DIY Christmas Gifts to Make, Not Buy, This Year

Heartfelt gifts are a joy to receive no matter what, but there’s something extra-special about giving something that was made by you. DIYing your own gifts might sound intimidating, but here’s the truth: You don’t have to be an expert-level maker to craft something stylish and useful. Best part? There are plenty of giftable projects that you can make on the cheap, if you’re looking for wallet-friendly ideas. Here, 40 beautiful and seriously giftable projects that you’ll have just as much fun making as you will giving.

Faux Ceramic Animal Bookends

Here’s another gift for your bookworm pals. Gather up some plastic animals from thrift stores or dollar stores, plus some scrap pieces of wood, and you’re on your way to some seriously cute bookends.

Wood Bead Hanging Planter

Polymer Clay Slab Earrings

If you’ve been wanting to try your hand at making polymer clay earrings, this is a fantastic tutorial (with a video!). Proceed with caution: It’s so easy and fun that you might find yourself up to your eyeballs (or, ahem, earlobes) in earrings.

Arched Rainbow Wall Hanging

Fiber artist Mandi Smethells introduced her incredibly charming rainbow wall hangings a few years ago, and they’re still as cute as ever. Not quick enough to snag one from her shop? Ashley shows us how to make our own in this easy to follow tutorial.

Personalized Guessing Game

This personalized Guess Who game would be a great gift for a group of family and friends, who could all be included on the board. Or, plug in characters from a pal’s favorite movies or TV shows for a pop culture spin. Either way, this game is just as much fun to make as it is to play.

DIY Celebrity Crush Dolls

Pop culture junkie on your list? These dolls are sure to surprise and delight. Make them a bit bigger and they’re the perfect statement pillows.

Scrap Wood Propagation Station

You know your friends who no longer have mugs or glasses to drink from because they’re all being used to propagate plants? Here’s a gift from Jen Woodhouse that says “I see you, and I want to help.”

DIY Cocktail or Mocktail Kit

A mini cocktail or mocktail kit is a fun way to celebrate birthdays, achievements, or holidays. Give your pal’s favorite drink, or make a batch of your signature concoction to give to a large group. It’ll feel like you’re raising a glass together, even from afar.

Terrazzo Leather Card Holders

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