This NYC Apartment Has a Shower in the Kitchen, and Twitter Has Questions

Published: about 1 hour ago

With rent prices in major cities as high as they are, it’s understandable that renters would want to maximize small spaces. Some make use of hideaway storage, others dual-purpose furniture; plus, you can never have too many shelves. However, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, there’s one peculiar studio apartment that has a curious combo kitchen and bathroom: there’s a shower in the kitchen.

The property went viral on Twitter recently when user @angelicaalzona posted about the listing, showing a shower smack dab in the middle of the kitchen, right between the sink and the fridge.

“Luxuries or weird??! Kitchen or Bathroom vibes? You decide!” the description reads. “This is A old School loft apartment in Williamsburg, Weird but good priced if you don’t care (or do care and wanna be a weirdo!)” It adds: “This price for a spacious loft / apartment is rare for the area! Unit comes with separate kitchen with windows and sectioned off sleeping area with toilet.”

Unsurprisingly, the internet was weirded out by this strange choice of layout. 

While this modern era renovation with a builder grade tub/shower combo is jarring, it’s not that unheard of for older New York apartments to have a clawfoot tub in the kitchen.

Still, there are a lot of questions. How do you decorate such a setup? If you live with someone else, is it ok to grab a snack while they’re showering? Is it ok to grab a snack while you’re showering?

If you’re interested in the studio apartment, tough luck; it’s already been scooped up just two weeks after the listing was posted.

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