100-Year-Old Balinese House Turned Into A Zen Retreat

This Balinese Home Is 100 Years Old, And It Was Restored And Turned Into A Zen Retreat

This Balinese home is 100 years old, and it was restored and turned into a zen retreat

Rumah Purnama, which in Bahasa Indonesian means “The House of the Full Moon”, is a 100-year-old Balinese wantilan home that Bali-based designer Maximilian Jencquel brought back to life two years ago, thoughtfully renovating and turning it into a holiday retreat. Restored over a period of one year though an adaptive, sustainable design approach, the pagoda-like, two-storey house harmoniously blends in with its natural surroundings thanks to the use of natural materials such as tropical wood and cogongrass, locally known as alang-alang, which lines the thatched roofing. Adding to its mystical, Zen ambience, the house is ceremoniously reached through an overgrown traditional Balinese door that opens onto to a winding garden path leading to a sunken, bamboo-lined pebble garden.

The use of natural materials continues in the interior, where a subdued palette of natural hardwoods, earthen wall coloring, marble surfaces and off-white linens imbues the rooms with a soothing, grounded feeling. Complemented by a series of hand-crafted furniture, many of which have been designed for the project by Studio Jencquel, and an eclectic art collection that embraces earthy tones and natural motifs, including pieces by Jencquel himself, the house is paradigm of subdued elegance, authentic craftsmanship and laidback living.

Indonesian hardwood floors, soft natural carpeting from Sumatra, and mosquito net bed canopies imbue the bedrooms with a soothing ambiance as well as harmoniously complement the verdant views courtesy of panoramic windows. But perhaps the best place in the house to take in the surrounding nature and tap into the soulfulness of the area are the open-air showers in the Mead and Chaplin guest rooms that offer amazing 360° views. From all the perks and comforts one could ask for in such a tropical location, this takes the cake, evocatively encapsulating the house’s inspirational power and enchanting allure.

The Bedroom Is Done In Pure Neutrals, With A Comfy Bed And Gorgeous Views

The bedroom is done in pure neutrals, with a comfy bed and gorgeous views

You May See Works Of Local Masters And Beautiful Artworks That Accent Simple Spaces

You may see works of local masters and beautiful artworks that accent simple spaces

The Living Room Is United With A Dining Room, Here You Can See The Same Wooden Furniture And Neutral Pieces

The living room is united with a dining room, here you can see the same wooden furniture and neutral pieces

The Dining Space Is Done With Comofrtable Chairs, Woven Pendant Lamps And Pieces Of The House Hung As A Gallery Wall

The dining space is done with comofrtable chairs, woven pendant lamps and pieces of the house hung as a gallery wall

The bathroom features neutral concrete and <a href=stone and some wooden touches, too” title=”The bathroom features neutral concrete and stone and some wooden touches, too” src=”https://www.buyshop24.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1605600033_437_100-Year-Old-Balinese-House-Turned-Into-A-Zen-Retreat.jpg” width=”640″ height=”960″/>

The bathroom features neutral concrete and stone and some wooden touches, too

Modern Decor Is Paired With Refined Vintage Wooden Doors Here

Modern decor is paired with refined vintage wooden doors here

A Lounge Is Done With Gorgeous Comfy Furniture And Lots Of Wooden Items

A lounge is done with gorgeous comfy furniture and lots of wooden items

This Bedroom Is Fully Glazed, There's A Canopy Bed, Bold Artworks And A Chair

This bedroom is fully glazed, there’s a canopy bed, bold artworks and a chair

An Outdoor Shower Is A Must For A Zen Retreat

an outdoor shower is a must for a zen retreat

One More Bedroom Features A Working Space, Too, Done With Matching Elegant Furniture

One more bedroom features a working space, too, done with matching elegant furniture

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