10 Magnificent Lighting Ideas That Are The Perfect Blend Of

Things like lamps and chandeliers are usually left for the very end of an interior designing projects. They’re the finishing touches that we add once all the big and basic elements are in place. That’s not to say they don’t play an important role in the design.

In fact, it’s these details that make a space come to life, that give it character and help to create a custom look for each individual area. We always enjoy checking out new designs or ones that stand out and have proven to be iconic in any way. With that in mind, here are some of our latest discoveries. 

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These two table lamps are both quite outstanding. The one on the left is the Gossip Chic lamp and it has this eye-catching starburst ornament at the center of the rod linking the shade to the base. The gold finish contrasts with the black and gives the lamp an elegant and sophisticated look. The Aureas lamp which you can see on the right also has an interesting design, featuring a sculptural look with lots of golden circles intersecting one another and all being connected by the central rod. 

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The Masina pendant lamp is beautiful both as an individual, standalone fixture or as part of a cluster. Several of them can be grouped together and hanged at different heights to create a stylish and unique display. The lampshade has a very distinctive design. It’s circular with flattened top and bottom sections and its design has a classic, art decor sort of vibe. It gives off a warm and pleasant glow and it has brass details that contrast beautifully with the opal glass. 

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The Mantis lamp which you can see at the very right side of the image is unusual in a rather unexpected way. First of all it has a fairly odd shape. This is a floor lamp which can easily pass as an abstract sculpture, a modern piece of art and in fact that’s exactly what the designer had in mind. This beautiful marriage between art and function is what makes this lamp special in the first place. This is a perfect lamp for room corners which can potentially become a companion for a cozy reading chair. 

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The beautiful Mila chandelier is also a wonderful work of art. It combines a series of simple geometric shapes in a way that looks and feels very natural. The bent metal forms each hold a hand-blown glass sphere which looks like a delicate pearl. The sphere is perfectly balanced and in harmony with the metal frame that holds it. This is the brushed copper version and it looks very elegant and modern. Two other options are available, the brushed brass and powder coated black. 

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Next to the beautiful Mila chandelier you can see here two other highly elegant designs, the Dodeca and respectively Halo pendants. They’re somewhat similar in style in the sense that they both feature glowing circles of light. In one case the circle is hanging horizontally, parallel to the ground and so the light is wrapping around the inner edge. In comparison, the Halo pendant features a glowing circle of light intersecting a brushed brass block and hanging vertically. Several different configurations and diameters are available. 

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There’s three different iterations of the Orbe lamp and they’re all equally beautiful and interesting. The table lamp is wonderfully minimalist with a slender, rectangular metal base and a frame that holds a suspended light source in between two discs of glass. It’s an original and simple design with a sophisticated appearance. There’s also floor lamp version which a tall and slender base and also a wall-mounted lamp which lets the light bounce off the wall. The inspiration source for this entire series is easy to identify: the gong. 

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This beautiful series of lamps is called Drop and you can easily see why. It’s designed by Patrick E. Naggar who envisioned a very simple and pure aesthetic for each version of the lamp. They’re all made of glass and metal, two very different materials with surprising qualities and lots of versatility. The blown glass shade has a delicate and organic shape and holds a small light source suspended inside. It’s available in sanded and transparent glass and lots of different colors. All these colors can be combined with frames made of brass with chrome-plated, bronze, brushed nickel and copper finishes. 

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Four exquisite pendants, each inspired by an iconic chandelier design. These are the Neverending Glory pendants available in three different sizes. In order to create these intricate shapes out of glass the molds used to make had to be very large and the process a complex one. Each one features a design inspired by chandeliers from five world-renowned concert halls and theaters, namely La Scala from Milan, Palais Garnier from Paris, Metropolitan Opera from New York, the Estates Theater from Prague and Bolshoi Theater from Moscow. 

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Alabaster is such a beautiful and special material and its translucent nature made it perfect for this unique lighting collection. The Alabaster series includes over 40 exceptional versions of pendant lamps, chandeliers, sconces and every other kind of light fixture you can think of. They have simple, elegant and contemporary designs and they give off a very delicate light which complements the space around it in a very artistic and fantastic manner. The light shines bright but is also diffuse and soft which helps to create a warm and very pleasant ambiance in the room. 

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The most opulent and impressive light fixture on this list is definitely the Atlantida Suspension, a chandelier developed in collaboration with Swarovski which would stand out in any context. Its design is an eclectic mix of classical and contemporary details which takes advantage of the natural beauty of two stylish materials: brass and the iconic Swarovski crystals. It’s obviously a very luxurious chandelier destined for large rooms with soaring ceilings, elegant staircases and opulent entrances. It’s brilliant both literally and figuratively. 

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