Demi Moore Posted Photos from Her Bathroom and Twitter has Questions

Published: about 1 hour ago

Demi, the world needs answers. On July 8, Demi Moore tweeted two behind-the-scenes photos showing the actress recording for her podcast, Dirty Diana, from the comfort of her own home.

But rather than recording in a room one would expect (bedroom, office, living room, walk-in closet even), Moore posted up in her bathroom, which is decked out in wall-to-wall brown shag carpeting and features a worn floral couch in the dead center of the room. Naturally, the internet had questions.

Bathrooms generally have good acoustics, but the space is definitely not what people were expecting from the A-list actress. Twitter wasn’t going to let Moore post and run without some answers.

Once you move past the rug and the couch, you start to notice more details. The paper blinds in the windows, for example. And the giant statue perched on her bathtub. The monkey doll hiding in the stone wall next to the toilet?

“This thread has our whole family howling,” Moore posted, retweeting @SassyBlackDiva’s post.

We’re happy that Moore isn’t taking offense to the general confusion. However, something is missing from her response…

Then again, maybe the internet has it all wrong. Maybe this isn’t Moore’s bathroom with a rogue couch and carpet. Maybe, it’s her living room with a rogue toilet and bathtub.

Despite the outrage from the internet, Moore’s aesthetic is uniquely her own. Plus, as one Twitter user pointed out, this is her family home and the memories she’s made there mean everything.

Do you, Demi. Brown shag bathroom carpet and all.

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