Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day + 22 Beautiful Native Owned Shops For Art, Decor, Fashion, & Beauty

Happy Monday everyone. We hope you had a lovely, relaxing weekend and if you are enjoying another rejuvenating day off today, we are so happy you took the time to stop by. Today, EHD is OOO and recognizing this holiday celebrating Indigenous People in our country and all over the world.

When Indigenous Peoples’ Day started to become established in the U.S. it was a long overdue act of recognition to the native people who have been historically and unjustly disenfranchised in this country. It seems such a feeble act to simply acknowledge this day but since we are a design blog, we wanted to bring attention to the native-owned shops and artists that may not be on your radar yet– especially since Native American culture has so much influence on interior design. That said, I am thrilled to introduce you all to some incredible Native artists, makers, and brands that you can shop, support, and follow right now.

Art & Photography:

Happy Indigenous Peoples' Day + 22 Beautiful Native Owned Shops For Art, Decor, Fashion, &Amp; Beauty
Itsooaakii | Aly Mcknight | Tyana Arviso

Sheridan MacKnight is an artist of Hunkpapa Lakota, White Earth Chippewa and Scottish descent. She paints as well as makes jewelry that honors her roots and powerful Indigenous identity. From the artist: “My work honors my Native American roots, and to the strong and spiritual devotions of my people. I am Lakota from the Hunkpapa clan and Chippewa from the White Earth Band. My images reflect the heart and emotion of my relations, be it historically or in the present time in the narration of the composition.”

Follow on Instagram: @sheridoll

Our Picks: “Roaring ’20’s” Print | “Sisters” Drum

Aly Mcknight’s body of work consists of watercolor prints and mixed media that celebrates her heritage and life as an Indigenous woman and mother. From the artist: “My artwork and creative endeavors are dedicated to Indigenous representation and youth and womxn empowerment.” I absolutely love her modern take on native culture and how she reflects the female spirit.

Follow on Instagram: @alymcknight


Evelyn Mikayla Martin’s (itsooaakii) body of work “primarily consists of self portraits (acrylic on canvas) working to hold space for herself & all of her intersecting identities, along with BIPOC womxn whose identities & lived experiences mirror her own.” Her work is bold and extremely empowering (I especially love this one and need it for my bedroom).

Follow on Instagram: @itsooaakii

Our picks: “Show Up For Yourself” Print | “Call Yourself” Print

Lehi ThunderVoice Eagle is an artist of Navajo/Totonoc descent. He was raised part-time in the Arizona wilderness, living off the land and part-time in the city and as such his work is about “Reclaiming, reharmonizing, and renewing a way of life in an authentic way.”

Follow on Instagram: @thundervoice_eagle

Our picks: Kiss From Above | Buffalo Tree Rings


Happy Indigenous Peoples' Day + 22 Beautiful Native Owned Shops For Art, Decor, Fashion, &Amp; Beauty
Indian Pueblo Store | Indigo Arrows | Northwest Native Expressions

Betty’s baskets shop is where you NEED to go for just about the dang cutest handwoven baskets you’ll ever see. Owner and Native artist, Betty Derke, is a member of the Chippewa tribe from the White Earth Indian Reservation in Minnesota. From the artist: “Weaving became a way to not only connect with my heritage, but to answer a calling I have had since childhood. I could close my eyes and imagine a circle of women working closely together. Most of the time I’ve felt that Sprit was doing the designing as my hands sculpted, so to speak. It has been a very spiritual experience for me. My baskets are functional as well as ornamental; as my grandson used to say, “Gramma, you could put your treasures in there!” SO. CUTE.

Our Picks: Sand Dune Coil Basket | New Mexico Coil Basket

The Indian Pueblo Store was founded in 1976 to gather and showcase work from Pueblo and Southwestern Native artists. They work with internationally renowned Native American artists as well as emerging talents from the Southwest, and sell everything from rings, to rugs, to Pendleton blankets.

Follow on Instagram: @indianpueblostore

Our picks: Traditional Micaceous Bowl by Clarence Cruz | Pendleton Chief Joseph Adult Robe Blanket

Heart Berry Owner, Sarah Agaton Howes is an Anishinaabe-Ojibwe Artist from Fond du Lac Reservation in Northern Minnesota. She says that Heart Berry “began in the kitchen on the Rez. What began as a custom beadwork and regalia business “House of Howes”, grew from a one woman squad in 2007 to our current team.” They collaborate with other Native artists and are now committed to teaching and building a community of makers.

