The Link Up: Emily’s Posture-Correcting Sports Bra, Ryann’s Dry Skin Cure, and A Color Matching Tool That Has Changed The Game

Hey everyone and welcome back to the link up! I’m gonna keep this intro short and sweet: we’ve got some real exciting stuff for you today & we’re even more excited to share it. Now, let’s dive right on in.

First up to bat is a lovely house tour from Domino, and it’s the home of interior designer, Raili Clasen. We’re particularly in love with the kitchen (and the indoor-outdoorness of it all).Go check it out cause it’s GOOD.

From Emily: I was heavily marketed by this posture correcting sports bra company and in the middle of the night pressed “buy” with an almost “FINE I’LL TRY IT” attitude. It came the next week and guess what – I LOVE IT. I ordered both small and medium to see which fit and they both do. The small is obviously tighter but still comfortable and the medium is more of an all-day wearing bra. They are extremely flattering and the first sports bra I feel comfortable wearing without a shirt due to its full coverage. I don’t think its amazing for crazy high impact running, but I do a lot of HIIT workouts and yoga. It’s so comfortable, doesn’t cut in anywhere and while I never had issues with posture, the reviews say that it helps with back pain due to posture at – you guessed it – sitting at a computer. Those wide straps and the bottom band are snug, but not too tight  – I’m not going back.

If you don’t know the name John Derian then today is your lucky day! Probably know mainly for his decoupage oddities, but his style and East Village store are a maximalist dream. Here is his NYC apartment and here is his Provincetown home to get you into total swoon mode. This is all to say that Target and John have collaborated on one if THE coolest (and affordable) Halloween decor collections out there. This skeleton pillow is so awesome it could honestly be out all year in the right home, this metal outdoor lantern is very special and this faux table tree is the moody drama your sophisticated spooky decor NEEDS. Also, this doormat is hilarious and chic. Can you tell we love this collection??

From Mallory: Cat’s outta the bag, I’m in the process of doing my MOTO for my studio apartment and YES I’m gonna wallpaper my bathroom. I’ve been thinking about things I never thought I’d have to think about like…should I paint my ceiling and trim if I wallpaper and if so, HOW DO I FIND A COLOR TO MATCH THE WALLPAPER? So many questions, such little time. Luckily the ColorReaderEZ stepped into my life and saved the day. Here’s what it is and how it works: you download an app on your phone, then you take the ColorReaderEZ and scan ANY flat surface and it will tell you a paint color that matches!! We’ve been having so much fun playing around with this, and we found out it can even give you a complimentary color palette if you’re still figuring that out (ie: me). I’m so excited for the wallpaper to come in so I can match the color, but in the meantime, I’ve been going around my apartment scanning EVERYTHING and coming up with tons of color palettes. Oh, I’m also gonna use this to figure out the wall color & trim on the walls so I can know what color I’d need to paint it back when I move out (ya, it’s a rental). Oh and this lil gadget is only 60 bucks, so be sure to check this thing out.

From Arlyn: GET READY TO CHANGE YOUR PIMPLE-FACED LIFE. I definitely thought by the time I hit my mid-30s, my skin would be clear and worthy of a Noxema commercial, but sadly I was wrong. Thank goodness I discovered pimple patches. I’ve tried a few that are so-so…too thin and weak for the big hormonal puppies I get every month, but COSRX makes the best ones, hands one. They’re magical little circles you put on a zit, and it just soaks up all the gross gunk until it flattens out. Truly miraculous and way cheaper than any other “acne solution” you’ll find. 

From Jess: We often also shop from our own posts, especially the ones where the team gives up their best secrets (like yesterday’s post). So when we posted this comfortable bra and underwear post earlier this year I IMMEDIATELY wanted to shop the comfy unmentionables that the other gals were wearing. And shop I did. Emily’s rec for this “bralette” has been such a game changer! Like her, bralettes are hard for me and my more robust chest. I immediately bought two and now six months later bought a third (maybe even a fourth soon!). I wouldn’t say it’s the sexiest bra I own but it’s 100% the most comfortable.

Another VERY exciting furniture line is now available! What line could we be talking about?? The one and only Mikel Welch’s new collection with Yosemite Home Decor. This chair is the chunky sculptural dream we all want in our homes and the woven seagrass handles on this beautiful cabinet are SO pretty. Go check it all out!

From Ryann: My skin absolutely hates this time of year. It is dry as can be and in some spots my face will peel like crazy (mostly around my lips which is VERY cute and flattering). My only solace are facemasks and right now I am obsessed with these sheet masks. They are so moisturizing and smell fantastic.

From Caitlin: If you live in LA and have ever listened to the radio, you may be familiar with my pal Tobi, who was an Alt 98.7 on-air personality for years. She beat breast cancer once after a year-long battle from 2016-2017, but the hits keep coming in 2020. I learned last Saturday that Tobi’s breast cancer had returned in full force and that she’s starting treatment for stage IV triple positive metastatic breast cancer. Tobi is such a light – there is no one else as kind as her working in the music industry!!! (Or honestly, anywhere. I think she’s the most welcoming person I know, period! And I work HERE! Tobi is THAT NICE!) – so if you’ve ever heard her sweet voice on the radio or if you have anything to spare for someone gearing up to fight, there’s a GoFundMe here to help her beat this thing again.

Lastly, Apt2B partnered with the Los Angeles LGBT Center for LGBTQ History month by gifting them this custom sofa and bringing awareness to their incredible organization. Seriously, go take a look because it will instantly put anyone in a good mood. Oh and the talented Sara Ligorria-Tramp took the photos!

That’s all we got for you this week guy. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend and we’ll see you all real soon 🙂

Opening Image Credit: Design by Raili Clasen | Photo by Karyn Millet | via Domino

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