How to Style Unique Finds in Your Greenwich Interior Design

Here at Kati Curtis Design, we specialize in globally inspired interior design. Many of the pieces we work with in our styling vault are unique and sourced from all over the world. We feel that a well rounded global influence really makes our designs more personal and exciting. Today we’re talking about ways to style some of the more unique finds you may have from your own travels, and how we’ve used them in our Greenwich interior designs.

Colorful Pottery

Pottery has always been a staple when it comes to styling. Here at KCD, we love to use colorful pottery in our designs to really bring out some color. One of our favorite ways to incorporate pottery is with books. You can use it on a bookshelf, on top of a stack of books, or to lean books against. We used this vintage ceramic vase as a bookend in our clients’ colorful bedroom. See the full project here!

Totems and Vessels

Totems are really special pieces to use in design. Traditionally, a totem is an emblem or symbol of something in the culture of its origin. They all mean different things, and are usually very sacred. This particular totem was found during my travels in India, and is one of my favorite pieces. You don’t quite know what it is, so it becomes very versatile. You can use it as a lamp base, or by itself to add height. Since totems are typically pretty narrow, they don’t take up a lot of surface space, but they still make a great impact. We used this Indian Vessel to draw attention to the vertical lines throughout the room in a unique way. Drawing in colors from the room and also adding in some roundness to an otherwise linear room made all the difference. See the full project here!

Upper West Side Apartment Interior Design By Kati Curtis Design


Much like totems, animals have come to mean different things in design. As a proud cat mom, I have a lot of cat inspired decor throughout my home. In particular, I’ve grown a small collection of Chinese money cats, which are traditionally placed by the front door and symbolize prosperity. While most animals have a traditional meaning, I say to use whatever animals speak to you personally. One of the great interior designers, Mario Buatta, had an extensive collection of dogs throughout his home. Decorating with animal inspired pieces can bring an element of whimsy to any room, and usually make an appearance in our Greenwich interior design. These Enamel Cats were the perfect accent to add to our clients’ playful home. We placed them on top of their china cabinet to accentuate the high ceilings and balance out the statement chandelier. Take a look at the full project here.


Mini Ottomans/Benches

Another styling piece we like to incorporate are mini ottomans and benches. When I was in India, I found these two small benches and immediately fell in love. They had great color, were very unique, and really brought in that collected feel. The possibilities for use are endless! You can use small benches as added storage by a console for your shoes or coffee table for extra books. Another great option is to use it as a laptop stand in your home office to elevate your computer for Zoom meetings. This Vintage Indian Bench was a perfect fit for the Kips Bay Show House. Playing off the Asian influences we had throughout the home- this small pop of color was a great way to add some extra comfort to a small space.

Kati Curtis Design Nyc Interior Designer


While we love to use urns in our styling, they are one of those pieces you need to be careful with. If not done right, they can look a bit morbid. We like to incorporate colors and patterns that differentiate them from the standard urn. Another great way to use urns is in pairs or styled with multiple pieces. Urns are a very versatile styling piece to have in your arsenal. They combine the height, color, and pattern of a vase, but you don’t have to fill them with anything! With vases, I typically feel that they need to be “flowered” or have something in them. But urns are beautiful all on their own.  This rare colorful urn by Aldo Londi was the perfect fit on this mantle. The pink and gold is a very rare combination to have on the urn, and when you open it, it has a beautiful purple glaze to it. See more of this project here.

Pink Bitossi Urn

We love getting to work with globally sourced and vintage pieces because of all the history and culture behind each piece. Using these pieces makes all the difference in our Greenwich interior design. Plus, it’s better for the environment! If you’re looking to start your own collection, definitely take a look at our shop to see our exclusive vault of hand selected pieces from around the world. See you next week!

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