Follow on Instagram: @heartberry.co

Our Picks: Woodlands Floral Throw Blanket | Birch Mug

Happy Indigenous Peoples' Day + 22 Beautiful Native Owned Shops For Art, Decor, Fashion, &Amp; Beauty
Heart Berry | Northwest Native Expressions | Indigo Arrows

Northwest Native Expressions is a Native art gallery (located in Sequim, WA) featuring Native American artists from around Washington State. They sell baskets, books, clothing, textiles, jewelry, and more.

Our picks: Dream Catcher | Ecuadane ~ Antisana Earth Blanket

Made by Nativos makes hammocks, blankets, bags that are meant to encapsulate centuries of ancient native traditions. The shop was created by owner Laura Bustamante to support and preserve Ancient Native traditions, as part of humanity’s cultural heritage.

Our picks: Dark Blue Double Hammock | Alpaca Blanket Reymi Wine Genuine Handmade Queen blanket 

Indigo Arrows sells pillows, linens, and textiles with patterns that are inspired by historical native pottery. From the owner: “For thousands of years, Indigenous peoples in Manitoba, including my Anishinaabe ancestors, created beautiful patterns to adorn their pottery collections and host of bone tools. Most of the surviving pieces are held by museums now, but I think the world needs more than exhibition- we need these patterns in our homes provoking thought; we need them bridging gaps; and, we need them inspiring our loved ones. The Indigo Arrows line picks up where my ancestors left off.”

Follow on Instagram: @indigo_arrows

Our picks: Bezhig 20×20 Pillow | Bezhig Long Lumbar Pillow

Fashion & Jewelry:

Happy Indigenous Peoples' Day + 22 Beautiful Native Owned Shops For Art, Decor, Fashion, &Amp; Beauty
She Native | B.Yellowtail | Shiyoo Designs

B.Yellowtail is founded on the notion that clothing can be a vehicle for storytelling through wearable art. Founder Bethany Yellowtail, originally from the Crow (Apsaalooke) & Northern Cheyenne (Tsetsehestahese & So’taeo’o) Nations in southeastern Montana, is fueled by her social justice vision for her community which is fused with her work and artistic vision. “In a world where indigenous images are often stolen and misappropriated, Bethany serves as an unapologetic arbiter of authenticity; a genuine voice who seeks to empower her people through design and representation.”

Follow on Instagram: @byellowtail

Our picks: VOTING IS SACRED T-shirt | Protect Her – Women’s Organic Cotton Tee

The NVTS was started by “two Native American guys trying to fill a hole in the market that is missing the voice of the people.” Their mission is to inspire the youth to embrace culture and history and they did so by creating this native-owned clothing company. Now, their team is comprised of natives from several different tribes and they specialize in making modern clothing with native prints that hold a deeper meaning.

Follow on Instagram: @nvtsclothing

Our picks: Heather Gold Tee | Powwow Highway Tee

SheNative’s mission is to instill inner strength and unwavering confidence in all women, inspired by teachings that come from Indigenous Nationhood, stemming from the idea that Nationhood means knowing who you are and where you come from. As an Indigenous woman, founder Devon Fiddler has overcome discrimination and feelings of self-doubt and has created an uplifting fashion and lifestyle brand that celebrates her heritage and encourages resilience in all women.

Follow on Instagram: @shenativegoods

Our picks: Resilient Ladies Bamboo Sweatpants | Cropped Crewneck Fleece

Happy Indigenous Peoples' Day + 22 Beautiful Native Owned Shops For Art, Decor, Fashion, &Amp; Beauty
She And Turquoise | Ginew | B.Yellowtail

Ginew (Gih-noo) is the only Native American-owned denim line in the world. It is based out of Portland, Oregon, and founded by husband-and-wife duo Erik Brodt and Amanda Bruegl who live and create their brand by the motto “Minobimaadiziiwin” – “Yohahi-yo sathahita?n” which, simply put, means “Live Well”. Their clothing is androgynous in style, extremely versatile, very COOL, and designed to last.

