Ryann’s Gift Guide: Gifts For Promoting Joy, Easing Anxiety, and Overall Self Care

I think we can all agree that being indoors for the majority of 2020 has been no easy feat. It certainly was an unprecedented turn of events that no one could have prepared for, which I think explains this societal shift towards mental health awareness. Look, humans need connection and security and when we are forced inside, isolated from friends and family, and worried about health and safety, it’s only natural some unwelcome feelings come up. I know I battled with my mental health this year but I am grateful that it resulted in some real positive life changes. SO, all that is to say that this year I am interested in gifts that will bring me and others joy as well as be as useful and positive for mental health. Don’t worry, pretty things are still included in this list because I can wholeheartedly attest that being surrounded by beautiful things does wonders for one’s mental state. After all, our home environment is where we were stuck most of this year so it only makes sense to curate it to be a calming and beautiful space. These gifts are either pretty to look at, cozy, calming, soothing, or useful and I hope they bring you joy like they do me. Let’s get to it:

Ryann'S Gift Guide: Gifts For Promoting Joy, Easing Anxiety, And Overall Self Care
Ryann's Gift Guide: Gifts For Promoting Joy, Easing Anxiety, and Overall Self Care 10

1. Tree Napper | 2. Cream Cotton Pom Throw | 3. Emerald Fringed Lumbar Pillow | 4. Golden Pothos

1. Tree Napper: I hear weighted blankets are great for easing anxiety so I am really curious to try one out. This one from Bearaby is made with plant-based materials (!!) and has cooling technology. It’s also stylish, practical, and looks very cozy so it’d be a gift for me and my home:).
2. Cream Cotton Pom Throw: Blankets are always a welcomed and appreciated gift in my eyes. I actually don’t even own a cozy blanket at the moment and it always bums me out when I want to curl up on the sofa and watch my comfort show (The Office) for the millionth time. This one is made from recycled cotton and I love the calm, neutral color.
3. Emerald Fringed Lumbar Pillow: Everyone needs accent pillows in their home to add texture and coziness. This one would be a comfortable and stylish addition to anyone’s sofa or bed and the emerald color would definitely make a statement.
4. Golden Pothos: Plants are always a fantastic gift. We all need them in our homes as they improve air quality and they also regulate humidity and increase levels of positivity. Plus they are essential to decorate with to make a home feel lived in and special. For more here’s our full online resource plant guide🙂

Ryann'S Gift Guide: Gifts For Promoting Joy, Easing Anxiety, And Overall Self Care
Ryann's Gift Guide: Gifts For Promoting Joy, Easing Anxiety, and Overall Self Care 11

1. Ceramic Table Lamp | 2. Digital Print | 3. Harriet Pleated Floor Lamp | 4. Kaya 3-Piece Ceramic Planter | 5. Living in Style Paris | 6. Square Velvet Grid Embroidered Pillow

1. Ceramic Table Lamp: This year I have noticed how important lighting is in my home. Adding lamps and switching out light bulbs in certain rooms makes a huge difference in ambiance. For example, our ceiling lights recently burnt out in our kitchen so I put a lamp in there for the time being and now I am obsessed with the way it looks. Lamps in kitchens is my new favorite thing and I think the boldness of this lamp would add a special charm to my kitchen.
2. Digital Print: I recently bought this exact print and am so happy with it. It’s a digital print that you need to purchase, download, and then either print yourself or send to a printing place but it’s still more afforable than most art out there. I sent mine to be printed by Artifact Uprising and I am very pleased with the results.
3. Harriet Pleated Floor Lamp: This is the best thing I purchased all year. Sometimes I just sit and admire this floor lamp and how much charm and intrigue it brings to my space.
4. Kaya 3-Piece Ceramic Planter: I think all of us at EHD either already have this pot or desperately want it. It’s just very good and can work seamlessly with a range of styles.
5. Living in Style Paris: I love coffee table books and I am definitely fascinated by Parisian interior design and lifestyle. I would absolutely devour this book and know it would look great on my coffee table, too.
6. Square Velvet Grid Embroidered Pillow: This is just a very cute, simple yet special throw pillow that I have and love. I love the grid detail and the color is more of a mustard color in person and it looks really good on my sofa.

