Etsy Artists Makes Journals That Look Like Gorgeous Doors

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pening someone’s journal (hopefully with their permission) feels like opening a door and taking an intimate peek into their life. And if that journal happened to belong to Russian artists Nikita and Nastya, you’ll find that you’ll be opening a door quite literally.

The Saint Petersburg-based creatives hand make journals with covers that look like miniature doors. Once you touch them, you’ll realize that they not only look like doors, but they actually feel like doors, too. That’s because the covers are not made from paper, but from high-quality plywood that’s painted with acrylics and glazed with a water-based varnish. Inside, the journals come with either white or brown craft paper, and binded with leather.

The doors come in different styles, from the ones with intricate motifs you’d normally see in the European countryside, to the magical shops along Diagon Alley, complete with brass knobs and signages. There’s even a wedding guest book that can show a happy couple’s photo through the door’s window pane.

According to Nikita and Nastya, it was a trip last summer to Finland, Estonia, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Germany, that inspired their work. They took 300 photos of doors, which the two artists say, “Many of which have already taken shape in our notebooks, others are waiting for their turn.”

Seeing these beautiful journal covers, we wish they’d also make actual-sized doors for our homes! You can shop Nikita and Nastya’s works on Etsy.

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