Get your gift wrap rolls stored & organized. Once and for all

6 best tips for gift wrap storage and organization

As the holiday season rolls around, Nadine asked a preemptive question: “How do you store your gift paper rolls?”

The usual case, before the holidays we get a variety of gift wrap and then when the holidays are over, we end up with reams of paper. And scratching our heads wondering where to store them till next year.

So, what are your best ideas for gift wrap storage?

The community over at our Facebook Group offered lots of suggestions.

#1 Use a garment bag

Amy suggested using a garment bag to hang up the rolls in your storage closet, as seen in The Chic Site.

Just place the paper rolls into the bag and stash away till your next wrapping session.

6 Best Gift Wrap Storage Ideas

Photo: The Chic Site

For this to work, get garment bags with a sealed or zippered bottom like the STUK garment bag. Open ended bags like the cheaper PLURING won’t work.

#2 Use a plastic bag dispenser

Without a doubt, the VARIERA plastic bag dispenser reigns supreme in this. Use it to hold paper rolls vertically or horizontally. I especially like the rolls in horizontal position. You’ll be able to fit in way more rolls in a single dispenser and the holes naturally hold the rolls in shape.

6 Best Gift Wrap Storage Ideas

You can even use it at an angle for easy access.

Variera Plastic Bag Dispenser For Paper Rolls

Photo: House of Hepworths

#3 Use a kitchen rail

Another great idea is to make use of the slim space behind the door. Stefanie used the old BYGEL rail (still available on Amazon) fastened to her door and curtain clips to hang up the rolls. She added baskets to the rail for her other gift wrapping essentials.

6 Best Gift Wrap Storage Ideas

Photo: BrooklynLimestone

Now, the BYGEL has gone the way of the dodo. The newer rails, like the KUNGSFORS or FINTORP may work. Just make sure the curtain clip hook is large enough to loop the rail.

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#4 Use a storage case

IKEA, in some countries, offers a SKUBB storage case for wrapping paper. I know IKEA UK has it (lucky you!). Zip up and stash it away under the bed.

Ikea Skubb Wrapping Paper Storage Case


Amazon sells a similar storage case, for the rest who can’t get their hands on the IKEA version.

#5 Use a hanger

The KOMPLEMENT multi-use hanger is brilliant for hanging up paper rolls of any sort. Hang a pair on the wall using brackets and just slot the rolls in.

#6 Use curtain rods

Curtain rods are great if you want to keep your gift wrap accessible and organized. The example below from BHG used curtain rods, fastened on a wall (or board) with hardware. Paper can be easily accessed and replaced when empty.

6 Best Gift Wrap Storage Ideas

Photo: Better Homes and Garden

Get the affordable IRJA curtain rod set and you can have a gift wrap station for very little money.

What other gift wrap storage ideas do you have? Let us know in the comments.

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