Ryann'S Gift Guide: Gifts For Promoting Joy, Easing Anxiety, And Overall Self Care
Ryann's Gift Guide: Gifts For Promoting Joy, Easing Anxiety, and Overall Self Care 12

1. Dotted Green Basket Set | 2. Hummingbirds Art Print | 3. Hand Knotted Moroccan Rug

1. Dotted Green Basket Set: There is something very charming about these dotted baskets. I would love to have these in my living room or bedroom for storing blankets or shoes (I have a serious shoe storage issue- please send help). This would be a great gift on its own, but it’d also be soo sweet to stuff it with other small trinkets or even a soft blanket for your giftee. Plus visual clutter is stressful so this is great to reduce that.
2. Hummingbirds Art Print: I have this print and it’s stunning. It’s one of my favorite pieces in my home and it’s relatively inexpensive for the quality (and this shop has a bunch of other great prints like this one!).
3. Hand Knotted Moroccan Rug: My beloved living room rug is from this shop and I will never stop recommending it to anyone who is looking for a rug. They always have incredible sales, they offer free shipping to the U.S., and every rug is stunning and unique. I think this one is very cool and will be jealous of whoever snags it.

Ryann'S Gift Guide: Gifts For Promoting Joy, Easing Anxiety, And Overall Self Care
Ryann's Gift Guide: Gifts For Promoting Joy, Easing Anxiety, and Overall Self Care 13

1. Vitamin C serum 22 | 2. ManiMe Press On Gel Nails | 3. So Jelly Cactus Eye Jelly with Plant Collagen | 4. Mineral Tinted Face Sunscreen | 5. Big Mood Bath Soak + Body Gloss | 6. Stay Woke Concealer

1. Vitamin C serum 22: I’ve noticed that when I have quality products in my medicine cabinet, I am 10000x more likely to keep up with my skincare routine. I just started using this Vitamin C serum and I can already see a difference in the color and vibrance of my skin so I am convinced I will be buying this until the end of time.
2. ManiMe Press-On Gel Nails: Stick on nails are the future! Look, Covid-19 is likely not going anywhere anytime soon, but having freshly manicured nails is such a fantastic feeling. Enter these babies that are SO easy to apply, look great, and last up to two weeks.
3. So Jelly Cactus Eye Jelly with Plant Collagen: I really need an eye cream and I know this one is a great option because I’ve tried it once before and was obsessed with how it made my skin feel.
4. Mineral Tinted Face Sunscreen: I am dying to try this sunscreen. This year I made it a habit to wear sunscreen every day and it’s been a great thing for my skin. This one is tinted so it acts as a face primer as well and because I love a multipurpose product, I know this would be a great gift.
5. Big Mood Bath Soak + Body Gloss: This hydrating bath soak and body gloss set sounds like a dream for anyone who loves an at-home spa day. I am so curious to try out the body gloss that is supposed to be uber hydrating but not at all greasy.
6. Stay Woke Concealer: This is my absolute favorite concealer. It is easy to apply and has great coverage, so I rarely have to apply foundation. I can just apply it under my eyes or blend it all over my face for full-face coverage.

Ryann'S Gift Guide: Gifts For Promoting Joy, Easing Anxiety, And Overall Self Care
Ryann's Gift Guide: Gifts For Promoting Joy, Easing Anxiety, and Overall Self Care 14

1. Plaid Perfectly Cozy Flannel Pajama Shorts | 2. Malibu Surf Sweater Set | 3. Re:Play Boyshort | 4. Women’s Striped Anti-Odor Cotton Short Crew Socks | 5. Classic Jogger + Classice Sweatshirt | 6. Stripe-Play Colburne Cardigan Sweater in Coziest Textured Yarn

