Etsy Has A Collection of Succulent Starter Kits

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Curating a plant collection is every plant parent’s definition of bliss, but the process can sometimes feel daunting. For those who’ve been aching (or, prickling) to get that succulent collection started, Etsy has a vast collection of succulent starter kits—and most won’t break the bank. One worth mentioning comes courtesy of seller Corona Succulents, who has a set of 20 succulents that feature rosettes, echeverias, aeoniums, and aloes in an assortment of green, orange, purple, and blue for $14.95 plus $8.50 for shipping. A set of assorted succulents for less than $25 is a deal worth rooting (cheesy gardening pun) for. 

The 20-succulent collection not only comes in various colors, types, and textures, but sizes. Each product ranges from 1 inches to 5 inches, giving it that organic assortment feel. The succulents are also cut and trimmed on the day the order is shipped, and will thus arrive garden (or apartment) ready. The collection can be enjoyed individually, in arrangements, or for special projects like weddings or birthdays. Just be sure to remove the plants from the box once it arrives and place them in sunlight, since succulents need sunlight to thrive. (Those who live in cold climates need to purchase a heating pad to prevent damage during shipping.)

The collection is ready to ship in about one to two business days from California. With over 8,000 sales and over 2,000 positive reviews, the collection seems like an ideal starting point to jumpstart those succulent and plant collections. The seller also offers more expansive succulent collections beyond 20, such as an assortment of 25, 40, 75, and 100—all in different (and higher) prices. There are also various collections of 10 succulents for those who want to begin small.  So, go forth, plant parents: get started on those succulent collections that will best prickle your fancy. 

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