Instagram Made Me Like These Trendy Furniture Items…But Are They Actually Cool?

There are some furniture items and decor pieces that I can only describe to you in one (hyphenated) word: scroll-stopping. You know what I mean, it’s when you’re on Instagram and you see some oddly shaped piece of furniture in a room and all you can do is stop your scroll, zoom in a little, and stare at it for far too long. Maybe you’re staring because you’ve never seen anything like it before, or maybe you’re staring because this is the 1,000th time you’ve seen it and it’s taunting you because you can’t find it online since it’s sold out everywhere (or too expensive).

For me it was the latter. It all started with that H&M circle vase that’s been out of stock for god knows how long but everyone seems to have. Here’s the photo (from @thishouse5000) that confirmed I needed to get one:

Luckily, Jess linked a real similar vase from Etsy in one of her posts and I finally could own my own (you best believe I snatched it up QUICK). When it arrived, I knew I had been a victim to Instagram influence then I got to thinking…what other items are repeatedly showing up in devilishly handsome Instagram photos and are turning on the consumerism parts of my brain? Well, there are lots and lots around…so let’s play a game of is this actually cool or does Instagram just make it look cool…would you put any of the following in your house??? Let’s start here…

The Wavy Mirror

Cool or nay? These are absolutely everywhere right now and whether it’s your vibe or not they definitely give you a reason to stop and stare I mean WOW. @gustafwestman, does these VERY well (and has lots of other fun wiggly and curvy pieces that are breaking the internet). Take a look-see!!

It’s not just mirrors, though. Wavey, squiggly and curvy anything are all over, and if they’re pastel or some sort of bright color EVEN BETTER. Whaddaya think?

Now let’s move into seating because I would love to know if you guys are big fans of these chairs that we’ve all seen 1,000,000 times (but maybe really want)…

Roly Poly Chairs

I mean come on, they’re SO FUN. Maybe not the most comfortable to sit in but I don’t mind somethings being fashion over form. What are your thoughts?

Up next I wanna talk about (possibly) the weirdest but one of the most popular trends…

Foam Furniture

This category makes me feel the most uncomfortbale out of everything for sure. It all started with the mirror but didn’t stop there…

Both the mirror above and below are DIYs…

This is where it personally got out of hand for me. Foam TABLES. I would not recommend setting your wine glass down on this…

Would you have a foam mirror or table or anything in your house??

Shell Pillows

I’ll personally always be on the side of any pillow that’s NOT a square or rectangle, so I know I’m bias since oddly shaped pillows are my personal jam. My favorite person who does the shell pillow best (in my opinion) is Mallory Fetchall from @reserve_home (and not just because her name’s Mallory, too, although that is a plus…

Shells are all over instagram right now, though, it’s really not JUST pillows…if you’re into it check out some of the fun shell vases and shell lamps that are lingering around (lots of which are vintage I might add).

Tiled Tables

Grids and checkerboard print might be even hotter than shells right now, so if you’re into this trend, consider this your official encouragement to hop on board. The best company that’s popping out these grid tables is the danish company Ikon Kobenhavn, although there are some really great DIY options if you wanna get this look for less.

Which ones do you like? Are they cool or are they just instagram fads that we’ll look back and laugh on in t-minus 1 year? Let’s chat about it in the comments, but if you you are brave and ready to buy any of these things, here are our shoppable picks (of course):

Instagram Made Me Like These Trendy Furniture Items...but Are They Actually Cool?
Instagram Made Me Like These Trendy Furniture Items...But Are They Actually Cool? 3

1. Square Foam Mirror | 2. Roly Poly Armchair | 3. Peach Cloud Foam Vase | 4. Shell Shaped Embroidered Pillow | 5. Foam Mirror Frame | 6. Curvy Mirror | 7. Pond Mirror | 8. Coffee Table | 9. Estelle Floor Mirror | 10. Emerald Shell Pillow | 11. Pair of Wavey Shaped Mirrors | 12. Foam Mirror

Opening Image Credit: Design & curation by Roksanda Ilinčić and Nick Vinson of Vinson &Co | Interior Architecture by Jonathan Tuckey Design | Architecture by WilkinsonEyre | Photography by Michael Sinclair | Styling by Olivia Gregory

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