70 Pumpkin Décor Ideas For Home Fall Décor

Pumpkin Decor Ideas For Home Fall Decor Cover

We’ve already told you how to use autumn leaves in your home decor. Yeah, leaves are the cheapest and the simplest idea but pumpkins! There’s nothing better than a colorful pumpkin for fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving décor (and later you can cook them, too). We’ve gathered a bunch of ideas of how to decorate a pumpkin, with a pumpkin and where to use it after.

First of all, how to decorate a natural pumpkin you have? Decorate it with dozens of patterns and design ideas; unusual colors that look fantastic on the tables, mantels and shelves, cut it out or carve to make a lantern or do whatever else seems cool to you. Don’t like bold pumpkins? Go for natural looks with no painting or just chalk painting a bit and you’ll have a pretty rustic decoration.

A Bowl With Moss, Vine Balls, Pumpkins, Greenery And Driftwood Is A Nice Fall Centerpiece With A Natural Feel

a bowl with moss, vine balls, pumpkins, greenery and driftwood is a nice fall centerpiece with a natural feel

A Bright Fall To Halloween Porch With Various Pumpkins, Black And White Ones And Bright Fall Blooms

a bright fall to Halloween porch with various pumpkins, black and white ones and bright fall blooms

A Cozy Fall Porch With Lots Of Pumpkins, Gourds And Leaves, Bright Fall Blooms And Layered Mats

a cozy fall porch with lots of pumpkins, gourds and leaves, bright fall blooms and layered mats

A Dough Bowl With Pumpkins, Eucalyptus And Acorns Is A Cool Fall Centerpiece With A Strong Rustic Feel

a dough bowl with pumpkins, eucalyptus and acorns is a cool fall centerpiece with a strong rustic feel

A Dough Bowl With Pumpkins, Real And Faux Ones, Cotton, Greenery And Copper Mugs Is A Chic And Stylish Arrangement To Decorate A Space

a dough bowl with pumpkins, real and faux ones, cotton, greenery and copper mugs is a chic and stylish arrangement to decorate a space

A Fall Centerpiece Of A Silver Tray, White Pumpkins, Wheat And A Wheat Bundle In A Metal Jug Is A Chic Idea

a fall centerpiece of a silver tray, white pumpkins, wheat and a wheat bundle in a metal jug is a chic idea

A Fall Centerpiece Of A Table Runner, Pumpkins, Gourds, Antlers, Candles And Beads Is Veyr Lush And Chic

a fall centerpiece of a table runner, pumpkins, gourds, antlers, candles and beads is veyr lush and chic

A Fall Tablescape With Pumpkins, Leaves, Wheat On Stands And Trays Looks Very Inviting And Very Cozy

a fall tablescape with pumpkins, leaves, wheat on stands and trays looks very inviting and very cozy

A Farmhouse Centerpiece Of A Wooden Tray With Pumpkins, A Glass Vase With Branches And Leaves Is A Chic And Easy Idea

a farmhouse centerpiece of a wooden tray with pumpkins, a glass vase with branches and leaves is a chic and easy idea

A Lovely And Lush Fall Arrangement Of Lots Of Pumpkins, Greenery, Bright Blooms And A Sign

a lovely and lush fall arrangement of lots of pumpkins, greenery, bright blooms and a sign

A Natural Fall Mantel With Lots Of Pumpkins And Eucalyptus Is A Pretty Decoration For The Fall

a natural fall mantel with lots of pumpkins and eucalyptus is a pretty decoration for the fall

A Neutral Box With Pumpkins, Pale Greenery, Berries, Gourds And Other Stuff Is A Beautiful Arrangement For The Fall

a neutral box with pumpkins, pale greenery, berries, gourds and other stuff is a beautiful arrangement for the fall

A Neutral Fall Centerpiece Of A Basket With Greenery, White Pumpkins And A Bucket With A Pumpkin

a neutral fall centerpiece of a basket with greenery, white pumpkins and a bucket with a pumpkin

A Pumpkin With Carved Leaves Is A Beautiful All-Natural Fall Decoration You Can Make Yourself

a pumpkin with carved leaves is a beautiful all-natural fall decoration you can make yourself

