54 Unexpected Colorful And Vibrant Halloween Décor Ideas

Unexpected Colorful And Vibrant Halloween Decor Ideas Cover

We got used to Halloween parties in black, red or orange but what about rocking some hot and kinda unexpected colors? Go green, purple, red, hot pink or any other colors that you like to make your party decor look unusual, bold and very stylish. Here are some ideas!

Colorful Pumpkins

Pumpkins are a must for fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving decor and to make yours special you may paint them in bold colors, add cool and quirky quotes with letter stickers, paint various fun things and patterns for a unique look. Decorate your mantel or steps placing rainbow-colored pumpkins on them, and the result will be amazing! Try those trendy decor ideas like marble, watercolor, color block on your pumpkins to make them look ultimate. Use your colorful pumpkins as jars for apple cider or as bowls for sweets to make those trick-o-treaters happy.

A Green Pumpkin Monster Filled With Candies Is Inspired By Monster Corporation And Looks Super Cool

a green pumpkin monster filled with candies is inspired by Monster Corporation and looks super cool

An Ombre Pumpkin In White, Orange And Pink Is A Bold And Cool Decoration Not Only For Fall But Also For Halloween

an ombre pumpkin in white, orange and pink is a bold and cool decoration not only for fall but also for Halloween

Purple, Pink, Turquoise And Neutral Pumpkins With Fun Patterns On Them Are Amazing For Halloween

purple, pink, turquoise and neutral pumpkins with fun patterns on them are amazing for Halloween

Funny Pastel Pumpkins With Phrases That Rock Are Ideal For Modern Halloween Parties

funny pastel pumpkins with phrases that rock are ideal for modern Halloween parties

Fun Colorful Halloween Pumpkins With Various Patterns, Words, Eyes And Lips Are Fantastic

fun colorful Halloween pumpkins with various patterns, words, eyes and lips are fantastic

Colorful Pumpkins With Gilded Stems Put On Steps Are Amazing For Fall And Halloween Decor

colorful pumpkins with gilded stems put on steps are amazing for fall and Halloween decor

Colorful Pompom Pumpkins Will Easily Fit Halloween, Fall And Thanksgiving Parties In Bold Shades

colorful pompom pumpkins will easily fit Halloween, fall and Thanksgiving parties in bold shades

Colorful Modern Pumpkin With No Carve Decor, Only Letter Stickers For Halloween

colorful modern pumpkin with no carve decor, only letter stickers for Halloween

Colorful And Neon Pumpkins With Various Decor And Letters For A Bright Halloween Party

colorful and neon pumpkins with various decor and letters for a bright Halloween party

An Oversized Color Block Red And Pink Pumpkin With Boo Letters Is Amazing For Halloween

an oversized color block red and pink pumpkin with BOO letters is amazing for Halloween

An Arrangement Of Halloween Pumpkins With Fun And Quirky Phrases On Them For A Modern Touch

an arrangement of Halloween pumpkins with fun and quirky phrases on them for a modern touch

80S Halloween Party Pumpkins With Bright Patterns Are Amazing For Halloween Decor

80s Halloween party pumpkins with bright patterns are amazing for Halloween decor

Colorful Decor

Make colorful Halloween lights, crazy cheerful wreaths, try neon – it’ll look so modern! Put some googly eyes, spiders, snakes and blood drops in various colors – have fun! As on this day food becomes a part of décor, we advise you to add these colors to the food also – that’s gonna be fun! Such décor and food will make your party memorable and it’s also ideal for a kids’ party. Create a fun ombre skeleton, a colorful unicorn skeleton, bright tassel ghost garlands, bats, spiders and other stuff. Pay special attention to your Halloween tree if any – it can be bright itself, or you may take a usual basic one and decorate it with all things colorful. Style your party table with bright pumpkins, skeletons and skulls and watercolor and marble plates. Hang a bright backdrop for your dessert table and bar, rock bold blooms, maybe faux ones, add colorful snakes and spiders there, go for bold balloons and pumpkins plus ombre candle lanterns around. Enjoy the pics below and get inspired!

super bright and fun Halloween styling with <a href=color block half pumpkins, a bright spiderweb, pompom bats and plants” title=”super bright and fun Halloween styling with color block half pumpkins, a bright spiderweb, pompom bats and plants” src=”” data-lazy-src=”https://www.buyshop24.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/1600274977_323_54-Unexpected-Colorful-And-Vibrant-Halloween-Decor-Ideas.jpg” width=”564″ height=”845″/>

super bright and fun Halloween styling with color block half pumpkins, a bright spiderweb, pompom bats and plants

