house style, to play houses to trains there are a lot of great options.

55 Awesome Kids House Bed Frames To Buy

House Beds to Buy

There are so many great styles of house beds. There are some for toddlers that are a house bed frame where the mattress sits on the floor. Or bunkbeds for shared rooms. And even beds that incorporate playhouses or slides or other themes. If you don’t have time to figure out all of the specifics of DIYing a house bed frame, these options to buy are a great choice.

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  1. Cottage House Bed by Drew Barrymore – Walmart
  2. Campsite Loft House Bed – Walmart
  3. Scholz Twin over Twin Bunk Bed – Wayfair
  4. Brionna Solid Wood House Bed – Wayfair
  5. Donoco Driftwood Loft Bed – Overstock
  6. Georgina Pink Tent Bed – Overstock
  7. Vaia White and Metal Bunk Bed – Overstock
  8. Rowan Valley Forest Loft Bed – Overstock
  9. Sweet Dreams Low Loft Bed – Overstock
  10. Twin over twin Pink Tent Sweetheart Bed – Overstock
  11. Gladwin Twin Loft Bed – Wayfair
  12. Aisling Castle Loft Bed with Slide – Wayfair
  13. Diaz Twin Bunkbeds – Wayfair
  14. Izquierdo Bed with Drawers – Wayfair
  15. Furniture of America Hern Twin Loft Bed – Walmart
  16. Brionna Twin House Bed with Trundle – Wayfair
  17. Wasserhound Twin Low Loft Bed – Wayfair
  18. Stowers Twin Slide and Castle Tent Bed with curtains – Wayfair
  19. Loft Bed with Slide – Etsy
  20. Toddler Montessori House Bed – Etsy
  21. Montessori Slat Bed – Etsy
  22. Loft Playhouse Bed – Etsy
  23. Toddler Bunk Bed House – Etsy
  24. Farmhouse Style Bunk Bed – Etsy
  25. House Framed Loft Bed – Etsy
  26. House Framed Twin and Full Loft Bed – Etsy
  27. Woodsy Loft Bed – Etsy
  28. Toddler Bunk Bed with Stairs and Built-in Drawers – Etsy
  29. Twin Cabin Playhouse Bed – Etsy
  30. Playhouse Bed with Window Boxes – Etsy
  31. Cute Modern Playhouse Bed – Etsy
  32. Custom Loft Bed with Playhouse – Etsy
  33. Playhouse Bunk Beds – Etsy
  34. Farmhouse Split Bunk Beds – Etsy
  35. Camden Bunk House Bed – Pottery Barn
  36. Castle House Bed – Etsy
  37. Toddler House Bed Fram with Fence – Etsy
  38. L-Shaped Bed with Reading Nook – Etsy
  39. Toddler House Shaped Bed – Etsy
  40. House Loft Bed with Railings – Etsy
  41. Rustic Loft Bed Twin over Twin – Overstock
  42. Farmhouse Loft Bed with Sliding Barn Doors – Etsy
  43. Treehouse Twin over Twin Bunk Bed – Pottery Barn
  44. Twin over Twin Stargazer Bunk Bed – Overstock
  45. Pennie Cottage Full House Bed – Wayfair  or Walmart
  46. Cottage Full House Bed in Pink – Walmart
  47. Beadnell Twin over Twin Bunk Bed – Wayfair
  48. White Canvas Tent Bed – Etsy or it comes in Pink Stripes – Etsy
  49. Treehouse Twin Bed – Overstock or Walmart
  50. Canvas Playhouse Bed – Etsy
  51. Front Porch Twin House Bed – Wayfair
  52. Natural Pine House Bed – Walmart
  53. Tree House Trundle Bed – Walmart
  54. Carriage Bed – Walmart
  55. Train Bed – Walmart
55 Awesome Kids House Bed Frames To Buy
55 Awesome Kids House Bed Frames To Buy
55 Awesome Kids House Bed Frames To Buy

House Beds to Build

If you are feeling extra creative, you can build a house bed own your own, and we’ve got a few tutorials to help you.

  1. Twin House Bed Frame
  2. Princess Loft Bed
  3. Bunk Bed Play House
  4. Hanging Loft Bed
  5. Camping Tent Bed
  6. Indoor Tree House Loft

Buying versus Building

Building a house bed can be easy or it can be quite complex depending on the design. There are pros and cons to both, here are is a list of things to consider when deciding to build or buy a house bed frame.

  • Building expertise. Consider your experience when deciding to build or buy in relation to your desired style. If you want a simple house shape and have some building experience it shouldn’t be too hard. If you are new to building it might be better to buy.
  • Color choices. If you can find the style you want in the right color, buying might be easier. If you can’t find the perfect combination of style and color, building might be the better choice.
  • Time. Either way you will have to devote some time to this project as you will have to put together the bed either way. Do you want this project to be quick? Do you have time to add in the steps of buying the lumber, cutting, drilling holes, etc.
  • Price. Once a style is chosen, check and compare prices of beds to buy and compare to the cost of lumber and other materials. In different cases, each can be the cheaper route.

Find even more house shaped beds to build (plus, lots of kid bedroom ideas) here, a cute house shaped reading nook, and plenty of other built-in bed ideas.

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55 Awesome Kids House Bed Frames To Buy