Our Homeschool Room Tour

A complete look at our new homeschool room for the 2020-2021 school year. Whether you are homeschooling or schooling at home through e-learning, I hope you are encouraged today.

Homeschool Room Tour
Our Homeschool Room Tour 15

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Last fall, my husband and I began praying about the possibility of homeschooling our two young boys this school year. We made the decision to move forward with homeschooling in January and in March, our decision was fully solidified.

Now it seems as though many more are jumping onboard the homeschooling train! I was a public school kid my entire life and my husband spent his elementary years in private school and high school years in public school. So homeschooling is a whole new ballgame for us! But we are jumping in with both feet and very excited about the possibilities.

As a former teacher, my inner teacher-heart was very excited about homeschooling! I love all the planning, preparing, and organizing involved in going back to school. And the books. Oh, the books!

As we prepared to homeschool early this summer, we also made the switch to move our boys into the same bedroom. Doing so left our 3rd bedroom open. And, oh the possibilities!

Ultimately, the most logical use of the space was for our boys. So we decided to create a homeschool room that also functions as a children’s library and play space. And we couldn’t be more happy with how it all turned out! This has really turned into an extension of our living space.

So come along as I take you around! I hope you find some encouragement and motivation no matter what path you’ve chosen for your children this school year.

Check out the full homeschool room on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/tJfMnkMNF7Q

Homeschool Room Tour

Homeschool Room Tour
Our Homeschool Room Tour 16

As you walk into our homeschool room, you’ll see two cozy blue chairs in front of our window. I knew I wanted a space for my kids to sit and read books and this fits the bill! We added a floor lamp from Target as well as a small side table (actually a plant stand I found on clearance from Hobby Lobby!) to finish off this space.

I found these children’s book quote printables on Etsy and framed them in Ribba frames from Ikea. Then at the beginning of our school year, my boys painted the canvas as a fun art project. I think it adds a special touch that really makes the space feel like theirs!

Homeschool Room Tour
Our Homeschool Room Tour 17

This is a fairly small room (about 12’x12′) so we’ve had to make the most of the space we have. While this is functioning as a homeschool room for us now, it could very easily be converted into a bedroom again in the future. So we chose to keep the dresser and utilize it’s storage for extra homeschool supplies.

Homeschool Room Tour
Our Homeschool Room Tour 18

On top of the dresser, I’ve added a tray for all of our nature finds. We also have a roll of paper from Ikea for art projects. This 50 States book is one of our favorites for U.S. geography! We’ve already used it several times this year!

Above this dresser, I hung a Cavallini U.S. map I found on Amazon. Above that I hung a sign I already had from Hobby Lobby.

The top drawer of the dresser holds a few extra toys. The middle drawers houses our extra school supplies like notebooks, binders, and folders. And the bottom drawer holds extra blankets for fort building! ?

Book Display

Homeschool Room Tour
Our Homeschool Room Tour 19

I knew I wanted to utilize the space between the dresser and the closet. This was the perfect spot for a few book display shelves! I used this tutorial to build a few shelves with some scrap lumber we had on hand. I then lightly sanded and stained them in the color Briarsmoke. So these were completely free! I then attached them into studs so they can easily hold 5-6 heavy hardback books each!


Homeschool Room Tour
Our Homeschool Room Tour 20

The closet is storing several of our toys, arts and craft supplies, as well as Kindergarten manipulatives and hands-on activities. Plus, in the back right corner we store our boys’ keepsake bins.

I didn’t want to take out the bar just in case we do eventually turn this back into a bedroom. I’m sure I could make this space a little more organized, but I wanted to use what I already had on hand. And for now, this is working for us.

Homeschool Room Tour
Our Homeschool Room Tour 21

As you keep circling around the room, you’ll find another cube unit. Can you tell I really like these?! This 3 cube unit works perfect for our everyday work. Each of my boys has a bin that holds their books for their core subjects. The top bin holds our science unit study materials.

On top I have a few books we plan to read aloud together this fall. I also used a few mason jars to organize a few items like markers, clothespins for our art display at the top of this wall, and our calendar pieces. My Kindergartener’s calendar and weather chart hangs on a command hook on the side of this cube organizer. I grabbed it from the Target dollar spot recently and it’s just what I was looking for! We also have a trashcan placed just to the right next to our work station.

Homeschool Room Tour
Our Homeschool Room Tour 22

Work Station

This table is our work station! It’s perfect for my boys to work at! This is the Ingo table from Ikea. I just stained it with Briarsmoke stain and sealed it with a coat of polycrylic to give it a little protection. It’s the perfect size for this small space. We usually have two small black chairs at the table, but they had been removed for important duty when I took these pictures…fort building!!

Beside our desk on the right we use this basket from Target to house our library books. Above it hangs a monthly calendar I found at Target. I strung a piece of twine near the ceiling to create a place to display my boys’ artwork.

Homeschool Room Tour
Our Homeschool Room Tour 23

I used a utensil caddy I’ve had for several years from the Better Homes and Gardens line at Walmart to store all of our needed school supplies like pencils, markers, scissors, and glue. We also store a Kleenex box here because #allergyseason. I found this small letter board at Michael’s a few months ago in their dollar section near the register for just $3! This quote from The Reading Mother poem is one of my all time favorites!

Above this desk, I placed a chalkboard I’m planning to use for our science unit studies.

Homeschool Room Tour
Our Homeschool Room Tour 24

For now, we are using this black bookcase we already had beside the door. It’s working great to house all of our curriculum, history read aloud books, and any other resource books we are planning to use throughout the year.

On top I’ve placed our electric pencil sharpener, a diffuser, and a stack of some of our favorite resource books including An Anthology of Intriguing Animals, Ocean Anatomy, and Nature Anatomy. I hung this bulletin board from Target on the wall above to hold our science vocabulary words for each unit.

Children’s Library

Homeschool Room Tour
Our Homeschool Room Tour 25

Finally, we have our two large white bookcases. The one on the left is a Billy bookcase from Ikea and the one on the right we build ourselves. Eventually we would like to build two more to match and just have one large wall of bookcases. But one project at a time! ?

The bottom two shelves hold most of our picture books. The books get gradually harder as you work your way up. Most of these books are perfect for my Kindergartener and 4th grader. But I know eventually I’ll be adding more to this so that 3rd tall bookcase is going to be necessary. I’m definitely not a minimalist when it comes to children’s books! ?

Beside the bookcases we have a round basket by Threshold at Target that holds all of our Lego Duplos. I don’t believe they make this one anymore, but here is one that’s similar.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of our small, simple homeschool room! I’m sure this space will get a lot of love this school year. And even though we live in a small home, I’m so thankful we were able to carve out this small little space in our home that our boys can feel comfortable in while they learn, create, imagine, and discover this school year.

What has your family decided to do for school this year?

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