The Link Up 10/2/20: Emily’s Favorite CB2 Art, Mallory’s $18 Shorts, & Vintage Floor Lamp Dupes We’re Obsessing Over

Somehow someway it’s officially spooky season, which sort of makes sense considering this year is getting spookier by the second. Needless to say, we could all use some fun shopping links, house tours, and life hacks. So let’s get right into it…

This week’s house tour come is the home of Jaime Schmidt and comes to us from Lonny Mag. It’s the sassiest, moodiest dream house ever. We think we could all use more rust orange on rust orange in our lives. Prepare to be swept off your feet by clicking here.

From Emily: While I typically don’t go for big box store art (some are good, don’t get me wrong, I just love supporting artists directly). If I had seen this painting at a vintage store or boutique I would have bought it. I also think its a pretty great one to DIY (not to rip off CB2, but your own spin on it could create something more unique)

From Jess: I NEED YOUR HELP! This past weekend I went into my dad’s storage unit and grabbed most of our family photos (we have sooooooo many). I really want to digitize them because first, I want to be able to actually share them with my family instead of them sitting boxed up (maybe even create some beautiful books) and secondly, I want to have an extra copy in case of a disaster or accident which seem more likely by each passing day. So my question to all of you is if you have used a service like Legacy Box? My fear is to send them away because no amount of insurance will cover the loss of those irreplaceable items. Or have any of you done this a different way that you really loved?? I would really appreciate any and all advice!

Also From Jess: One of our favorite textile designers, Rebecca Atwood, just came out with some beautiful new fabrics! The Briar collection is even a performance fabric. I know! However, I think my favorite new design is the Blocks pattern… but can’t decide on my favorite color. What’s yours??

From Caitlin: A couple of years ago, my godmother showed me how she reheats leftover pizza in a pan (instead of a microwave) and WOW, it’s been a game-changer. If you’re also at the “my meal prep plan has shifted to me ordering a pizza that will last 3-4 days” stage of desperation and ennui brought on by the state of the world, here are some explicit instructions from a real chef so that you, too, can have delightful leftovers.

Also From Caitlin: IT’S BOOT SZN. (At least, that’s what I’ve heard? What is it like to live somewhere that’s not 90 degrees in October?) Last year, I grabbed these black heeled boots and wore them non-stop. They are so comfortable and warm and flattering! I actually even wore them while trekking around Quebec for a few days last winter during an actual snowstorm (and they cleaned up like a dream after being exposed to all that salt and slush). ANYWAY, they just released the same boot in brown and I’m very excited about it!!! (For what it’s worth, I do already own these Chelsea boots in brown and love them, but I do just prefer the shape of the aforementioned boots with my calves and ankles.)

From Mallory: I’ve only half moved on to the “wearing normal clothes thing” meaning that 50% of the time I’m wearing dresses, jean shorts, or skirts and the other 50% is workout comfies. With this crazy October heatwave here in LA (cough*global warming*cough), I’ve needed less leggings and more workout shorts. I stumbled upon these $18 beauties at Target and threw them in my cart (a ballsy choice since dressing rooms are still closed and I didn’t try them on). I’m happy to confirm that they fit VERY WELL and are mega comfy. I got them in this cute lil dusty purple color, but may go back for the red, black, and or grey. 10/10

From Ryann: After seeing this home tour on IG, and spotting this perfect Caprani floor lamp that I am convinced would be perfect in my home, I’ve been chaotically searching for a cheaper dupe. I like this one from Anthro, and the shape of this one from Urban is really good and could be improved with a simple switch of the lampshade. I am close to just flipping a coin at this point so does anyone want to weigh in??? Your considerations would be much appreciated to this indecisive Gemini.

That’s all we have for you for this week. Enjoy the rest of your weekend & we’ll see you in the comments xx

Opening Image Credits: Home of Jaime Schmidt | Design by Osmose Design | Photography by Dina Avila | via Lonny Mag

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