The Link Up: Emily’s “New” Favorite Blogger/Artist, Mallory’s Affordable Xmas Finds And The Perfect Loafer

This past week was a DOOZY! The waiting, the constant refreshing of our internet browsers to see if maybe in the last 20 seconds we would know who our next President would be… torture. But then finally, yesterday morning we heard the news and if you follow this blog you know we were all over the moon. Jess actually woke up to her neighborhood cheering. Y’all, we have a FEMALE Vice President-Elect!!!!!!! It was the best Saturday we’ve all had in a long time. So now that we’ve had a day to celebrate, the work needs to continue. We are just as committed to continuing to fight for equality, equity, and finding ways to teach and bring us ALL together.

Also, a HUGE thank you to all of the poll workers! What an insanely hard and tiring but incredibly important job. Your work does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

The Link Up: Emily'S &Quot;New&Quot; Favorite Blogger/Artist, Mallory'S Affordable Xmas Finds And The Perfect Loafer
The Link Up: Emily's "New" Favorite Blogger/Artist, Mallory's Affordable Xmas Finds And The Perfect Loafer 3

Now we’re not sure how we transition from the BIGGEST news of the year to links so let’s just get right into it…

From Emily: This house tour is so simple and pretty and just what I needed to look at this week. Plus the history of it is very cool.

Also From Emily: Orlando is blogging again!!!! If you guys miss him on the internet like I do we can all have some good news that he will be documenting his new project on his blog and we might even be able to convince him to do it here, too. We can’t wait to watch and read it, Landy.

Also Also From Emily: In case you didn’t know Orlando is also selling art, pillow covers (that orMOMdo sews herself), and even an awesome t-shirt. Yes, now we all get to enjoy more of his genius in our homes. It’s all really beautiful and special and unique and would be SUCH a great holiday gift for a loved one.

If you haven’t seen this video of Van Jones’ response to the election results then please watch it now.

From Jess: Ok let’s get honest, boob sweat is a year-round problem. I finally realized I needed a solution because this year is already too much to also add in under boob discomfort. Arlyn had talked about Megababe’s Dust Bust before so I hit purchase and after a week of use, I can happily also sing its praises. It smells great and it’s free of talc and parabens. Wow, two weeks ago nipple cream and this week boob sweat. What will I recommend next week…

Also From Jess: While I haven’t really been on a fashion kick in about um… about a year, I really love this Instagram account (@caribbean_cowgirl). LaNatria’s bold and colorful style is infectious and honestly just makes me smile every time one of her photos pops up. She also has an online shop that has awesome pieces for great prices. Go support!

From Ryann: I have been wanting a pair of classic loafers for some time now and I finally hit “purchase” and bought these bad boys. They are sooo cute for winter and I am very excited to buy a bunch of socks to pair with them. I wear them almost every day now (usually along with this cardigan that I bought after seeing it on Em :))

In case you missed it, Ajai gave her bathroom rental a total spa retreat refresh that you must see.

From Mallory: Okay I know Emily talked about her favorite glassware the other week but now today I’m telling you about the BEST PLATES. These bad boys look handmade but are super affordable plus have a little lip so your food doesn’t slip off your plate if you’re a messy eater (@me). Treat yourself to the gift of nice dishware this holiday season lol.

Also From Mallory: ALSO I went to Target this past week to grab a phone charger, but wound up also buying this wreath, this mistletoe, this pillow, and this sweatshirt. IT’S LIKE THE FRICKEN NORTH POLE OVER THERE RIGHT NOW. I love the holidays so much you have no idea and yes, 2020 is giving us all permission to start EARLY. Enjoy 🙂

From Caitlin: Every year, one of my favorite parts of Christmas is going to my godmother’s holiday party and drinking out of these super vintage 12 Days of Christmas-themed wine glasses that I’ve been obsessed with since I was a kid. Since that’s not really on the table for me this year (there is a pun here, just wait for it), I’ve kind of been stalking this holiday dinnerware collection. They have such sweet prints of animals wearing sweaters!!! There’s a bear in a hat, you guys!!! (But before I commit, does anyone else have any holiday-themed tableware they’d like to recommend? Also, as a P.S., the whole Christmas section at West Elm is REALLY good this year. Really timeless with a little bit of quirk. 10/10!)

Ok, now enjoy the rest of your weekend and see you tomorrow. xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by Nick Gavin, Katrin Thormann and Workstead | Photo by Matthew Williams | via The New York Times

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