5 Fun Interior Design Games For Your Phone or Laptop

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As much fun as it is to use an app to lay out your home’s rooms or visualize a new wall color, sometimes, maybe, you can’t help but wonder what things might look like without any limitations. Similarly to the imaginary games you might have played as a kid, it’s tempting to think about what cool features and elements you could create in a home with an infinite budget and the ability to erase mistakes or redo something with the click of a button. Well, that’s where interior design games come in, and no, you don’t have to be in elementary school to enjoy experimenting on these platforms. Here are five design games to set your imagination wild.

1. Design Home: House Renovation

This game, that’s available for iOs and Android devices, allows you to get creative with dreaming up homes for clients, real or imaginary—and provides in-app rewards for the completion of each successful project. While the download itself is free, one of the most interesting aspects of this game is that if you fall in love with a suede couch or pendant lamp, you can actually purchase it for your real life home via the app.

2. Homestyler Interior Designer

While this app can be used to design a home IRL, it’s just as easily available to play around on for fun. Android user and iOs users can upload images of rooms in their respective homes and test out different types of furniture, accent pieces, paint colors, and flooring. The app also allows you to select products from popular retailers and browse through other users’ projects for a dose of decorating inspiration.

3. My Home – Design Dreams

Condos, villas—you name your dream home, and you’ll be able to design your version of it in this game that’s available for download for Android and Apple users. Aside from perfecting the layout of each room, this is another app that features puzzles—you can even chat with and befriend your virtual landlord, because, why not?

4. My Home Makeover – Design Your Dream House Games

Fans of puzzles and home decor will like this particular game that involves working with clients on decorating their homes and solving puzzles to unlock activities like virtual renovating and flipping to decorating and building. Owners of Android phones can download this fun, free app from the Google Play store.

5. Home Design: Caribbean Life

Featuring all the same features as most other design games, this one focuses on letting you sit back, relax, and design the home you’d want to occupy if you were living it up on a tropical island. Both Android users and Apple owners can download the game for free and get started on crafting that virtual beachfront pad in Aruba, for example.

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