Jubilee Kitchen Wax Kitchen Cleaner Review

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“Newer” doesn’t necessarily mean “better,” especially when it comes to cleaning. Take Fels-Naptha laundry soap, which we suggested last year, for example: It’s a laundry room staple that’s been around for more than a century and today still has thousands of glowing reviews on Amazon. And if you’re looking for some old-school magic for your kitchen (or, really, anywhere in your home that needs a little love), we have another recommendation for you: Jubilee Kitchen Wax.

The premise of Jubilee Wax, a cult-cleaning liquid furniture wax that gained popularity in the 1960s, is to protect and clean surfaces around the home—from appliances and tile to enamel and wood. While Jubilee isn’t a cleaner in the traditional sense (the point is to add a “hard sheen” to surfaces to make them easier to clean), it can be used to remove grease spots, soot, lipstick, food stains, crayon, fingerprints, and annoying cooking films.

Since the wax is mild, you can use it just about anywhere in your kitchen, even on surfaces like granite and quartz. But some reviewers say that in addition to evening out the texture of their kitchen surfaces, Jubilee can be a magical salve on stubborn spots. “I had sprayed some Clorox bleach spray on my counter, and I got distracted and let it sit on one spot too long, which created a discoloration,” one reviewer writes. “There was this obvious dull blotch on my counter, but after using this product on it twice over two days, the spot is gone.”

Another reviewer, who said her mom used it to clean bathroom in kitchen tile in the 60s, put Jubilee to work on her old, easy-to-stain and difficult-to-clean enamel fridge. “If you have a fairly clean surface, this lays down a nice, shiny wax finish without a lot of work. Wipe it on; wipe it off.”

One particularly ecstatic reviewer said, “I am in love. It started with the front of the fridge. After that it was the VitaMix, and then the dishwasher, range, counter top, dining table and chairs, desk. Tomorrow I am moving on to entertainment center, picture frames, and bedroom set. I love the silky smooth feeling as the Jubilee’d items slid beneath my hand when I walk by them.”

It only gets better: Apparently, applying Jubilee is a cinch. Just apply the wax with a damp rag and buff to your heart’s desire, then use a soft, dry towel to remove it. Enjoy your cleaning!

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