The Link Up: The Stain/Odor Spray Emily Swears By Since Getting The Pups, Ryann’s Foldable Exercise Bike, and Two Kitchen Reveals You MUST See

Hope everyone had a VERY happy and safe Halloween yesterday! Can you believe it’s NOVEMBER? You guys 2020 is almost OVER. We for one are utterly stunned. With all that being said, we’re not gonna take up too much of your precious time in this intro, so let’s get right to the meat. Here’s your weekly link up:

This week’s house tour was brought to us by deVOL kitchens and boy is it mmm-mmm good. This Swedish hideaway cottage belongs to Laura and Nora of Our Food Stories who also did the styling AND photography (what talent!!) It’s quickly become an Instagram favorite –– understandably so –– and is now one of our favorites too. The kitchen is located in the center of a light and airy Scandinavian home and it’s SO inviting and warm in the best way. Also, in case you’re curious, this is The Haberdasher’s Kitchen by deVOL… check out more photos here 🙂

From Emily: Having puppies is SO awesome but it can be harsh on the house and my furniture at the same time. This spray changed our dog parent lives and it saves my house from puppy accidents that (of course) happen.

Also From Emily: Here’s another huge congratulations to my friend Amber Lewis (@amberinteriors) who works her ass off and creates such beautiful work and inspiration…check out her home reveal that came out on AD this week and if you haven’t already, you can buy her new book here.

From Mallory: Yes I’m still wearing workout clothes most of the day just like I was in the beginning of quarantine, but I have a problem. My workout shoes are COMPLETELY disgusting because to be honest, I’ve had them since high school (woah). I’ve never splurged on workout shoes before, but I think these shoes would be a great investment & I’m HIGHLY considering getting them. I love that they’re slip on, they look so chic and they’re super lightweight. I was worried about them being white but when I went to the store (safely and with a mask) to check them out the girl told me she spilled red wine on hers but got the stain out because they’re machine washable. I just convinced myself to buy them. Sold.

From Jess: Guess who just revealed their kitchen??? If you guess Carmeon Hamilton you guessed right. She calls it a refresh but rest assured the transformation has the impact of a reno. You might recognize the backsplash tile from this bathroom. Can you take a wild guess why a Henderson and a Hamilton would both choose such an exquisite tile? 😉

From Malcolm: I’m pretty picky about my personal art collection, so it’s saying A LOT that I’ve had a few prints from Ashleigh Corrin consistently in my collection for years now! She’s an amazing illustrator and friend that I’ve known for a very long time, and her socially conscious, positive, and inclusive artwork would be appropriate for any art-lover.

From Caitlin: From Caitlin: Last week we got on our 9:30 AM Monday Zoom and the literal first words out of my mouth – before like, “hello” or “good morning” – were “OH MY GOSH JESS, YOU LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL!!!” Y’all her skin looked LUMINOUS and it was because she was wearing this glow screen. I should have known that it was good (I’m pretty sure it’s already been endorsed here by Em, Sara, AND Bowser, all of whom really know skincare) but WOW if y’all are looking for something to spice up your video chats and stop your coworkers in their tracks, this stuff DOES THE TRICK.

Also From Caitlin: WAIT while I have this microphone: is anyone else watching The Bachelorette??? Maybe it’s the quarantine and general lack of new programming but I am REALLY INVESTED in this season. Can we talk about last week’s episode in the comments?? My take: I wish Clare didn’t fall so fast because I woulda loved a whole season of her shutting down foolishness and sending people home quickly and mercilessly…but now I wanna clock her for wasting everyone’s time. VERY excited for next week’s twist and am deeply in love with Bennett which was a REAL big unexpected plot twist for me. (Also PS. I’m obsessed with the 2 Black Girls 1 Rose podcast which is laugh-out-loud hilarious. Are there any other good Bachelor recap podcasts that can compete?)

From Ryann: For the past couple of weeks I have obsessing about buying myself an exercise bike. I don’t need or want anything fancy, but since I’ve been working from home I’ve noticed I have been moving my body far less. I think a folding exercise bike like this one would be a good investment because I could do 10-15 min workouts throughout the day as needed to ease anxiety or just help get the juices flowing. It is pretty affordable but as someone who has never owned one before, I am nervous it’ll end up collecting dust after a few months. Does anyone have any experience with foldable exercise bikes and if so, do you still use it or was it just a phase??

Have a great rest of your Sunday and see you all tomorrow. xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by DeVOL Kitchens | Photography by Our Food Stories | Home of Laura and Nora of Our Food Stories

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