Gift Unique and Unexpected Chocolates by London-Based BRIK

For those who cannot be with their loved ones over the up-and-coming holiday meals… consider sending some truly unique and unexpected sweets that strike conversation and intrigue.

London-based chocolate company BRIK is breaking the mold with its approach to chocolate. Headed by Danish designer Kia Utzon-Frank (great niece of Sydney Opera House architect Jørn Utzon) and retail strategist Raffaella Baruzzo, BRIK uses textures, materials and architectural surfaces as inspiration for its creations and as a vehicle for amazing flavor combinations.

Gift Unique And Unexpected Chocolates By London-Based Brik

The chocolate tastes as intriguing as it looks and is created using only natural ingredients, plastic free packaging and produced in the most sustainable way possible.

Kia Utzon-Frank comments: “We are constantly playing with the ambiguity of edible vs non-edible, the inspiration from the natural and industrial worlds. We want to catch people’s unawares and spark a reaction of curiosity, of amazement, and of surprise, resulting in having them look at our chocolate in the same way they’d look at an awe-inspiring building or a technological wonder.”

Gift Unique And Unexpected Chocolates By London-Based Brik

From slabs to spheres, the chocolate comes in a variety of sizes and shapes all overseen by Kia over the course of several days. Each and every piece is unique, as there is no set-in-stone technique.

As well as experimenting with size and shape, they aim to appeal to all five taste receptors: sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami. They use all natural ingredients sourced with great care, organic bergamot from Calabria, organic South European rosemary with notes of lemon, high grade matcha harvested by a family business in Kyoto, vegan chocolate bases supplied by botanists and activated charcoal from burnt coconut.

Gift Unique And Unexpected Chocolates By London-Based Brik

BRIK also cares deeply about the planet; every aspect of the company, from naturally sourced ingredients to plastic-free compostable packaging, aims to be as sustainable as possible for a small company.

Raffaella explains: “For us, sustainability is not an option – it’s a given. We use only natural ingredients and have very little waste production. We also work with local charities on enhancing knowledge of food and health for children, as well as global tree planting charities. A percentage of our profit goes towards this work and all employees are encouraged to volunteer.”

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