#ShowEmYourFall: How You Guys Are Actually Styling Your Home For Ultimate Fall Happiness

Even though it is still upwards of 100 degrees here in LA, it is technically fall ALREADY. I know. Where has this year gone?? In any case, clearly we can’t control the weather or time, but at least we can transform our homes and make them the cozy, fall escapes that we all need right now. We published this post last year and it was a huge hit not to mention so fun/inspiring seeing all of your fall decorating ideas. We’d love to see what you’ve all cooked up this year so if you have made a spooky Halloween silhouette or a fall inspired space this year, use #ShowEmYourFall on Instagram so we can check out your ideas and share our favorites. Now, let’s escape reality for a bit and fill our minds with pure fall bliss:

As much as we (and by we, I mean us non-professional stylists, unlike Emily) would all love to change up our home furnishings and general decor as soon as we are in need of a refresh, that isn’t always the most time/money efficient way to change up the feel of your home. If only right?! But as I said in our fall front entryway post a couple of weeks ago, I look at decorating for the season/holidays not only as an act of self-care but a great/more affordable way to make your house feel happy and new. I’m pretty sure most of you felt the same if the comments were any indicator.

Since (like us) you love a good seasonal feel in your home, we asked you to use #ShowEmYourFall on Instagram to show off how you decorated for maybe the best time of the year (that last statement was controversial I know). We LOVE getting to see your incredible creativity and feel very strongly that it deserves a platform…like say, a blog post. Much like the #ShowEmYourStyle: Holiday Edition and the #ShowEmYourDIY series we rounded up some of our favorite reader/follower submissions to help you get into the holiday spirit and hopefully inspire a little seasonal decorating of your own. It’s only mid-October so there is plenty of warm-toned, leafy, pumpkin time to be had. Shall we get cozy with our first category??

Entrance and Foyer

Emily Henderson Showemyourfall Entrance Opener
#ShowEmYourFall: How You Guys Are Actually Styling Your Home For Ultimate Fall Happiness 10


The front porch and the entryway were basically MADE for holiday decor. Why? Well, because anyone who enters and then (hopefully) leaves will have to pass through this part of your home. Even if you only throw a few pumpkins into your most likely already beautifully styled entry, it will undoubtedly make you feel happier. It’s science, people. But these next six followers did a little more than that…

Emily Henderson Showemyourfall Front Entrance And Foyer

clockwise from top left: @alexis.mbrink | @alyssawine | @nestingwithgrace | @1954_house | @restored_haven | @michelle_janeen

Man, doesn’t this just make you want to run to the nearest hot cider dispensary? Look at these pumpkins in carefully curated color palettes/sizes, and the perfect sprinklings of Halloween decor. However what is probably my FAVORITE decor item amongst these photos…the pampas grass. The pampas grass explosion of 2018 had me a bit fatigued if I’m honest but the way @alexis.mbrink and @alyssawine gently incorporated it into their entryways makes me feel like there are few better foliage options for fall. Do you agree?


Emily Henderson Showemyourfall Mantel Opener


Now that temperatures are finally dropping (in some parts of the country/world) we get to snuggle up by the fire…hopefully with that cider from my imaginary hot cider dispensary or you know, your kitchen. As someone who dreams daily about having a fireplace, looking at these makes me incredibly happy and not jealous at all.

Emily Henderson Showemyourfall Fireplace Mantel 2

clockwise from top left: @rebecca_june | @alexis.mbrink | @1954_house | @istyleustyle

I love how different yet festive each of these four fireplaces are. It shows that you can get super playful in a chic way like @rebecca_june and @1954_house did (also that disco ball is AMAZING and unexpected), go full-on fall colorful eclectic like @alexis.mbrink (the pampas grass master) or minimal and cozy like @istyleustyle did. All are extremely seasonal and show that any style can include some fall decor.

Kitchen and Dining

Emily Henderson Showemyourfall Kitchen And Dining Opener


Formal table settings were obviously made for seasonal decor but we love popping in a little bit in the kitchen and on the (everyday) dining table. Heck, we spend most of our communal time in the kitchen and dining table so it really only makes sense to spread the fall joy in those spaces, no?

Emily Henderson Showemyourfall Kitchen And Dining

clockwise from top left: @astridreifer | @prettydomesticated | @briannenekole | @tarynwhiteaker_design | @dexterandplaid | @restored_haven

Of course, if you are the type of person who is a holiday maximalist then, by all means, go for it. It’s meant to be fun. But also a little can go a long way. I love how @astridreifer created a muted, neutral color palette with pops of warm colors and then put a large bowl of white pumpkins as the centerpiece. It’s simple, chic and adds just the right amount of season into an already insanely beautiful kitchen (that black tile is everything to me). But if you want to be a little more festive, going the traditional orange pumpkin route like @prettydomesticated did in her all-white kitchen is equally as awesome. Some cute ghosts are pretty great, too. 🙂

Bookcases & Other Accents

Emily Henderson Showemyourfall Bookshelves And Accents Opener


If you are someone that wants to bring fall into nearly all parts of your home then you are in good company. This next grouping of photos are wonderful examples of how to do that. Bookcase to bedroom…or should I say booodroom? That’s the only pun, I promise.

Emily Henderson Showemyourfall Bookshelves And Accents

clockwise from top left: @white.shack | @jordang106 | @111lightlane | @briannenekole | @britttanyh

Again, unless it makes you happy, there is no need to make your home feel like fall threw up all over it but some small pumpkins, a cluster of wall bats, a spiderweb or even a beautiful seasonal floral arrangement can make just the right amount of impact. I love the simplicity of all of these designs and aside from that killer pumpkin wreath in @jordang106’s home, there are all super doable.

I hope that by showing all of these talented reader’s designs, a fall decor revolution is upon you/us. I promise it will make you feel happier in your daily life. Just remember a little pumpkin or pampas grass goes a long way, so don’t get overwhelmed by it. Thank you again to everyone that used the hashtag and emailed me! If you haven’t already checked them out, here are our two current hashtags to see even more amazing design inspiration: #ShowEmYourFall and #ShowEmYourStyled. And stay tuned for our winter edition in a couple of months.

Love you, mean it.

Opener Image Credit: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: Target’s New Threshold Collection Is Hitting “Elevated Prairie” Style Hard

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