1. Plaid Perfectly Cozy Flannel Pajama Shorts: I have these pajama shorts and love them. They look like boxers and are just very comfortable for lounging around but they aren’t too short so I don’t feel like I have to cover up if I need to step outside and get the mail or walk my dog.
2. Malibu Surf Sweater Set: I’ve come to the conclusion that matching sets are an essential quarantine uniform. You feel more put together but you’re still wearing pajamas. It’s a no-brainer and this set is very cute (can you tell I’m into stripes??).
3. Re:Play Boyshort: Parade underwear is so soft and comfortable it’s almost criminal when I have to wear any other kind. These would be a great gift for ANYONE. I swear by them.
4. Women’s Striped Anti-Odor Cotton Short Crew Socks: I think in 2021 I am going to become a socks person. I normally steal my fiancé’s socks which he absolutely loves (HA), but I think it’s time I start building my own collection. Plus, something wonderful happens to my mood when I am actually wearing a matching pair of socks.
5. Classic Jogger + Classic Sweatshirt: Again, matching sets are key. in. quarantine. This one is by Girlfriend Collective and since they make the best workout leggings and sports bras, I can only imagine this sweatsuit will be ridiculously comfortable and of course it comes in a range of gorgeous colors.
6. Stripe-Play Colburne Cardigan Sweater in Coziest Textured Yarn: You all have seen this cardigan before. Emily first recommended it and then I bought it and recommended it again. Now, I am recommending it AGAIN because it is that good. It’s so soft you guys and I wear it all the time (even when it’s not even that cold). It’s selling out fast but for a cardigan that is just as soft, there’s also this one made with the same Coziest Textured Yarn.

Ryann'S Gift Guide: Gifts For Promoting Joy, Easing Anxiety, And Overall Self Care
Ryann's Gift Guide: Gifts For Promoting Joy, Easing Anxiety, and Overall Self Care 15

1. All Black Caroline Platform Oxfords | 2. The Perfect Vintage Jean in Enmore Wash | 3. Marieta Top | 4. Dome Croissant Ring | 5. Johnsville Sweater Jacket | 6. Arisa Flats

1. All Black Caroline Platform Oxfords: Now that I’ve found my favorite everyday shoe, I’ve been looking for more versatile shoes to add to the rotation. These bad boys really excite me and I can’t stop thinking about them which I take as a sign that I need them for when the world opens up again (or for when I am dressing up with no place to go).
2. The Perfect Vintage Jean in Enmore Wash: I am very passionate about blue jeans and whenever I find a good pair that looks good on my body, I feel incredible. Jeans are an essential part of my wardrobe. But because we are living through a pandemic, we just experienced a stressful election, and I am only human, some of my favorite jeans are a little tight at the moment. Hey, it happens. SO, I am ready to size up to my favorite jeans and I can say with confidence these would be a great gift to anyone who loves a classic blue jean.
3. Marieta Top: I’ve been coveting this shirt ever since I discovered this brand earlier this year. As you may have guessed, I lean towards classic and timeless clothing that I can wear a myriad of ways, and a long sleeve mock neck top like this one would be a beloved addition to my wardrobe. Plus, how good is that color?? I am very into it.
4. Dome Croissant Ring: I talked about this ring in our Etsy Gift Guide but it’s worth repeating here in case someone is reading this who wants to buy it for me (@mom?? @fiancé?? I am a size 8:) ).
5. Johnsville Sweater Jacket: Oh man. The shape and drape of this jacket are too good. It’s a little androgynous but still cropped so I feel it would be very flattering and I love that color for fall/winter.
6. Arisa Flats: Ballet flats are back and I am on board. I wore ballet flats religiously in high school and I kind of forgot how great they are to just slip on and go. I love these ones and feel like they are something a young Audrey Hepburn might wear (so obviously, I need them).

