Is The Cardigan The Fall Outfit MVP?? + 11 Of Our Favorites Reviewed

Even though the warm weather still persists in L.A., all of us at EHD are more than ready for the cozy fall/winter season. I for one, wake up almost everyday praying for anything besides 90 degree weather — especially ever since I’ve fostered a deep emotional love for cardigans.

I used to be more of a sweater gal until I realized the myriad of styling options that cardigans offer. For one, with cardigans you can stay warm while also showing off your top underneath, which is not an option with a pullover sweater. Pairing a chunky or long cardigan with graphic tee, ruffle top, or turtleneck adds so much more dynamic to an outfit. Secondly, cardigans come in SO many different styles. They can be sculptural, chunky, balloon sleeved, ruffly, long, cropped, etc etc. The list goes on and on. I am passionate about cardigans this fall and am excited to add more to my wardrobe, so in classic EHD fashion I asked the rest of the team to share their favorites. All I will say is get your wallet ready because the EHD cardigan game is STRONG.

Emily’s Favorite:

Urban Renewal Sweater, $49: This is my first grandpa sweater which feels ironic as it was so popular when I was in junior high.. I LOVE putting it on every morning/night almost like its a robe, but more pulled together than that (and looks cute enough on zoom calls). The bottom is snug enough (in a good way) to billow out in a strangely flattering way. Long Live the 90’s.

Jess’s Favorites:

Ruffle Cardigan Sweater, $98 – What an unexpected win! I only tried this one on because my cousin told me to and I ended up loving the ruffle (the color was always heck yes). It’s really nice how the ruffle draws your eye up and gives the optical illusion that your waist is more narrow. Plus it feels “fancy” without having to try to actually look fancy and put together. Last thing I’ll say is the weight of it is great and feels really high quality. All in all, a really great cardigan that is ALSO on sale right now! Got a medium in this one.

Espresso Cardi, $168 – Man do I LOVE this one. Long, chunky knit cardigans are my jam! This guy feels like a fall hug but still cool enough (did you see the buttons?) to throw on for a trip to the store or a social distance friend date. Once this puppy is on, it’s hard to convince myself to take it off (which is good since this one also isn’t cheap). O and I got a size medium.

Eclair Cardi, $128 – This is probably my dream “classic cardigan”. It’s soft, has the perfect not “too oversized” look so it looks cute but comfortable, and I love the light cream color (good for all seasons). I actually got a size small in this one when I normally go medium to large in tops. So it for sure runs BIG. I know it’s pricey but short cardigans that I like are SO hard for me to find that this felt like a huge win that I was willing to splurge on.  

Albie’s Favorite:

Loose Knit Cardigan, $13: I love to layer and this is the ultimate all season layering cardigan. I’ve thrown it over a tank top to look more put together or paired it with a button down for a casual yet professional look. It’s light weight and breezy but has also survived a lot of washes. 

Caitlin’s Favorites:

Cheri Longline Cardigan, $148: Guys, eschew your lightweight fall jackets for one of these!!! I decided to try this out because I liked the idea of looking like I was ready for business while wearing a comfortable glorified robe, and I LOVE IT. This cardigan is the perfect weight for autumn — it has a tight enough weave that it’ll actually keep you warm at night (I was good when temperatures dipped into the mid-50s) but it’s also breathable enough and without a weird lining so that you won’t feel gross or sticky while doing cute, more physical things like picking apples or pumpkins. It also comes in a super cute orange color AND it’s 25% off this weekend! 10/10, timeless design, will wear for all future autumns, WORTH IT. (PS. I got a Large and like how much room there is because I’ll be able to layer it over a thicker sweater later this winter, but you can go one size down if you want.)

Virginia Sweater Cardigan, $138: First, I’m obsessed with ABLE in general. (If you’re not familiar, think of them as Madewell except sustainable and ethical. The design and prices are similar but ABLE’s quality is WAY better, IMO). Anyway – I have 36F boobs and cardigans are normally a no-go for me, so I love the way that this one drapes. It definitely has “smart grandpa settling in to do some reading in his easy chair” vibes, which I *love* for fall. It also looks super cute buttoned over a t-shirt dress (obviously not pictured here, but the site model does it) and comes in a few other color variants! VERY COZY, very Thanksgiving appropriate, wholeheartedly recommend.

Mallory’s Favorites:

Bobble Cardigan Sweater, $98: Have you heard I’m only exclusively wearing balloon sleeves for the rest of my life? At least for cardigans, anyway. I’ve had my eyes on this Madewell cardigan for QUITE some time and when the EHD ladies said we’re doing this cardigan post, I dropped everything and sprinted to Nordstrom to retrieve it because we LOVE an excuse to buy something we’ve been eyeing for “blog purposes.” I can say I am VERY happy with the outcome, it really does live up to the hype because it has POCKETS and those cute little dingleballs on the sleeve for a fun added detail. The only thing that would’ve made this better would’ve been a better hair day for me personally, but you can’t always get what you want. You can, however get this sweater, and if it wasn’t clear before, I definitely approve. OH AND IT COMES IN RED WHICH IS ALSO CUTE.

Cropped Balloon Sleeve Cardigan, $45: We used to do lil clothing swaps in the office (pre-pandemic, of course) where some of us (usually Veronica or Sara) would bring in big bags of goodies for the taking. This was one of my scores from Veronica (miss you vbaby!!) and OH MY GOD I LOVE IT. I’ve been living in this cardigan everyday, even when it’s 100 degrees out. It’s comfy and cozy and a lil cropped (but not too cropped) and it just drapes perfectly. I wear it over my outfits but I’ve also just worn it as a shirt before and if you’re part of the ITBC, then it’s the perfect no-bra or bralette-only kind of thing.

Ryann’s Favorites:

Oatmeal Cardigan, $35: I am so impressed with the shape, color, detail, and price of this cardigan. It’s REALLY good you guys and it feels and looks way more expensive than it is. It’s also that classic oatmeal color that I love and it looks good dressed down with jeans or dressed up with a dress and heels.

Ribbed Cardigan, $59: The color of this one is so good. It has a very subtle red/dark purple multicolored weave and I like that it sits right at my waist (I am wearing a Medium- but the Small oddly fits just fine too). It also has a balloon sleeve which is KEY especially for a cropped sweater. Though I have no clue what Thanksgiving looks like this year, I know I will be wearing this cardigan.

Alright, that’s all from team EHD, but I am curious to know if you are team cardigan or team pullover sweater?? Let me know in the comments and have great weekend. xx

Opener Image Credit: Photo by Veronica Crawford | From: Six Fall Sweaters I’m Loving (+ How To Wear Them)

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