Catching Up With Org Junkie #5 ~ August 2020 Favorites: Pouches, Sprays & The Grinder!

Hi friends, I’m happy to be back to share with you another edition of Catching Up With Org Junkie. Today I bring you my August 2020 favorites. I love sharing these things with others especially those that get just as excited as I do with finding new favorites. These are all things I’d be telling my closest girlfriends, so it only makes sense that I tell you all too! ?

Catching Up With Org Junkie #5 ~ August 2020 Favorites: Pouches, Sprays &Amp; The Grinder! At I'M An Organizing Junkie Blog

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Currently Eating:

A couple of weeks ago a friend introduced me to this Paleo pizza crust called UnCrust. I have tried so many Paleo pizza crusts from scratch without a whole lot of luck so it makes me happy to let someone else do the work. And the price was reasonable as well at $10.99 for two crusts. It’s a thin crispy crust and I really liked it. This same company makes sandwich buns too but I didn’t love those.

Uncrust Paleo Pizza Crust

Currently Loving:

I’m one of those type of people that hates taking pills. So it’s a huge struggle for me. Then I found that there are vitamin sprays out there. These Garden of Life sprays have made my life so much easier.  Although I’m going to be honest with you and tell you that the Vitamin D3 Vanilla one tastes awful. However I’d still rather spray a terrible tasting spray than try and swallow a pill. Oh and there is also a Vitamin C one that I didn’t get a picture of. These have awesome reviews on Amazon too.

My Kind Organics Vitamin Sprays

Next up I’m loving the all new Get Organized HQ for 2020 that I posted about on Tuesday. This year there are over 70 of the best organizers, bloggers, and Youtube experts from across the country that are presenting via video all about everything organization. Like seriously there are so many awesome topics from so many women that I admire. I’m excited to be presenting with them, so cool. It’s a FREE event in September, which is awesome, but you need to register first HERE. See you there!


Get Organized Hq


This summer I’ve rediscovered my love of bike riding. My husband fixed my bike up for me and we added a new seat because life’s too short for a skinny bike seat. Am I right? I needed something with a little more width and a little more cushion if you know what I mean. This bike seat has memory foam and let me tell you, what a game changer it has been. My butt is so happy, ha!

Beautiful River Bike Ride

It was an inexpensive fix that made a world of difference between enjoying the ride and not. I love to get out for my daily bike rides around town listening to my favorite podcasts. It’s so relaxing! You can find this seat HERE on Amazon.

Memory Foam Bike Seat

Currently Watching:

Another item in my August 2020 favorites list is what I’m watching. Earlier this month I was scrolling and scrolling through Netflix, as you do, trying to find something to watch. Why does this process have to be so difficult? Netflix call me, I’d love to organize you! Anyway I stumbled across a little show call The Grinder. It’s from back in 2015 and only has one season but it is so worth the watch! I loved this show so much. The casting is brilliant. Rob Lowe plays an over the top, totally dramatic, confident character and is the brother to Fred Savage’s character that is a more down to earth, level headed, not so confident average guy. The two play so well off each other and the scenes with them bantering together quickly became my favorite. They are so funny together and it’s just such a witty show. I have no idea why it didn’t get renewed but it definitely should have. Let me know what you think of it if you watch it.

The Grinder On Netflix

Currently Reading:

Okay this is not a favorite book. I cannot recommend this book to you at all because I, in fact, didn’t actually finish it. Abandoning books I don’t like is nothing new for me. Life’s too short for less than stellar books. So why do I bring this up? Because I was already half way done this book before I abandoned it and I was so conflicted about it. I felt like since I’d already invested so much of my time, I should finish it at this point. But I just couldn’t do it. So I didn’t. So I’m really curious how many people will abandon a book they aren’t loving? Would you abandon a book if you’d already read half of it? Do tell!

Abandoned Book

Currently Purging:

This month’s purging consisted of mostly clothing from my closet and my son’s as we get him ready for back to school. It always feels so amazing to clear out the clutter and the things we aren’t wearing and loving. What purging did you do this past month? And if you said none, tell me why? There is always something to declutter!

August Purge Pile


When I did my car organizing post a couple of weeks ago I was so surprised that there was so much attention paid to all my pouches. So many questions you all had! Even my sister texted me needing more information, ha! So I am working on a dedicated post all about my pouch obsession. I have a wee collection, y’all. You might be surprised or it might make total sense to you considering I’m An Organizing Junkie :). These are the newest editions to my collection. I purchased them on clearance at Staples. They called my name and I just couldn’t resist. So cute, right?

Organizing Pouches

If you missed my car organizing post you can catch it HERE. It was in this same post that I shared a new product that is perfect for storing your purse in the car. Everyone needs this product!

Car Organization

This past month I also set up my back to school sanitation station and I shared that on the blog as well.

Back To School Sanitation Station

I also repurposed a jewelry organizer as a mask drying rack. It works perfectly for this purpose as I prefer to hand wash my masks and hang them out to dry.

Jewelry Organizer Turned Mask Dryer

After my sister saw my post, she went out to look for a dirty mask bucket and found this metal one from Winners for $7.99. How awesome is it! She will keep it by her front door for her girls to drop their dirty masks after they get home from school. I love that my sister takes my advice! ?

Face Mask Bucket

My Amazon Store:

If anyone is wondering about organizing products and some of my favorites, you’ll be happy to know that I’ve got them all together in one place. Check them all out right HERE in my Amazon shop. So many glorious things! And I’ve added quite a few new items this past month.

Catching Up With Org Junkie #5 ~ August 2020 Favorites: Pouches, Sprays &Amp; The Grinder!

Current Sponsor:

Finally I want to thank Smead Manufacturing Company for being a long-standing sponsor of my site. Smead is a woman-owned company well-known for its high quality, environmentally responsible products and innovative organizational systems. For more than a century, Smead has been committed to one purpose: Keeping You Organized.


Submit a Smead product review using this link and you could win a $100 Smead shopping spree! In addition, be sure to grab Smead’s new eBook called “Room by Room” organization. It features organization tips and advice for each room in the home from some of the top professional organizers in the world. Download your free copy today HERE. You can find Smead on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest as well as on their awesome Podcast and YouTube channel!

I hope you enjoyed taking this peek into my life and my August 2020 favorites. Tell me something that you are currently loving in your life.

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Catching Up With Org Junkie #5 ~ August 2020 Favorites: Pouches, Sprays &Amp; The Grinder!


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