Ryann'S Gift Guide: Gifts For Promoting Joy, Easing Anxiety, And Overall Self Care
Ryann's Gift Guide: Gifts For Promoting Joy, Easing Anxiety, and Overall Self Care 16

1. Golden Coast Mini Soy Candle | 2. Glossier You | 3. REPLICA Under the Lemon Trees | 4. Scarpa Incense | 5. P.F. Candle Co. – Sunset Candle (Swell) | 6. Sleep Blend + Stone Diffuser

1. Golden Coast Mini Soy Candle: I am convinced everyone needs this candle. It is inexpensive but smells soooo good and it’s a candle that I light every day and it makes me very happy. Plus everyone enjoys receiving a good candles as a gift, right?
2. Glossier You: This is a FANTASTIC smelling perfume that is relatively inexpensive for how good it is. I have a few friends who have it and I ask to use it all the time so maybe it is time for my own… I mean smelling good also just makes me feel good.
3. REPLICA Under the Lemon Trees: This is my favorite splurgy, grown-up perfume that I’ve been out of for a few months (I buy the tiny travel size because this guy is an investment for sure). It’s the most delicious, slightly citrusy but not too sweet smelling perfume that is both subtle and elegant. This would truly be a phenomenal gift for anyone in your life.
4. Scarpa Incense: I personally love incense that smells a bit like cologne and OH MY LORD these are IT. I truly wish I had a million of these on hand so I could burn one every day to help stay calm and focused throughout the day.
5. P.F. Candle Co. – Sunset Candle (Swell): This is another unbelievably good smelling candle that I can’t stop buying. Again, candles are a great gift for ANYONE and they are so soothing to have in every room.
6. Sleep Blend + Stone Diffuser: When I was in college I used to use my essential oil diffuser all the time but then in my last move I either lost it or threw it away (stupid!). Anyway, I would love to replace it and this diffuser is chic as hell and I’ve heard great things about this essential oil that is meant for winding down and easing anxiety.

Ryann'S Gift Guide: Gifts For Promoting Joy, Easing Anxiety, And Overall Self Care
Ryann's Gift Guide: Gifts For Promoting Joy, Easing Anxiety, and Overall Self Care 17

1. Kaweco Classic Sport Black Gel/Ballpoint Pen | 2. A5 Hardcover Notebook | 3. Tabletop Easel + Paint Brushes | 4. Tombow TwinTone Dual-Tip Marker Set

1. Kaweco Classic Sport Black Gel/Ballpoint Pen: This is my favorite pen in the world. I actually received this from my fiancé last Christmas and I’d be beyond psyched to get another one. It’s so satisfying to write with but it’s one of those things I would probably never buy for myself. Hence it being a great gift!
2. A5 Hardcover Notebook: Oh man, this notebook is so pretty. Sure, I have a thousand notebooks at the moment, but THIS ONE is different. Clearly. The sage color is so soothing and it has dotted pages instead of lines which is what I prefer. It would be a wonderful gift for someone who loves to bullet journal or jot their thoughts down (which is so important when you are going through a hard time)
3. Tabletop Easel + Paint Brushes: I am not a painter but it’s something I do now and then when I am feeling low or anxious. It helps me get out of my head and I wish I would use it as self-care a tool more often. This desk easel might make that happen and I imagine so would a nice fresh batch of paintbrushes.
4. Tombow TwinTone Dual-Tip Marker Set: No I am not in third grade but yes I still love colored markers. Anyone who doesn’t is a liar! Or possibly not someone who still likes to doodle and color in coloring books (adult ones of course. NO not that kind of “adult”!!).

Alright my friends, that is all from me and I sincerely hope this gift guide gave you some ideas for your loved ones (or yourself!). And before I go, I want to leave you with some mental health resources to have or pass along:

Better Help (Affordable, Private Online Counseling
The Trevor Project (Provides confidential support for LGBTQ youth in crisis).
Disaster Distress Hotline 1-800-985-5990
Friendship Line 1-800-971-0016
LGBTQ National Help Line 1-888-843-4564
LGBTQ National Talkline for Youth 1-800-246-7743
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255
National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders 630-577-1330

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Opener Image Credit: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: How We Decked Our Halls for Christmas

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