Comfortable Botaniczna Apartment In Warm And Soothing Shades

This Calming And Soothing Apartment Was Created For A Couple With Stressful Jobs And It's Very Comfortable And Welcoming

This calming and soothing apartment was created for a couple with stressful jobs and it’s very comfortable and welcoming

The high-pressure medical jobs of the couple living in this Poznań apartment led Agnieszka Owsiany Studio to apply a calming mix of wood and pale marble throughout the interiors. The owners requested that the studio compose a calming home environment where they could unwind at the end of their often stressful workdays. They wanted a high quality, almost hotel-like space as they were in need of everyday comfort.

The designer wanted to create something timeless, hence the idea to use the materials such as wood and travertine which age beautifully and hopefully won’t be replaced within many years. All the kinds of wood and stone she chose, have these nice, soothing warm tones. Wooden chevron flooring runs throughout the home’s open-plan living and dining room, at the center of which sits a plump sofa upholstered in brown leather.

The kitchen is placed in the corner of the room, finished with oak cabinetry. Slim slabs of creamy travertine marble have been used to make the splashback behind the stove and the breakfast island. A cozy, wood-paneled hallway leads to the apartment’s other rooms, which lie behind floor-to-ceiling doors.

Agnieszka Owsiany Studio has continued using much the same material palette – for example, burl wood has been used to create a vanity desk in the master bedroom. Oak storage units feature in the adjacent walk-in-wardrobe, which is neatly obscured by a linen-curtain screen. The same travertine marble that features in the kitchen has been used to line surfaces in the bathroom and to make the washbasins. In the home office, oak lines the back wall and a full-height gridded shelf.

The Designer Used Only Timeless Materials And Extremely Comfortable Furniture And Layouts To Help The Owners Rest From Their Work

The designer used only timeless materials and extremely comfortable furniture and layouts to help the owners rest from their work

The Kitchen And Dining Space Are United Into One Layout, With Chic Furniture, Quirky Art And Bold Lamps

The kitchen and dining space are united into one layout, with chic furniture, quirky art and bold lamps

The Kitchen Cabietry Is Made Of Oak And You May See A Travetine Marble Island And Backsplashes For A Luxurious And Beautiful Accent

The kitchen cabietry is made of oak and you may see a travetine marble island and backsplashes for a luxurious and beautiful accent

Burl Wood Has Been Used To Make A Distinctive Vanity Desk In The Bedroom

Burl wood has been used to make a distinctive vanity desk in the bedroom

The Bathroom Is Also Clad With Travertine Marble, And There's An Oak Vanity To Echo With The Kitchen

The bathroom is also clad with travertine marble, and there’s an oak vanity to echo with the kitchen

The Home Office Is Done With Wood, There Are Open And Closed Storage Units And A Stunning Black Chair

The home office is done with wood, there are open and closed storage units and a stunning black chair

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