66 Awesome Faux Pumpkin Ideas For Fall Home Décor

Faux Pumpkin Decor Ideas Cover

Not only natural pumpkins but also faux ones can be a perfect fall decoration, and they are much more durable, which makes them perfect for decorating your outdoor spaces, though indoor ones, too. How to decorate them and then display them right?

Buy a couple of faux pumpkins in the shop and go decorate them with studs, paints, stickers and so on. My faves are fabric and fur pieces with cute feathers and beads – they look so cozy and glam! Rock various stencils, various colors you like, decoupage, splatter and so on – it depends on you and the style of the space plus its colors. You can also craft a faux pumpkin of some materials at hand – fabric, fur, metal, cardboard, wood, you can knit or crochet it. Wooden and styrofoam pumpkins can withstand any weather conditions, so they are ideal for porch décor.

A Basket With Faux Pumpkins Of Plaid And Polka Dot Fabric Are Stylish For Fall Or Halloween

a basket with faux pumpkins of plaid and polka dot fabric are stylish for fall or Halloween

A Basket With Vine And Faux Pumpkins, Pears, Fall Leaves And Gourds Is A Rustic Decoration With A Strong Natural Feel

a basket with vine and faux pumpkins, pears, fall leaves and gourds is a rustic decoration with a strong natural feel

A Beautiful Fall Arrangement Of Fabric And Metallic Pumpkins, Blooms And Pinecones For A Refined Vintage-Inspired Space

a beautiful fall arrangement of fabric and metallic pumpkins, blooms and pinecones for a refined vintage-inspired space

A Beautiful Fall Centerpiece Of Faux Pumpkins, Wooden Beads, Antlers, Greenery And Elegant Thin And Tall Candles

a beautiful fall centerpiece of faux pumpkins, wooden beads, antlers, greenery and elegant thin and tall candles

A Bright Fall Centerpiece Of Blue Velvet Pumpkins, White And Blue Usual Ones, Pinecones And Berries, Acorns And Husks

a bright fall centerpiece of blue velvet pumpkins, white and blue usual ones, pinecones and berries, acorns and husks

A Bright Fall Centerpiece Of Mustard Velvet Pumpkins And Glam Printed Ones, Gilded Leaves And Candles Is Lovely And Refined

a bright fall centerpiece of mustard velvet pumpkins and glam printed ones, gilded leaves and candles is lovely and refined

A Chinoiserie Bowl With Fall Leaves, Berries, Antlers, Bright Velvet Pumpkins Is A Fantastic Fall Centerpiece

a chinoiserie bowl with fall leaves, berries, antlers, bright velvet pumpkins is a fantastic fall centerpiece

a faux pumpkin with a cheetah print is a bold and trendy idea to <a href=decorate your home for the fall” title=”a faux pumpkin with a cheetah print is a bold and trendy idea to decorate your home for the fall” src=”” data-lazy-src=”https://www.buyshop24.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/1599235945_90_66-Awesome-Faux-Pumpkin-Ideas-For-Fall-Home-Decor.jpg” width=”564″ height=”621″/>

a faux pumpkin with a cheetah print is a bold and trendy idea to decorate your home for the fall

A Faux Pumpkin With A Halloween Scene - Moss, A Mini House, Tree And Blackbirds For Halloween

a faux pumpkin with a Halloween scene – moss, a mini house, tree and blackbirds for Halloween

A Faux Pumpkin With Calligraphy And Bright And Shiny Lead Stencils Is A Fantastic Fall Decoration

a faux pumpkin with calligraphy and bright and shiny lead stencils is a fantastic fall decoration

A Lush Fall Wreath Of Faux Leaves, Dried Blooms And Faux Pumpkins Is A Lovely Fall Decoration For Your Front Door

a lush fall wreath of faux leaves, dried blooms and faux pumpkins is a lovely fall decoration for your front door

A Mercury Glass Faux Pumpkin Is A Stylish And Shiny Decoration You May Create For The Fall, It's Chic And Vintage-Inspired

a mercury glass faux pumpkin is a stylish and shiny decoration you may create for the fall, it’s chic and vintage-inspired

A Metal Bathtub With Faux Pumpkins, Oak Leaves And Acorns, Lights Is A Stylish Rustic Arrangement To Rock

a metal bathtub with faux pumpkins, oak leaves and acorns, lights is a stylish rustic arrangement to rock

