An Honest Review of the Seven Apparel Hotel Spa Robe

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Taking care of yourself is more difficult than ever, as feelings of isolation, fear, financial stress, anxiety, and more hit an all-time high. But even though you won’t see me anywhere near a plane until at least 2021, the airline adage about oxygen masks holds true in many areas of life: To effectively care for others, you first have to care for yourself. 

In the Before Time (that’s pre-COVID-19), one way I took care of myself was by getting facials once every season, or about four times a year. But these days, with virus numbers still spiking across the country, such luxuries have quickly fallen off of my “grocery store and takeout” essential travel list. Putting the in-person facials on hold is a non-problem in the grand scheme of things, of course. Now more than ever, my money is better spent supporting people and organizations fighting social justice. But when each passing week feels Groundhog Day-level similar and the stress of future unknowns is taking its toll on my face and body, carving a few hours out of the day to do a relaxing hard-refresh has proven to bring big benefits, both physically and mentally. 

Enter: the at-home spa day. For me, this usually entails a Sunday afternoon at-home workout followed by a shower with all the bells and whistles. That means hair washing and conditioning, full-body cleansing and exfoliating, the works. After that comes the key element to this DIY ritual: the robe.

My fluffy white robe is a prized possession. It wasn’t expensive, but the plush fabric instantly makes me feel like I’m staying at a fancy hotel. (It also signals to my husband that I’m in the self-care zone and won’t be taking any questions at this time.) 

What follows is a choose-your-own-adventure scenario: Sometimes I’ll apply a deep-conditioning hair mask and a moisturizing face mask, paint my nails, or just slather myself in my favorite wild rose body oil while candles burn and Phoebe Bridgers plays from the bluetooth speaker. Sometimes I’m so relaxed that I’ll lie down afterwards and come to an hour later—still donning the robe, of course. You can even foam roll your muscles and lie to yourself about how it’s almost as good as an actual massage! 

The robe is loungewear, people. You can cook in the robe. You can watch TV in the robe. You can water plants in the robe. Your space, your rules. 

What’s more, I’ve found that a cozy robe makes for a stellar gift for almost anyone in your life. Got a friend or family member who’s an essential worker, has been laid off recently, or who could just use a pick-me-up? A simple care package that includes a robe, some tea, and bath salts could instantly brighten their day. 

Self-care isn’t just face masks and bath bombs, of course. It’s also about eating healthy, moving your body, and surrounding yourself with good people. Consider a spa robe the cherry on top. 

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