Rainbow Pumpkins, Colorful Balloons, Bright Tassle Ghosts And A Garland For Halloween

rainbow pumpkins, colorful balloons, bright tassle ghosts and a garland for Halloween

Pink, Orange And White Pumpkins, Pink And Mustard Candles, Bright Floral Arrangements For Halloween

pink, orange and white pumpkins, pink and mustard candles, bright floral arrangements for Halloween

Make A Colorful Ombre Skeleton For Halloween In Just One Quick Step And Impress Everyone

make a colorful ombre skeleton for Halloween in just one quick step and impress everyone

Colorize Your Halloween Party With A Colorful Toilet Paper Roll And Bright Pumpkins

colorize your Halloween party with a colorful toilet paper roll and bright pumpkins

Bright Oversized Tassel Ghosts, Colorful Paper Ghosts, Color Block Pumpkins And Patterns

bright oversized tassel ghosts, colorful paper ghosts, color block pumpkins and patterns

Blush And Orange Balloons With Bats, Matching Pumpkins And Silver Fringe Plus Spiderwebs And A Gravestone

blush and orange balloons with bats, matching pumpkins and silver fringe plus spiderwebs and a gravestone

An Oversized Colorful Balloon Garland With Bats, Bright Books And Pumpkins For Halloween Decor

an oversized colorful balloon garland with bats, bright books and pumpkins for Halloween decor

An Arrangement Of Colorful Pumpkins With Glitter Stems For An Ultimate Glam Halloween Party

an arrangement of colorful pumpkins with glitter stems for an ultimate glam Halloween party

A Super Colorful Paper Flower Wreath With Painted Sugar Skulls Is A Chic Piece That Can Be Diyed

a super colorful paper flower wreath with painted sugar skulls is a chic piece that can be DIYed

A Super Bright Bar Cart Filled With Colorful Pumpkins And Paper Balls, Colorful Barware And With Letters Above

a super bright bar cart filled with colorful pumpkins and paper balls, colorful barware and with letters above

A Super Bold Pastel Halloween Tablescape With Watercolor Plates, Pumpkins, Drinks And Candies

a super bold pastel Halloween tablescape with watercolor plates, pumpkins, drinks and candies

A Rainbow Pumpkin Mantel With Bats, Eyeballs In The Fireplace For Fun And Bold Halloween Styling

a rainbow pumpkin mantel with bats, eyeballs in the fireplace for fun and bold Halloween styling

A Lovely Pastel Skull, Pumpkin And Bloom Wreath With Feathers, Ribbon Bows And Leaves For Halloween

a lovely pastel skull, pumpkin and bloom wreath with feathers, ribbon bows and leaves for Halloween

A Halloween Mantel With Bright Felt Garlands, Colorful Pumpkins And Pompoms And A Yarn Sign

a Halloween mantel with bright felt garlands, colorful pumpkins and pompoms and a yarn sign

A Colorful Unicorn Skeleton With Bright Stacked Pumpkins Is A Unique Halloween Decoration To Rock

a colorful unicorn skeleton with bright stacked pumpkins is a unique Halloween decoration to rock

A Colorful Halloween Tree In Orange, With Pastel Ornaments And Balloons, Striped Garlands And Jack-O-Lanterns

a colorful Halloween tree in orange, with pastel ornaments and balloons, striped garlands and jack-o-lanterns

A Colorful Halloween Drink Bar With Bright Pumpkins, Ombre Glasses And A Sprinkle Sign, A Lush Floral Centerpiece

a colorful Halloween drink bar with bright pumpkins, ombre glasses and a sprinkle sign, a lush floral centerpiece

A Colorful Candy Bar With A Bright Tassel Garland And Silver Letter Balloons Plus A Pineapple For A Tropical Feel

a colorful candy bar with a bright tassel garland and silver letter balloons plus a pineapple for a tropical feel

A Color Block Halloween Tree In Orange And Yellow, With Striped Oversized Ornaments, Black Ornaments And Mini Ghosts And Bats Over It

a color block Halloween tree in orange and yellow, with striped oversized ornaments, black ornaments and mini ghosts and bats over it

A Color Block Halloween Tree In Orange And Yellow, With Skeletons, Eyeballs, Bones And Masks Is Crazy

a color block Halloween tree in orange and yellow, with skeletons, eyeballs, bones and masks is crazy

A Cauldron With Lots Of Bright And Gltiter Ornaments And Eyeballs Is A Gorgeous Halloween Decoration

a cauldron with lots of bright and gltiter ornaments and eyeballs is a gorgeous Halloween decoration