A Rustic Centerpiece Of A Wooden Board, Branches With Berries, White Pumpkins With Tags Is Lovely For The Fall

a rustic centerpiece of a wooden board, branches with berries, white pumpkins with tags is lovely for the fall

A Rustic Fall Arrangement Of Pumpkins, Cotton And Wheat Bundles In A Metal Bathtub Is A Lovely Idea For The Fall

a rustic fall arrangement of pumpkins, cotton and wheat bundles in a metal bathtub is a lovely idea for the fall

A Rustic Fall Decoration Of Stacked Heirloom Pumpkins And Green Hydrangeas Is A Lovely Centerpiece Or Just Decoration

a rustic fall decoration of stacked heirloom pumpkins and green hydrangeas is a lovely centerpiece or just decoration

A Simple Farmhouse Centerpiece Of A Wooden Board With Pumpkins, Gourds, Greenery, Candles Is Lovely

a simple farmhouse centerpiece of a wooden board with pumpkins, gourds, greenery, candles is lovely

A Wooden Bowl With Gourds And Pumpkins, Greenery Is A Simple And Lovely Fall Centerpiece To Go For

a wooden bowl with gourds and pumpkins, greenery is a simple and lovely fall centerpiece to go for

A Wooden Crate With Dried Hydrangeas, Greenery, Pumpkins, A Black Sign And Los Of Twigs For A Rough Fall Centerpiece

a wooden crate with dried hydrangeas, greenery, pumpkins, a black sign and los of twigs for a rough fall centerpiece

A Wooden Tray With Greenery, Blooming Branches And Neutral Pumpkins Is A Natural And Chic Fall Centerpiece Or Arrangement

a wooden tray with greenery, blooming branches and neutral pumpkins is a natural and chic fall centerpiece or arrangement

A Wooden Tray With Pastel Pumpkins And Dried Blooms Is A Chic Rustic Centerpiece Or Just An Arrangement

a wooden tray with pastel pumpkins and dried blooms is a chic rustic centerpiece or just an arrangement

Black And White Pumpkins With Various Owls Painted On Them Are Very Stylish And Whimsical

black and white pumpkins with various owls painted on them are very stylish and whimsical

Blue, Navy And White Painted And Stenciled Pumpkins And A Plaid Garland Will Bring A Non-Traditional Touch Of Color And Print To The Space

blue, navy and white painted and stenciled pumpkins and a plaid garland will bring a non-traditional touch of color and print to the space

Second, how to decorate with natural pumpkins? Include your pumpkins into centerpieces and table and room décor, put them on pedestals or in baskets to achieve a cozy rustic touch – pumpkins are perfect as a fall décor piece! Place them on tables, consoles, steps and mantels mixing with greenery, blooms, driftwood, pinecones and other stuff you like for the fall. Make centerpieces of dough bowls and stands with pumpkins and candles and much other stuff that is naturally about fall. Get inspired!

Chalk Paint Pumpkins, Greenery And White Blooms To Create A Vintage Farmhouse Space With Neutral Decor

chalk paint pumpkins, greenery and white blooms to create a vintage farmhouse space with neutral decor

Chalked Pumpkins, Leaves And Candles Plus A Macrame Table Runner Make Very Neutral And Chic Fall Table Decor

chalked pumpkins, leaves and candles plus a macrame table runner make very neutral and chic fall table decor

Coastal Pumpkins In White And Blues - With Various Painted Motifs - Are Great For Fall Coastal Decor, Outdoors And Indoors

coastal pumpkins in white and blues – with various painted motifs – are great for fall coastal decor, outdoors and indoors

Light Pink Pumpkins With Gilded Stems And Lots Of Greenery Will Make The Mantel Look Super Glam And Fall-Like

light pink pumpkins with gilded stems and lots of greenery will make the mantel look super glam and fall-like

Natural Fall Table Decor With Candles, Pumpkins, Blooms And Tree Stumps And Branches Is A Cool Idea For The Fall

natural fall table decor with candles, pumpkins, blooms and tree stumps and branches is a cool idea for the fall

Natural Halloween Decor With Lots Of Pumpkins, Leaves, A Garland And Some Candles Is Very Chic And Stylish

natural Halloween decor with lots of pumpkins, leaves, a garland and some candles is very chic and stylish