Follow on Instagram: @ginew_usa

Our picks: Strawberry Down Vest | West Fork Red Jean

Shondina Lee, founder of She and Turquoise, is a creative director, photographer, fashion influencer, and jewelry maker. She launched She and Turquoise to sell her earrings that are both classically fashionable and uniquely inspired by her Indigenous heritage.

Follow on Instagram: @shondinalee

Our picks: Naja Necklace | Big Pendant Necklaces

Happy Indigenous Peoples' Day + 22 Beautiful Native Owned Shops For Art, Decor, Fashion, &Amp; Beauty
Kristen Dorsey Designs | She Native | Shiyoo Designs

Sa-ha-na Jackson originally started Native Clay Co. as a fun new hobby but quickly transformed into an avenue for self-discovery. Her earrings are handmade on the rez and her designs are created to honor her people and history.

Follow on Instagram: @nativeclayco

Our picks: Feminine in Terracotta and Turquoise Long | Beaute in Olive

Kristen Dorsey, a citizen of the Chickasaw Nation, makes her jewelry under the foundation that “Jewelry captures our cultural identity and our spirituality.” Her designs are elegant and uniquely inspired by her life experiences and heritage.

Follow on Instagram: @kristendorseydesigns

Our picks: Heart of the Shield Studs in Sterling Silver | Four Direction Loksi Earrings in Sterling Silver

Founder Jeri Yazzie is an Indigenous artisan that makes jewelry that feels chic, happy, and authentic. Her creations are all handmade and are made with a whimsical and carefree style in mind.

Follow on Instagram: @shiyoodesigns

Our picks: Vintage Coin Earrings | Abalone Shell Earrings

Is there anything cuter than baby mocassins?? My guess is no. The founder of Authentic Native Made is a member of the Sault Ste. Marie band of Chippewa Indians, in northern Michigan and a self-taught artist. Her shop features her handmade baby mocassins and infant shoes in a variety of styles and colors. If you have any baby showers coming up, say hello to the perfect gift!

Follow on Instagram: @sharolynmaleport

Our picks: Native American Beaded Infant Moccasins | Fringe baby Mocassins


Happy Indigenous Peoples' Day + 22 Beautiful Native Owned Shops For Art, Decor, Fashion, &Amp; Beauty
Cheekbone Beauty | Sister Sky | Mother Earth Essentials

Cheekbone Beauty is an Indigenous-owned and founded, digitally-native, Canadian cosmetics company established in 2016. It began because founder Jennifer Harper wanted to create a beauty brand that the Indigenous youth could see themselves in after being separated from her Indigenous roots for most of her childhood and adult life. Cheekbone beauty is also cruelty -free and just this year they launched a less-waste line of lipsticks called SUSTAIN, and they have zero-waste goals for 2023.

Follow on Instagram: @cheekbonebeauty

Our picks: Face Palette | Fire & Autumn Lip Set

Mother Earth Essentials is a Canadian based Indigenous brand that creates luxurious bath & beauty products from natural ingredients and traditional recipes. The founder, Carrie Armstrong, comes from a long line of Cree Medicine women and is passionate about sharing her culture through the brand’s beauty essentials.

Follow on Instagram: @motherearthessentials

Our picks: Sweetgrass Hand & Body Lotion | Sweetgrass Aromatherapy Mist

Sister Sky is a natural beauty brand that was started by two sisters inspired by their Native American grandmothers who harvested a variety of plants like sweet grass, cedar and sage to make teas, ointments and creams. 

Follow on Instagram: @sistersky__

Our picks: Kevin’s Care Body Lotion | Sweetgrass Body Care Gift Set

Additional Learning Resources:

This article has great information on how to support Indigenous organizers fighting Covid-19 in Native American Communities.

Matika Wilbur (a visual storyteller from the Swinomish and Tulalip peoples of coastal Washington) discusses her personal journey to finding her way back to her culture and Representation vs. Power with Grace Bonney in this video.

Matika also has a wonderful podcast with Adrienne Keene called All My Relations, where they talk about the issues Native American people are facing in today’s world.

If you haven’t heard of James Jones (@notoriouscree), he’s an Indigenous influencer who celebrates his culture through dance and funny/powerful videos. I promise you will be blown away and learn. He is really huge on TikTok but you can also find him on Instagram.

Alright, that is all we have for you for today. Please share any additional shops, artists, or resources in the comments. Have a great Monday and week sweet friends. xx

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