Color Combinations Based on Enneagram Type

“Usually when you’re decorating, it’s a mood you start out with,” says Eiseman. “What do you want your bedroom to feel like? What’s your goal? That way we’re creating a setting for ourselves.”

Eiseman explains that conventional thinking says extroverted people would lean toward bright colors in their space, but perhaps they wear bright clothing on their bodies and are out-and-about all day, so when they come home, they might prefer a calmer setting and pick more earthy tones for their room decor. 

However, the opposite could also be true. 

“It could be that a person says ‘I am very zen-like in my clothing, I like straight lines, I’m a minimalist, and I want my home to look that way,” she says. 

Eiseman has identified eight leading moods of color and unexpected color combinations that might arise from them, and I couldn’t help but notice some stark similarities in Enneagram types and the color mood palettes. Read on to find out which unexpected, beautiful palette fits your type.

Color Mood: Contemplative

Color combination: Birch and Bright Red Violet

Enneagram Type 1s love a set of rules, and they love people who follow the rules. You know which color mood has the most straight forward set of rules? The contemplative color mood, also known as the minimalist color palette. But Eiseman says to not discount a bold pop of color in this type of palette. Uh-oh Type 1s, can you handle that?

“It doesn’t mean it’s all white, beige, and gray, end of story,” she says. Those who follow a contemplative color palette in their homes might keep their furniture and walls neutral, but bring in an exciting color via a beautiful piece of artwork.

Eiseman says this color palette might have neutrals such as Feather Gray, Birch, Ivory, Willow Green, Jade Green, but then also bring in something more dramatic such as Bright Red Violet or other purple or red shades.

Color Combination: Pearl Blush, Silver Birch, and Seedling green

Eiseman says the nurturing color mood palette consists of those baby blanket pastels that take people back to a time when they were the ones being taken care of.

“This is a place where you feel safe, and snug, and loved. It’s usually pastels like peach, pink, aqua, and soft yellows,” she says.

How fitting for a Type 2, since they’re usually the ones taking care of others. Perhaps they might decorate their home with these softer, warmer tones that invoke a nostalgic feeling of being held and cared for.

Color Combination: Seafoam Green and Gray Violet

Type 3s are the Homecoming Court or Class President types. They are success-oriented, and usually chosen by their peers to be representative of the whole. For this reason, I am donning Type 3s with the tranquil color mood, since that’s the mood so many are trying to capture at home. The winning attitude of the Type 3 achievers means they’ve probably mastered this vibe, and now everyone can look up to them for that.

Eiseman says in her research, many people cite the beach or a nice outdoor hike with giving them a feeling of tranquility, thereby awarding this palette its earthy combination tones of Sea Blue, Seafoam Green, Gray Violet, and bluer, cool-toned-whites.

“It’s the kind of atmosphere that makes you instantly feel like you’ve taken a deep breath,” she adds.

Type 4: The Individualist

Color Combination: Dusty Lavender, Teal Blue, and Apricot Cream

Oh, Type 4. You sensitive piece of beauty. You’re the most romantic of the Enneagrams, and that’s also landing you the romantic color palette. 

Eiseman says the romantic color mood embodies a genuine sense of intimacy, nostalgia, and sentimentality. “These are the kind of people that like to search flea markets until they find just the right thing,” she says.

Eiseman notes this color palette contains colors that are not too deep, not too pale, not too hot or cool, but somewhere in between—like tones you would find naturally in flowers.

Romantic color combinations would be Dusty Lavender, Teal Blue, and Apricot Cream or Tawny Birch, Bridal Rose, and Bottle Green.

Color Combination: Curry with Hot Pink and Indigo Blue 

Type 5s are intense, perceptive, secretive, and always in search of the truth. Their curiosity for the world makes them well-traveled, landing them the “urban jungle” of color moods, the sensuous color palette.

Eiseman explains that this palette is a more luxurious take on the romantic palette with opulent, plushy textures. It’s warm, yet also seductive.

“The sensuous palette has more exotic, and also metallic finishes,” says Eiseman.  She also adds that this person’s home would likely contain influences from their travels.

Sensuous color combinations would be Curry with Hot Pink and Indigo Blue or Italian Plum with Rich Gold and Antique Bronze.

Color Combination: Winery Red, Eggplant, Taupe, and Hunter Green

Type 6s are so loyal that they are not afraid to “go down with the ship” whether that’s holding onto friendships or their beliefs, and that’s why the traditional color mood is perfect for them.

Eiseman says that those drawn to the traditional color palette will occasionally try newer trends, but traditional styles make them feel most at home. Type 6’s are reliable and trustworthy, just like a traditional color mood.

This color palette includes combinations of Winery Red, Eggplant, Taupe, and Hunter Green.  

Color Combination: Electric Blue, Grass Green, Daffodil, and Bright Rose

The whimsical color mood is for the young and the young at heart, and if that’s not a Type 7, /i don’t know what is. 

“This is a fun-loving, free-spirited, joyful combination,” says Eiseman. “It’s as if you threw a bunch of jellybeans up in the air and when they landed, you looked at them and said ‘I’m going to take one of these, and one of these, and one of these, and they’re all going to look great together.”

Yep, sounds just like a 7.

Eiseman says this is a childlike color palette, so it plays off of primary and secondary colors—but don’t let that information limit your imagination.

“You have to think of every tone of orange and every tone of purple, such as a warmer orange or a red-purple,” says Eiseman. “It’s going to be more of the vibrant tones, anything that has an aliveness attached to it, like an electric blue; it doesn’t have to be just purple and orange.”

Color Combination: Charcoal Gray with Magenta and Silver

Type 8s are bold, self-confident, and charismatic leaders. They fit the dynamic color palette perfectly.

“You’re the kind of person where people will walk into your place and say ‘Wow. I wish I had the nerve to do this,” says Eiseman.

The dynamic color palette consists of many jewel tones such as Peridot, Topaz, and Star Sapphire, but can also incorporate a combination such as Charcoal Gray with Magenta and Silver.

Eiseman says black and white is also a very dynamic color combination, especially if you throw in a red or a yellow with it.

She adds that this person has to be someone who celebrates color, loves being around color, and it just so happens that most people drawn to a dynamic color palette are usually pretty outgoing (hello Type 8s). 

Color Combination: Sea Blue and Gray Violet

Type 9: You. Are. The. Ocean.

Type 9s tend to be the most well-rounded of the group, encompassing different parts of all the Enneagram Types, and they are also most likely to go with the flow. Since they probably aren’t ones to ruffle any feathers with a dynamic or sensuous color palette, it makes sense that they would follow a “breath of fresh air” tranquil color mood for their homes, like Type 3.

But what about wing types?

When you take your Enneagram test, you’ll not only get your core type—you’ll also get your wing type. Your “wing” is the Enneagram type directly to the left or right of your core type. So, if you’re a Type 3, you might have a wing type of 2 or 4; the test will tell you which direction you lean more heavily.

Using both your core type and wing type gives you an extra color palette to play with, and you can combine those colors with stunning results. Type 4 with a Type 5 wing? Try a color combo of Dusty Lavender and Curry, or Teal Blue and Blue Indigo. If you’re a Type 8 with a Type 7 wing, go for Electric Blue and Magenta or Bright Rose and Silver.

Whether you’re a nurturing Type 2 or a playful 7, a die-hard Enneagram fan or have never heard of a personality test in your life, you have the freedom and the creativity within you to create your own unique color combinations, and you are allowed to decorate your home according to whatever mood says “home” to you

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