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Published: about 5 hours ago

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When you love plants but don’t have outdoor space for them, it can be difficult to find a spot in the sun for everyone. Window sills are only so wide, after all. A window shelf, available on Etsy, is one perfect solution to this problem. Made of clear acrylic with up to four tiers, it can help you turn limited space into a thriving indoor garden.

The shelf, sold by Etsy shop Indoor Window Gardens, comes in three sizes: two tiers ($74), three tiers ($104), and four ($129). While they vary in length (at 34”, 45”, and 54”, respectively), all three of the shelves are 20 inches wide and six inches deep. 

According to the seller, the shelves are lightweight and arrive fully assembled so they’re easy to install. If your window doesn’t have a trim, the shop will supply a mounting block. If you have blinds, you may need an extension mount, which the shop can also provide one upon request (though it’s not clear whether this will cost extra).

The window plant shelf is currently the only item Indoor Window Gardens carries, and it has a five-star rating with 131 reviews.

“What a fantastic find,” reads one. “This made my small apartment space so much more accommodating to my plant obsession! Well made and great instructions with all necessary equipment besides maybe a hammer! Very pleased with this product.”

“I LOVE THIS SHELF!” reads another. “Packaged very well to avoid damage, and came with clear instructions and tools to mount and adjust the spacing. Sellers answered questions quickly and with care. The only problem? I want more windows to hang more shelves!”

The reviews also include many photos, which you can use for inspiration as you imagine your own window garden setup. Find the shelf for sale on Etsy here.

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