Life Update + Looking For Portland Architect/Contractor For A Major Restoration Of Our Future Family Home

We are pretty close to closing on a property in Portland which crossing fingers will be our family’s forever home (and you know that’s a BIG statement), and while I don’t want to jinx it I want to get my team in place because once we close we’ll want to move on the restoration so someday we can, say, live in it. I don’t want to give any details yet, but I will say it’s a magical property that shouldn’t still exist, but does and it’s going to be the focus of my life (and this blog) for the next few years. I’ve done renovations before where we’ve hired an architect for the initial drawings, but for the first time, I want to work with an architect on not just the floor plan but help with the finishes, someone who can not only help execute my vision but can bring genius creative ideas and expertise to make this property both restored to its turn of the century roots AND super modern/functional/interesting for our family. I don’t want to miss an opportunity or do something wrong. But more importantly, I know that the right architect can bring a different creative perspective, ideas I haven’t even thought of, and trust me that some of the things that I want to do could use another creative brain with serious vision (especially when it comes to restoring and yet modernizing a large turn of the century property).

I also want someone who is tapped into local vendors and makers to help me find the best, say, reclaimed wood flooring in Oregon. My family will be living here in California during the renovation (I think, all depends on schools) so having someone I trust up there both aesthetically and professionally is CRUCIAL as we won’t be able to visit so much what with this pandemic situation. I know first hand how important it is to have someone that can make in-person decisions when things come up (because they will).

I also want someone who is experienced in green design and sustainability building because if we are going to do this, we are going to do it RIGHT for the planet and longterm. I wish I could tell you more (I’m seriously DYING to close on this property and tell you), but this post is really just to put it out into the world to find the right architect or firm. It will be a huge press project and portfolio piece and I’m willing to take a lot of interesting risks to make this property SING.

Sneak Peek Inspo #1

The timing is to do the initial walkthrough/drawings in December with the hope of starting, well, asap after that. It’s a big project, likely at least a year (or 18 months) with a full scope of work (aka, we need someone with availability for a big job). My brother and his wife will be project managing it (which is so fun, I’m helping them with their new house which I can’t wait to tell you about, too). And trust me that if it turns out 1/2 as beautiful as it is in my head, it’s going to be STUNNING.

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So if you know anyone, please leave in comments, and if you are a Portland-based architect that is interested in working with me on this large (and public) project, email [email protected]

Technically I haven’t locked down a contractor yet as I was going to get an architect in place and get their input before hiring anyone. But ideally, we’d also find a GC that is interested in growing their business and documenting this with me, publicly and wants a pretty big portfolio project.

More to come, soon, I PROMISE. We are supposed to close at the end of November, and the family moves out in January. And no, its never been on the market so you can’t try to find it but I’ll show you every single detail when I can:)

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