A Rustic Decoration - A Stack Of Colored Fall Pumpkins Plus A Wreath Of Berries And Acorns Is A Lovely Idea For The Fall

a rustic decoration – a stack of colored fall pumpkins plus a wreath of berries and acorns is a lovely idea for the fall

A Simple Basket With Muted Color Faux Pumpkins And Greenery Is A Simple Last Minute Centerpiece For The Fall

a simple basket with muted color faux pumpkins and greenery is a simple last minute centerpiece for the fall

A Stylish Rustic Fall Arrangement Of Moss Pumpkins, Faux Leaves, Pumpkins Of Plastic, Berries And Pinecones For A Woodland Or Rustic Feel

a stylish rustic fall arrangement of moss pumpkins, faux leaves, pumpkins of plastic, berries and pinecones for a woodland or rustic feel

A Styrofoam Pumpkin Covered With Grey And White Yarn, With A Natural Stem Is A Fantastic Idea

a styrofoam pumpkin covered with grey and white yarn, with a natural stem is a fantastic idea

A Thanksgiving Tree Decorated With Ornaments, Faux Pumpkins, Pinecones, Faux Leaves And Foliage Is A Chic Idea

a Thanksgiving tree decorated with ornaments, faux pumpkins, pinecones, faux leaves and foliage is a chic idea

A Wooden Bowl With Twine Covered Pumpkins And Wooden Stems Is A Simple Rustic Decoration For The Fall

a wooden bowl with twine covered pumpkins and wooden stems is a simple rustic decoration for the fall

A Wooden Bowl With White Faux Pumpkins And A Wooden One On Top, A Wheat Wreath And Wooden Beads For A Farmhouse Space

a wooden bowl with white faux pumpkins and a wooden one on top, a wheat wreath and wooden beads for a farmhouse space

A Wooden Tiered Tay With Faux Grene Pumpkins, Leaves, Cotton And Wooden Signs Is A Lovely Farmhouse Decoration

a wooden tiered tay with faux grene pumpkins, leaves, cotton and wooden signs is a lovely farmhouse decoration

A Wooden Tray With Dried Blooms, Leaves, Muted Color Faux Pumpkins Is A Beautiful And Easy Fall Centerpiece

a wooden tray with dried blooms, leaves, muted color faux pumpkins is a beautiful and easy fall centerpiece

A Wooden Tray With White Fabric Pumpkins With Natural Stems Is A Simple And Natural-Looking Fall Decoration Or Centerpiece

a wooden tray with white fabric pumpkins with natural stems is a simple and natural-looking fall decoration or centerpiece

An Elegant Fall Centerpiece Of White And Gold Pumpkins, Greenery And Elegant Candles In Gold Candleholders

an elegant fall centerpiece of white and gold pumpkins, greenery and elegant candles in gold candleholders

Black And Gold Faux Pumpkins With Spikes Are Lovely For Fall And Halloween And Look Very Glam Rock

black and gold faux pumpkins with spikes are lovely for fall and Halloween and look very glam rock

Black, Orange And Copper Faux Pumpkins Plus A Skull In A Cloche Make Up A Stylish And Fun Centerpiece For Halloween

black, orange and copper faux pumpkins plus a skull in a cloche make up a stylish and fun centerpiece for Halloween

Blue And White Painted Pumpkins To Complete And A Stylish Blue And White Fall Tablescape With Bright Blooms

blue and white painted pumpkins to complete and a stylish blue and white fall tablescape with bright blooms

Blush Velvet Pumpkins, A Blush Candle And Blush Roses In A Vintage Urn Are Amazing For A Glam Fall Centerpiece

blush velvet pumpkins, a blush candle and blush roses in a vintage urn are amazing for a glam fall centerpiece

Bright Yarn Pumpkins And Neutral Ones Decorated With Brigth Fabric Are Easy Diys To Make For The Fall

bright yarn pumpkins and neutral ones decorated with brigth fabric are easy DIYs to make for the fall

Chalk Painted Pumpkins With Cutout Leaves And Candles Inside Plus Faux Leaves Are Chic Lanterns For Indoors And Outdoors

chalk painted pumpkins with cutout leaves and candles inside plus faux leaves are chic lanterns for indoors and outdoors

How to display your pieces? That’s easy, you may stack them somewhere, put them into bowls, baskets and on trays, put them on the steps and into fireplaces, on windowsills and mantels – the possibilities are endless. If you’ve made a lantern of a faux pumpkin, you may also place it anywhere, both indoors and outdoors and make it fall-like. Create gorgeous centerpieces and just decorations of faux pumpkins, wheat, pinecones, acorns, berries and stuff like that for a rustic feel or go super modern and refined with velvet pumpkins and a couple of candles – they will add a decadent feel. Get more creative ideas below and make your fall décor original!