Natural Outdoor Fall Decor Done With Stacked Pumpkins And Leaves Is Very Stylish And Veyr Welcoming

natural outdoor fall decor done with stacked pumpkins and leaves is very stylish and veyr welcoming

Natural Pumpkins And A Greenery Garland Plus Candles Decorate A Fall Tablescape In A Very Chic Way

natural pumpkins and a greenery garland plus candles decorate a fall tablescape in a very chic way

Natural Pumpkins In Jars With Lids Are A Nice And Veyr Easy Fall Decoration To Go For

natural pumpkins in jars with lids are a nice and veyr easy fall decoration to go for

Natural Pumpkins Painted Plaid, In Black, White And Grey, Look Chic, Modern And Rustic At The Same Time

natural pumpkins painted plaid, in black, white and grey, look chic, modern and rustic at the same time

Perforated Pumpkin In Various Natural Colors And With Candles Inside Are Very Chic And Very Cozy For Fall Decor

perforated pumpkin in various natural colors and with candles inside are very chic and very cozy for fall decor

Place Some Painted And Non-Painted Pumpkins On The Steps And Some Candle Lanterns To Make Them Look Fall-Like

place some painted and non-painted pumpkins on the steps and some candle lanterns to make them look fall-like

Simple Outdoor Fall Decor With Pumpkins And Gourds Plus Bright Blooms In Planters Is Stylish And Will Make Your Front Porch Inviting

simple outdoor fall decor with pumpkins and gourds plus bright blooms in planters is stylish and will make your front porch inviting

White Pumpkins, White Potted Blooms And Acorns Make Lovely And Very Natural Fall Decor For Outdoors

white pumpkins, white potted blooms and acorns make lovely and very natural fall decor for outdoors

Natural Pumpkins With Letters Made Of Vintage Keys Are A Cool Fall Decoration For Indoors Or Outdoors

natural pumpkins with letters made of vintage keys are a cool fall decoration for indoors or outdoors

Simply Place Natural Pumpkins And Gourds On Tables And Consoles To Make Your Space Look Fall-Infused And Chic

simply place natural pumpkins and gourds on tables and consoles to make your space look fall-infused and chic

Decorate Pumpkins With Colorful Stripes Of Paper And Fabric To Create A Bright And Natural Fall Centerpiece

decorate pumpkins with colorful stripes of paper and fabric to create a bright and natural fall centerpiece

A Pumpkin Painted Gold And A White Pumpkin With Gold Leaves On It Are Cool And Chic Fall Decorations

a pumpkin painted gold and a white pumpkin with gold leaves on it are cool and chic fall decorations

A Bowl With Gourds, Pumpkins And Leaves Is A Simple And Easy Fall Centerpiece Or Decoration

a bowl with gourds, pumpkins and leaves is a simple and easy fall centerpiece or decoration

Pumpkins And Gourds Decoupaged With Bright Fall Leaves And Blooms Look Fun And Very Out Of The Box

pumpkins and gourds decoupaged with bright fall leaves and blooms look fun and very out of the box

Stenciled Bright Pumpkins Are Great For The Fall, And Such A Diy Is Very Easy To Make Yourself

stenciled bright pumpkins are great for the fall, and such a DIY is very easy to make yourself

Breathtaking Blue And White Painted Pumpkins With Beads And Spikes Are Whimsy, Cool And Bold

breathtaking blue and white painted pumpkins with beads and spikes are whimsy, cool and bold

A Table Decorated With Natural Pumpkins And Gourds Looks Very Stylish And Very Fall-Like

a table decorated with natural pumpkins and gourds looks very stylish and very fall-like

Natural Pumpkins Painted In Bright Colors Are Lovely For Decorating For The Fall, Enjoy Super Bright Shades

natural pumpkins painted in bright colors are lovely for decorating for the fall, enjoy super bright shades

A Mantel Decorated With Pumpkins And Gourds Plus Blooms Looks All-Natural And Very Fall-Like

a mantel decorated with pumpkins and gourds plus blooms looks all-natural and very fall-like