A Bright Purple Halloween Tree With Colorful Ornaments And Pumpkins, A Witch Hat And A Spider Is All Fun

a bright purple Halloween tree with colorful ornaments and pumpkins, a witch hat and a spider is all fun

A Bright Halloween Mantel With Bold Rainbow Pumpkins, A Mini Pumpkin Garland, Yarn Letters And A Pompom Basket

a bright Halloween mantel with bold rainbow pumpkins, a mini pumpkin garland, yarn letters and a pompom basket

A Bright And Fun Halloween Porch With Turquoise, Pink, Blush Pumpkins And Signs And Pillows

a bright and fun Halloween porch with turquoise, pink, blush pumpkins and signs and pillows

A Bright And Chic Halloween Mantel With Fuchsia Velvet Pumpkins, Purple Bats And Spiders, Pink Skull Hands And Pastel Bats

a bright and chic Halloween mantel with fuchsia velvet pumpkins, purple bats and spiders, pink skull hands and pastel bats

A Bold Halloween Tree In Black, With Colorful Ornaments, Skeleton Hands, Eyeballs And Beads Is Fun

a bold Halloween tree in black, with colorful ornaments, skeleton hands, eyeballs and beads is fun

Bold Neon Green Dessert Table Styling With Bright Stands, Bowls, Trays And Balloons Over The Table

bold neon green dessert table styling with bright stands, bowls, trays and balloons over the table

Colorful Day Of The Dead Entrance Styling With Bold Paper Blooms, Pompoms, Spiders, Skulls And Colorful Candle Lanterns

colorful Day of the Dead entrance styling with bold paper blooms, pompoms, spiders, skulls and colorful candle lanterns

Crazy Colorful Entrnace Styling In Bold Colors, With Ribbons, Pops, Skeletons, Pumpkins, Spiders And Skulls

crazy colorful entrnace styling in bold colors, with ribbons, pops, skeletons, pumpkins, spiders and skulls

A Super Colorful Halloween Wreath In Orange, Purple And Green, With Ribbons, Berries, Ornaments And Witches' Hats And Legs

a super colorful Halloween wreath in orange, purple and green, with ribbons, berries, ornaments and witches’ hats and legs

Colorful And Printed Paper Bags With Candies As Party Favors Or Treats For Tick-O-Treaters

colorful and printed paper bags with candies as party favors or treats for tick-o-treaters

Glossy Copper, Black And Pink Pumpkins Are Classics For A Modern And Bright Halloween Party

glossy copper, black and pink pumpkins are classics for a modern and bright Halloween party

Colorful And Fun Halloween Signs To Decorate Your Outdoor Spaces For Halloween And To Make Them Look Cool

colorful and fun Halloween signs to decorate your outdoor spaces for Halloween and to make them look cool

An Oversized Test Tube With Green Solution And Some Eyeballs Is An Easy Halloween Decoration You Can Make Yourself

an oversized test tube with green solution and some eyeballs is an easy Halloween decoration you can make yourself

A Purple And Orange Vase With Bold Eyeball Bouquets Is A Creative And Fun Decoration For Halloween

a purple and orange vase with bold eyeball bouquets is a creative and fun decoration for Halloween

A Black Halloween Tree Decorated With Purple And Orange Ribbons, Lights, Wooden Ornaments And A Witch Hat On Top

a black Halloween tree decorated with purple and orange ribbons, lights, wooden ornaments and a witch hat on top

Bright Halloween Dessert Table Styling With A Polka Dot Backdrop, Orange Glitter Letters, Bold Sweets And Candies On Bold Trays For A Kids' Party

bright Halloween dessert table styling with a polka dot backdrop, orange glitter letters, bold sweets and candies on bold trays for a kids’ party

An Old Bucket With Moss And Striped Snakes Is Inspired By Nightmare Before Christmas

an old bucket with moss and striped snakes is inspired by Nightmare Before Christmas

Ombre Pink And Purple Jars With Scary Scenes Made With Black Paper And Candles Are Easy And Stylish Halloween Decorations

ombre pink and purple jars with scary scenes made with black paper and candles are easy and stylish Halloween decorations

Trees Wrapped With Purple, Orange And Red Lights Are Cool For Outdoor Halloween Decor And Can Be Easily Applied

trees wrapped with purple, orange and red lights are cool for outdoor Halloween decor and can be easily applied

Super Bright Halloween Decor - A Bold Striped Backdrop With Glitter Touches, A Black Table With Pink And Black Pumpkins And Bold Sweets

super bright Halloween decor – a bold striped backdrop with glitter touches, a black table with pink and black pumpkins and bold sweets

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