<a href=color block white and gold pumpkins with leaf cutouts and candles inside are amazing as fall lanterns” title=”color block white and gold pumpkins with leaf cutouts and candles inside are amazing as fall lanterns” src=”” data-lazy-src=”https://www.buyshop24.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/1599235946_630_66-Awesome-Faux-Pumpkin-Ideas-For-Fall-Home-Decor.jpg” width=”564″ height=”594″/>

color block white and gold pumpkins with leaf cutouts and candles inside are amazing as fall lanterns

Cool Light Blue Pumpkins With Silver Glitter And Palid Ribbons Are Fun, Glam And Rustic At The Same Time

cool light blue pumpkins with silver glitter and palid ribbons are fun, glam and rustic at the same time

Elegant And Chic Pumpkins With Printing And Embellishments, With Stems And Dried Leaves For A Refined Arrangement

elegant and chic pumpkins with printing and embellishments, with stems and dried leaves for a refined arrangement

Faux Pumpkins Of Fabric - Usual Orange And Poka Dot Are A Fun And Cute Idea For A Long-Lasting Decoration

faux pumpkins of fabric – usual orange and poka dot are a fun and cute idea for a long-lasting decoration

Faux Pumpkins Painted Super Bright And With Gold Splatter Are Amazing And Fun For Colorful Fall Decor

faux pumpkins painted super bright and with gold splatter are amazing and fun for colorful fall decor

Faux Pumpkins Painted With Florals And Gold Are Amazing For A Girlish Space Or To Decorate A Vintage Room

faux pumpkins painted with florals and gold are amazing for a girlish space or to decorate a vintage room

Faux Pumpkins, Of Fabric, Plastic, Bark And Berries For A Very Naturalistic Fall Arrangement In Your Space

faux pumpkins, of fabric, plastic, bark and berries for a very naturalistic fall arrangement in your space

Fun Faux Pumpkins And Gourds Painted Black And White Check And Stripe Prints Are Adorable And Chic

fun faux pumpkins and gourds painted black and white check and stripe prints are adorable and chic

Glam Faux Pumpkins Decorated With Gold, Silver And Black Confetti To Make Your Space Very Glam And Chic

glam faux pumpkins decorated with gold, silver and black confetti to make your space very glam and chic

Neutral Burlap And Lace Pumpkins With Natural Stems Are Amazing For Decorating A Shabby Chic Or Vintage Space

neutral burlap and lace pumpkins with natural stems are amazing for decorating a shabby chic or vintage space

Rainbow-Painted Faux Pumpkins Are A Fantastic Bright Idea For Fall Decor Or For Thanksgiving

rainbow-painted faux pumpkins are a fantastic bright idea for fall decor or for Thanksgiving

Refined Vintage-Inspired Blue, White And Gold Pumpkins Covered With Fabric Are Chic And Non-Typical

refined vintage-inspired blue, white and gold pumpkins covered with fabric are chic and non-typical

A Bright Orange Fabric Ruffle Pumpkin With A Wooden Stem And A Leaf Is A Fun Idea For Fall Decor And You Can Diy It

a bright orange fabric ruffle pumpkin with a wooden stem and a leaf is a fun idea for fall decor and you can DIY it

An Orange Pumpkin Made Of Tin Rings, Hay, Burlap, Twine And Cinnamon Sticks Is A Stylish Idea

an orange pumpkin made of tin rings, hay, burlap, twine and cinnamon sticks is a stylish idea

An Arrangement Of Orange Wood Slices, Twine And Plywood Leaves Is A Cool Idea For Indoor Or Outdoor Decor

an arrangement of orange wood slices, twine and plywood leaves is a cool idea for indoor or outdoor decor

A Wood Slice In Orange, With A Stem And A Real Leaf Is A Lovely Fall Decoration With A Strong Rustic Touch

a wood slice in orange, with a stem and a real leaf is a lovely fall decoration with a strong rustic touch

A Newspaper Pumpkin With Orange Edges, A Stem And Green Felt Leaves Is An Easy Diy To Make And Can Be Made Very Fast

a newspaper pumpkin with orange edges, a stem and green felt leaves is an easy DIY to make and can be made very fast