A Bowl With Natural And Non-Painted Pumpkins Is A Cool Fall Centerpiece Or Just Decoration

a bowl with natural and non-painted pumpkins is a cool fall centerpiece or just decoration

a bread bowl with <a href=white pumpkins and some branches is a rustic fall decoration or a centerpiece that can be DIYed last minute” title=”a bread bowl with white pumpkins and some branches is a rustic fall decoration or a centerpiece that can be DIYed last minute” src=”” data-lazy-src=”https://www.buyshop24.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/1599062902_958_70-Pumpkin-Decor-Ideas-For-Home-Fall-Decor.jpg” width=”427″ height=”640″/>

a bread bowl with white pumpkins and some branches is a rustic fall decoration or a centerpiece that can be DIYed last minute

Wrap Some Real Pumpkins With Burlap And Add A Lace Bow On Top To Make Them Look Stylish And Very Rustic

wrap some real pumpkins with burlap and add a lace bow on top to make them look stylish and very rustic

A Natural Pumpkin Covered With Bright Buttons Is A Lovely And Bold Decoration For The Fall, Diy It Fast

a natural pumpkin covered with bright buttons is a lovely and bold decoration for the fall, DIY it fast

An Arrangement Of Painted White And Gold Polka Dot Min Pumpkins Is A Lovely Idea To Decorate Your Home For The Fall

an arrangement of painted white and gold polka dot min pumpkins is a lovely idea to decorate your home for the fall

A Tray With White Pumpkins Is A Beautiful Natural Decoration For The Fall, It Will Fit Any Space

a tray with white pumpkins is a beautiful natural decoration for the fall, it will fit any space

White Pumpkins With Bright Yarn And Bright Polka Dots Plus A Giant Polka Dotted One Look Veyr Fun And Whimsy

white pumpkins with bright yarn and bright polka dots plus a giant polka dotted one look veyr fun and whimsy

A Stack Of Natural Pumpkins Is A Cool Fall Decoration For A Mantel, Table, Console Or Some Other Space

a stack of natural pumpkins is a cool fall decoration for a mantel, table, console or some other space

Mini Pumpkins With Bright Patterns, Swirls In Various Fall Colors Are A Cool Diy To Go For

mini pumpkins with bright patterns, swirls in various fall colors are a cool DIY to go for

A Vintage Urn With Blooming Branches And A Large White Pumpkin Is A Chic Fall Decoration For Outdoors

a vintage urn with blooming branches and a large white pumpkin is a chic fall decoration for outdoors

Nautrla Pumpkins In Cloches And In A Bowl Are Easy And Stylish Modern Rustic Decor For Your Home

nautrla pumpkins in cloches and in a bowl are easy and stylish modern rustic decor for your home

A White, Red And Pink Pumpkin On A Stand Are Bold And Non-Typical Fall Decorations For A Modern Home

a white, red and pink pumpkin on a stand are bold and non-typical fall decorations for a modern home

A Stand With Pumpkins And Gourds Paitned In Various Ways, In Black And Gold For Fall And Halloween Looks Fantastic

a stand with pumpkins and gourds paitned in various ways, in black and gold for fall and Halloween looks fantastic

Modern White And Black And White Pumpkins With Geometric Patterns Can Be Diyed Using A Sharpie

modern white and black and white pumpkins with geometric patterns can be DIYed using a sharpie

Two Pumpkins With Orange, Black And White Chevrons Can Decorate Any Mantel In A Stylish Mid-Century Modern Way

two pumpkins with orange, black and white chevrons can decorate any mantel in a stylish mid-century modern way

A Bread Bowl With Hay Balls And Pumpkins Is A Stunning Rustic Decoration You May Use For The Fall

a bread bowl with hay balls and pumpkins is a stunning rustic decoration you may use for the fall

Pumpkins With Cutout And Painted Stars On Stands Will Make Your Fall Home Look Dreamy And Romantic

pumpkins with cutout and painted stars on stands will make your fall home look dreamy and romantic

Cutout Pumpkins With Candles Are Nice Lanterns And Centerpieces Or Decorations You Can Easily Make

cutout pumpkins with candles are nice lanterns and centerpieces or decorations you can easily make

Pumpkins With Decoupaged Fall Laves Are Amazing For Decorating Your Home For The Fall

pumpkins with decoupaged fall laves are amazing for decorating your home for the fall

Natural Pumpkins Painted In Non-Typical For The Fall Colors - Blue, Blush, Grey, Navy And Gold

natural pumpkins painted in non-typical for the fall colors – blue, blush, grey, navy and gold

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