Minimalist Apartment With Red Pigment Cement Surfaces

This Stylish Minimalist Apartment Was Created For A Young Couple With Urban Lifestyle

This stylish minimalist apartment was created for a young couple with urban lifestyle

OBRIY architects has designed the Polar apartment for a young couple in Kyiv, Ukraine. Using a monochromatic palette and linear elements, the studio has formed a contemporary living space that responds to the challenges of modern city life and reflects the residents’ lifestyle effectively.

Applying minimalist color and material combinations, the OBRIY team has generated a simple, neat overall interior. In order to make the kitchen more welcoming and playful, the architects used micro cement with pale red pigment for the floor and some of the walls. The centerpiece is the kitchen table, which was designed individually as both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The couple has requested a spacious and comfortable lounge area to accommodate their friends. Therefore, OBRIY used a modular couch design by NORM architects that can be easily moved throughout the space. In addition, the clients wanted to use a projector instead of a TV, which was integrated into the ceiling structure. The empty space that is left behind the couch and under the staircase is filled with plants diluting the monochrome interior with a pop of bright green.

On the second floor of the apartment, there is a master bedroom, a bathroom, and a home office. The master bedroom is formed according to the overall minimalist aesthetic, with some important differences. the aim was to create a warm, cozy room for rest, recharge, or meditation.

The architects wanted to avoid the typical white bathroom design, so they made the quick decision to make it black. Here, OBRIY has applied water-resistant micro cement with black pigment, while also adding an accent sink covered with pale red micro cement, same as the one from the first floor. The warm light and the colorful sink make the space surprisingly calm.

The Kitchen Is Done With Open Facades And Red Pigment Cement For A Bold Statement

The kitchen is done with open facades and red pigment cement for a bold statement

The Dining Space Is Also Here, It's A Kitchen Island And The Space Is Flooded With Light

The dining space is also here, it’s a kitchen island and the space is flooded with light

The Living Room Is Also Here, It's Done With Elegant And Comfy Black Furniture

The living room is also here, it’s done with elegant and comfy black furniture

The Bedroom Is All-Minimalist, With A Bed On A Platform And Built-In Lights

The bedroom is all-minimalist, with a bed on a platform and built-in lights

There's A Glass Enclosed Closet And A Stylish Bathroom Here

There’s a glass enclosed closet and a stylish bathroom here

The Bathroom Is Done In Black, With A Red Pigment Cement Vanity And Sink

The bathroom is done in black, with a red pigment cement vanity and sink

There's A Bathtub And Black Appliances For A Bold And Unique Statement

There’s a bathtub and black appliances for a bold and unique statement

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