Colorful Fabric Pumpkins Of Bright Printed Fabric, With Lace Ribbons And Bright Buttons Are Amazing For Fun Fall Decor

colorful fabric pumpkins of bright printed fabric, with lace ribbons and bright buttons are amazing for fun fall decor

White Fabric Pumpkins Of Various Fabric Including Knit And Crochet Are Stylish And Ethereal Decorations For The Fall

white fabric pumpkins of various fabric including knit and crochet are stylish and ethereal decorations for the fall

A White Fabric Pumpkin With Twine And A Tag Can Be Used As Decor, A Favor Or Escort Card In The Fall

a white fabric pumpkin with twine and a tag can be used as decor, a favor or escort card in the fall

A Light Blue Fabric Pumpkin With Various Twine And Yarn, With Beads And Pearls For Coastal Fall Decor

a light blue fabric pumpkin with various twine and yarn, with beads and pearls for coastal fall decor

Plaid And White Fabric Pumpkins With Wooden Stems Will Be Great And Simple Decorations For The Fall And You Can Diy Them Fast

plaid and white fabric pumpkins with wooden stems will be great and simple decorations for the fall and you can DIY them fast

A Bright Orange Faux Fur Pumpkin With A Stem Is A Gorgeous Decoration For The Fall

a bright orange faux fur pumpkin with a stem is a gorgeous decoration for the fall

Bright And Neutral Fabric Pumpkins With Stems And Felt Leaves Are Fun And Cool For Fall Decor

bright and neutral fabric pumpkins with stems and felt leaves are fun and cool for fall decor

A Muted Color Fabric Pumpkin With Wooden Stems And Twine Is A Stylish Shabby Chic Decoration For The Fall

a muted color fabric pumpkin with wooden stems and twine is a stylish shabby chic decoration for the fall

An Arrangement Of A Vine, Faux And Green Fabric Pumpkin, Greenery And Berries Is A Stylish Rustic Fall Centerpiece

an arrangement of a vine, faux and green fabric pumpkin, greenery and berries is a stylish rustic fall centerpiece

White Faux Pumpkins With Twine And Gold Spikes Attached Look Fun,, Rock And Glam And Will Add An Edgy Touch To The Space

white faux pumpkins with twine and gold spikes attached look fun,, rock and glam and will add an edgy touch to the space

A White Fabric Pumpkin With A Wooden Stem And A Brooch Is A Stylish Idea With A Glam Touch

a white fabric pumpkin with a wooden stem and a brooch is a stylish idea with a glam touch

A Black Urn With A Newspaper Decoupage Pumpkin, Black Pumpkins, Hay, Newspaper And Fabric Leaves

a black urn with a newspaper decoupage pumpkin, black pumpkins, hay, newspaper and fabric leaves

Faux Pumpkins Spruced Up With Copper, Gold And Silver Leaf Are Amazing To Add A Shiny And Chic Touch To The Space

faux pumpkins spruced up with copper, gold and silver leaf are amazing to add a shiny and chic touch to the space

Faux White And Light Blue Pumpkins, Painted In Various Patterns And With Beads Look Refined And Very Elegant

faux white and light blue pumpkins, painted in various patterns and with beads look refined and very elegant

Orange Knit Fabric Pumpkins With Newspaper Leaves And Twine Stems Are Chic And Stylish And Will Bring A Bright Touch To The Space

orange knit fabric pumpkins with newspaper leaves and twine stems are chic and stylish and will bring a bright touch to the space

Orange And White Paper Pumpkins With Hay, Stems And Paper Leaves Are Great For Decorating For The Fall

orange and white paper pumpkins with hay, stems and paper leaves are great for decorating for the fall

White Faux Fur Pumpkins With Stems, Hay And Embellishments Are Amazing For Decorating A Space And Make It Bright And Glam

white faux fur pumpkins with stems, hay and embellishments are amazing for decorating a space and make it bright and glam

Mercury Glass Pumpkins Will Bring A Shiny Glam Touch To The Space And A Vintage Feel At The Same Time

mercury glass pumpkins will bring a shiny glam touch to the space and a vintage feel at the same time

White Fabric Pumpkins With Wooden Stems And Twine Are Chic And Ethereal And Will Bring A Cozy Feel To The Space

white fabric pumpkins with wooden stems and twine are chic and ethereal and will bring a cozy feel to the space

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