DIY cat house you can easily make with an IKEA step stool

Our DIY Cat House project makes use of the IKEA BEKVÄM stool, with the space divided into two.

A “Päls Hem” aka Fur House.

We enclosed the space at the base of the stool to create a cosy nook for our cat to curl in.

Add some soft furnishings into the “cave” and your cat will feel right at home.

The upper level is for cat’s things, like its scratch mat. We also added a ledge for our cat food and water bowls.

Our cat can also climb up to the top to perch, when it feels like it.

Here’s how our cat house looks. (Excuse the mock-up cat. Our cat was uncooperative for photo shoot.)

Cat House Diy
IKEA items used:
Tools used:
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Glue
Other materials:

DIY Cat House instructions

The instructions for our DIY cat house are below, in IKEA illustration style.

Diy Instructions

First, we measured the stool and cut all the necessary plywood pieces. We also sanded the wood down for a smooth finish. Then, we started putting it together, like so.

1. We cut a piece of plywood to size and attached it to the bottom of the BEKVÄM legs. To prevent the wood from splitting, we pre-drilled the holes for the screws to go through.

Diy Cat House

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2. Then we glued the middle piece onto the horizontal rung of the legs. On this piece, we made notches to accommodate the 4 sections of the legs.

3. Next came the top step. We used the original step that came with the stool for this. We attached it to the legs with screws.

Diy Cat House

At the front of the cat house, we glued on a piece of plywood with a round cut out for our cat to enter and exit.

4. After that, we closed up the two exposed sides.

5. We cut another large piece of plywood to cover up the back.

Bowls For Cat

6. Lastly, we made a special ledge for food and water bowls. This is screwed onto the side panel.

~ by Thibault, Kanupria, Elena


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