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This All Natural And Warm Colored Apartment Is A Lovely Dwelling To Live In, There's Much Natural Wood In Light Shades And Microcement To Comeplete The Look

This all-natural and warm-colored apartment is a lovely dwelling to live in, there’s much natural wood in light shades and microcement to comeplete the look

OBRIY.architects has completed the design of a light-filled apartment in the center of Kiev, Ukraine. The ample new residence boasts stunning views over the city and is characterized by a palette of natural materials and warm-toned colors.

When shaping the new apartment, OBRIY decided to emphasize the windows that lined the floor plan by creating a gallery feature with timber-covered shelves and walls in between the openings. This gallery is designed to connect the kitchen and dining area with the lounge zone. They also covered the heating elements under the windows with wooden boxes to make the lines of the gallery cleaner. Extra storage drawers are inserted in the gaps between the radiators. To complement the natural color of the wooden surfaces, the design team applied a warm grey concrete floor and decorative plaster on effect walls. The remaining walls are painted off-white to create an overall organic and earthy color palette.

The kitchen is designed with precise lines and seems almost monolithic. OBRIY chose white for the kitchen island to bring a pure accent to the room while blending in with the other colors of the space. The dining area is articulated by a large table made from bleached American ash. The bedroom uses the same plaster effect for the walls, making the room feel cozy and relaxing. Within this space, similar design principles are used such as boxing the heating elements and drawers. There is a master bathroom located next to the bedroom. for the floor, the designers decided to use the same microcement they used for the kitchen and living room. Take a look at the pics of these adorable light-filled spaces and get inspired!


The Large Main Layout Is Flooded With Natural Light, There's Wooden And White Furniture

The large main layout is flooded with natural light, there’s wooden and white furniture

The Dining Zone Is Done With A Chic Table And Scultupral Chairs That Define The Look

The dining zone is done with a chic table and scultupral chairs that define the look

You May See Adorable Lamps And Minimalist Floating Shelves

You may see adorable lamps and minimalist floating shelves

The Master Bedroom Is Super Laconic, With A Floating Bed With Built-In Lights And Some Rugs

The master bedroom is super laconic, with a floating bed with built-in lights and some rugs

The Bathroom Is Clad With Catchy Printed Tiles And Features Black Appliances

The bathroom is clad with catchy printed tiles and features black appliances

The Living Room Is All-Neutral, With A Cool Sectional, A Tv And Some More Shelves

The living room is all-neutral, with a cool sectional, a TV and some more shelves

The Kitchen Shows Off Sleek Cabinetry And A White Kitchen Island Plus Elegant Lightting

The kitchen shows off sleek cabinetry and a white kitchen island plus elegant lightting

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